Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Wallpaper: Tsukuyomi: Vampire Letter

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, Hazuki (Tsukuyomi Moon Phase) Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I made this wallpaper on Saturday, unfortunately my internet didn't work for some days. I was just overflowing with ideas so I made wallpapers.

The extraction was horrible but the quality wasn't that bad at all so I just had to re-cg some parts and add the missing parts on the dress. The background is pretty simple, but it was hard to do. That's the front door of the house Kohei, his ji-chan and Hazuki are living in (I forgot Elfriede :3).

Well since Hazuki is a vampire, the letter is bloody :3 omg cliche >< but the worst cliche is the copyright font. I've made a new trend, I swear, it's mine xD ahaha

Here's a screenshot of the front door
scan from Minikyoto :3 by nat, thanks


Furu furu moon!
Thanks for all your nice comments and favorites for my Chobits wallpaper to akari-chan, Ari-chan, Asahi, ayanechan, bromithia-kun (for being so nice), cygnus, dans, DarkCrimson, Elda, Electrastar, FALH, Fearra, Frosty, harakiri (for helping me a lot), kanopon, Kanvas, Keishu, Kitten, KorganoS, Kyuzo1 (du hast sicher keine dunkle pech-aura xD), Lacuslover81, meteorcloud, mezzed, MuZ0NaZ (for giving me advice), OracleAngel (for telling everyone to buy demon days o.O'' xD), raxis, rioN-san, saki-chan (for commenting on everything I made), Sandra (for being a nice sb-friend xD), semanga, ShiNN84 (especially much shading for you in this wall), ShueiTenshi, thedreammerchant, Val3f0r, Yukiru, yurikohime, YuunaChan (for feeding Stinky Fishy) and last but not least zaira. <-- My fanservice xD

[edit] fixed her nekomimi

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  1. SilentMasamune May 31, 2005

    Well, the scan could definitely go for a bit more cleaning. You could duplicate the layer twice. Make sure that the first layer stays just in case you make a mistake later. For the first layer duplicated, use a Gaussian blur at radius 0.5, and for the second layer duplicated, set the blending mode to Soft Light and use a Smart Blur at radius 9.0, threshold of 25.0 and medium quality or you can use a Median filter at 5 px. I hope this helps out in cleaning. The backround, however, is excellent. Keep up the good work.

  2. Electrastar May 31, 2005

    omigod that is so amazing. I can't believe you went through the trouble of doing the whole front door, it's so nice ( I really love Moon Phase) therefore, the extra effort you put it is really appreciated. The blood is very nice, suttle and not overwhelming....Very very nice wallpaper...I'm a big sucker for people who cg the entire backround so I am very impressed by this.

  3. Lana3007 May 31, 2005

    Wow! That's really something! What a nice idea for a wallpaper! Really well done too! I love it! Great job!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kitaan Retired Moderator May 31, 2005

    you're welcome ^_^ I love the wallie it's too gorgeous for words so I really have nothing to say besides great job! >.< such a common statement oh well you get the idea :D

  5. DayBreak May 31, 2005

    shes so cute... but deadly >_<
    vampire! *RUNS*
    well anyway, i love the well made background.
    espically the door behind her.
    very orignal i must say XD

  6. ayanechan Jun 01, 2005

    \o/ i think chibikko is great at making these types of bgs :3 those house elements type XP lol looks sugoii \o/

  7. ultimaslair Jun 01, 2005

    Wow, very nice. The background looks really great. Great job on placing the character on the background as well, although, the perspective seems slightly off, it's hardly even noticeable. Nice work!

  8. zaira Jun 01, 2005

    waaah!! this one is soo cute!! e? me too? fanservice? hehe ^_^' me love the cute scan!! soo cute! love her pwettie dress! XD the bg is soo cool! i really do love the blood near the mailbox! the whole bg is totally fits the scan!! better add this to my fav! XD

  9. FALH Jun 01, 2005

    very nice,i love your work

    the wallpaper look very cute,innocent,and the blood look very well

    well,a excellent work


  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 01, 2005

    BUY demon days!!! hahahhaha XD glad you included me here in the list appreciate it but anyway the scan is Bloody awesome and the bg is clean and mean and i love it, text works and im so speechless right now!!
    Nice work as always Chibi :3

  11. Asahi Jun 01, 2005

    fanservice :nya:

    imo your last wallpapers are very ... professional. do you use a tablet or only a mouse ?

