Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Reflection

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Syaoran Li Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Syaoran Li Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

more vector wall from me. XD
this wall specially made for my friend eva ( not the one in mt ) who celebrate her b'day today. she love TRC. :D
thanks to .... for the scan. ( i don't remember where i found it, but it's not from mt ) ^_^'
the whole thing's made using photoshop 7 ( upgraded to cs2 last week XD ). i don't have other vector program. :x
layer is 100+.
this wall goes to myrrh's bishounen contest.

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Browse Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. semanga May 31, 2005

    dans u are a great talent and everybody who have not believe me can see right now that u do exellent work everytime
    ;) keep it up honey with your great work i can not have enough from that

  2. cygnus May 31, 2005

    Hehe...at last you're reveal it... XD .. present for a girl...hmmm?? Good luck for the contest!

  3. harakiri May 31, 2005

    Wow, the whole concept and idea looks great. The vector on the character and the vector style background both are well done.

  4. tareren May 31, 2005

    Well, nice one dans ^^ after making everbody feel the suspense you finally submit it >< I think this is great XD good luck with the girl lol.. and wish you luck for the contest

  5. Saikusa Retired Moderator May 31, 2005

    I like the idea of the mirror shards in the water. His reflection seems to have some of the original markings that were on his arms... Nice work :)

  6. Tatsuya May 31, 2005

    wow, the whole wall is great, good job at all, and good luck for the contest

  7. exentric May 31, 2005

    7 and CS2? I wonder why did you use two different kinda of Photoshop.... o_O
    anywho, a really nice vector. everything just stays true to the original art. a really amazing vector indeed. ^_^

  8. Niina May 31, 2005

    good job !!! [ + fav ] i like it !!
    good luck for the contest ^_^

  9. Sugasuga May 31, 2005

    wow, veri nicely done, especially the water reflection ^^ everything's clear and crisp, great work ^_~

  10. Aa-chan May 31, 2005

    I love the pose and expression on the character's face. Very menacing and a great vector :) .

  11. yamazaki May 31, 2005

    errr..you made this with photoshop ??? i thought you were using illustrator or corel draw....hail to you dans! its a great piece of art >_< !!

  12. KorganoS May 31, 2005

    I'll comment on tis' later ^_^'
    right now, Ima put this in my favs to keep track :)
    Sweet job...

  13. Rella May 31, 2005

    Oh wow, a Syaoran vector wallpaper! I really like it, it looks really nice. Wish you luck on the contest! ^^

  14. anji May 31, 2005

    Hey! You're very good with vectors!
    And with Photoshop... I just can't do that, I would have crash my computer on the floor ^_^'
    Colors and shadows are great overall.
    But maybe the pants could have been in a gray more then black cause it's mixing with the coat. And shadow on the pants would have been nice too.
    Thanks for sharing, add this to my fav!

  15. toujin1 Jun 01, 2005

    great work!! just gorgeous! everything looks good and the colors mix together very well!!

  16. Frosty Jun 01, 2005

    not bad at all bubby.
    looks awesome with that image and so dam cool. XD
    execllent work on this one.
    *9.45 and Grade AA* for a good job.

  17. shinorei Jun 01, 2005

    100+ layers? -faints- That's alot. Well, for me, I think. XD
    His hand seemed to be cut into half when in the water. Weird.
    Others are OK except for the fact that he seems. to. be. staring. at. me. Aah..*runs*

  18. CoolBlueX Jun 01, 2005

    wai! that's such a cool vector piece!
    at first i thought it was a scan o.o looks so detailed
    must have been lots of work ^_^'

  19. cerena Jun 01, 2005

    wowowow, coool, it is worthy to join the myr contest ^^... this is good n the chara looks so cool. ^^ 100+ layers??? that makes me headache. +fav for sure hahahaha if u can put bit ripple effect for the shadow on the water.

  20. jingjing1208 Jun 01, 2005

    This is really perfect! You vector this character?That's cool and nice vector!^_^ The wall is really good job!^_^ +fav!

  21. Athrun Jun 01, 2005

    Ugh. I still haven't seen episode 5 yet. ;>___>

    i mean...

    Cool wallpaper. I see you vectored the whole thing, right? @_@ That sure seems like some hard work... came out pretty nicely, good job!

  22. XDarkDestinyX Jun 01, 2005

    It's ok, but is that water on his arm? Or shadows or cuts? It's not clear to be defined. Maybe a lighter color or a different tint for it to make it different from the shadowing. But overall it's pretty nice~

  23. meteorcloud Jun 01, 2005

    Naaiiissuuu dessss~!!!! vector wall...a whole vector wall......
    dans-sama....got alot of time XD?????
    jeez nice vectoring here =D like the concept ^_^
    keep the works ^_^

  24. Ceridwen Jun 02, 2005

    Excellent job for the vectorisation, you're pretty good ^^ This wall is very cool too :)

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