  12. MuZ0NaZ Jun 01, 2005

    ~neko mimi modo
    Awesome wp! Nothing to add except that the rcged part of the dress - bottom right - is white, and the rest of the dress is darker blueish. Better than all of your recent walls i remember now (except the ~purity~ one with arc xD)

  13. dans Jun 01, 2005

    this one looks good but the left part of the cat ear ^_^' looks blurry.
    keep up the good work. :D

  14. tian82 Jun 01, 2005

    Chibikko-chan !!! This wallpaper is nice and beautiful !! You are awesome !!!! The girl is so cute and lovely !! The background is nice too !!! I love it !! Thank for sharing !!!

  15. Keishu Jun 01, 2005

    Whoa~ great wall ^_^!
    I always loved the scan (great extraction) and your background is really different to the scan ones and other wallpapers.. refreshing and nice to see n_n!
    The texture of the stones is as always neat *nod nod* ^.^~
    I think I don't have to write something about the BG, 'cause it's simple amazing +.+ (I would never have the idea to let her sit in front of their house xD") had to be really hard work to make the building look exactly like the one from the screenshot.
    and now ;^;".. aww, I don't know but I just luv the text >_<" maybe it's simple, but it really fits with the whole wall and I love the bloodstain on the wall, great ^-^~ *drools* xD *steals her the letter* *_*"...

  16. Sandra Jun 01, 2005

    Oww it's such a nice wallie ! One think that i want to do in this wallie is try to make chara more fitsing to the scan but that's just me , nice nice , +fav

  17. meteorcloud Jun 01, 2005

    ooh....great wall chibikko ^___^
    like the qute girl....deadly vampires >.>....how can they be so qute >.>
    ow well..about the wallpaper, the bg looks nice, detailed =) but I think you could add abit shadow of the scan to the bg =O.....especially at the stair.....
    anda...the scan ....some parts are really blurry O.o".....
    but the textures of the stair and the walls looks really great=)
    nice job ^__^

  18. Skillzpay Jun 01, 2005

    wow, impressive work in recreating the building for the background. That alone makes this fav worthy.
    I don't know about the bg meshing all that well with Hazuki though....some parts seem to clash due to being somewhat sharp, mainly the areas with a lot of texture. Regardless, this is still a great piece and it's clear a lot of thought and work went into this. Great job :)

  19. Ceridwen Jun 02, 2005

    Hi ! Excellent job on your background ! It fits well to the illustration.
    *and I find your avatar really fun ^.^*

  20. faiz138 Jun 02, 2005

    great wallie .. the scan is amazing .. and the bg is soo clean and tide .. fantastic job you made there :D :)
    +Fav ;)

  21. Criox Jun 02, 2005

    Kawaii! Such a cute wallie! Its hard pretty tough to do it since its something concerning CG! XD Can't believe you make a BG out of a screenie by CGing* it! XP Awsome job! Oh...ya the scan is nicely extracted! Sugoi! Overall * 5 star for it + 2 thumbs up* You earned it! *Fav

  22. Yina Jun 02, 2005

    ahh.. I see, I see...that's why there is that blood over the letterbox... :nya: Like how you made the scenery and the shadows look great!! XD I love your wallies cuz they are not cliches.. and the copyrightline isn't a cliche.. nooo. XP

    ohh.. and fishy? I think I can see how it gets fatter.. but only eyes with real experiences can see the differences... XD anyway, great job,+fav

  23. Kyuzo1 Jun 08, 2005

    Very very nice wall.
    I really like the nice bg. The effects are very good (especially the blood ;) ). I like them. But i also like the colors. The fit the chara very good.
    Great wall. Thanks a lot for sharing. ^_^
    +fav :)

  24. vincent12234 Jun 14, 2005

    Wow, thats a very cute wall!! Great job with it I like it alot!! Fav++ ^_^..

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