B't X Wallpaper: ~Makinang Salbahe~ Bt' X

Masami Kurumada, TMS Entertainment, B't X, Teppei Takamiya Wallpaper
Masami Kurumada Mangaka TMS Entertainment Studio B't X Series Teppei Takamiya Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

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Why is there a Bt' X section in the gallery and there isn't even a Bt' X wallpaper available? And only two scans?

The first ever wall of Bt' X in Minitokyo. Not a cause for celebration but still a pioneering moment as well.

The materials are very old so forgive me if the scan is not so good.

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  1. shijiroken May 30, 2005

    yehey, BT'x... that is one of my favorite anime when I was a kid, anyway, this space is for comment, right?? here I goes kuya jak... I like the wallpaper, honest... but I think I saw the character one of my cards in my childhood, do you happen to keep some?? or maybe you just have downloaded a stock images... I like the effects of X and how the wallpaper was made.. it do really have the angle and perspective... NICE work kuya jak... hope to see more... about the materials being old, there is no point to say that a material is old, as long as the way you made the old material in to new is what is important, right?? nice job kuya jak... sana kasing galing ko po ikaw kuya jak... *Sob

  2. BossMac May 30, 2005

    I promise I'll make more Bt' X walls in the future.... maybe tomorrow.....

    Teppei's scan was actually from a card and X's was from the OST CD.

  3. crewcifix May 30, 2005

    indeed this is the only btx wallpaper i've seen and its a rare choice of anime. i like the way you did your red background. sana mas marami ka pang walls like this+fav

  4. zaira May 30, 2005

    hehe nice one jak-sama i love the color of the bg! and maybe you should add some cooly swirly stuff on the horse and dont try using the real logo of the anime it will spoil your wall >.< anyways great job! ;)

  5. redblitzkrieg May 31, 2005

    I like the Phoenix Bt.. i 4got the name of that BT.. (the one who uses sonic waves)

    Sana yung nilagay mo ay yung original pilot ni X.. yung chick!
    Nice wallie..

  6. KyoFan368 May 31, 2005

    Hey nice job. It is really good. I hope that you have a great day(*yan*so tierd my niece is over and driving me insane). You did a really nice job.^__^ :) :D :pacman:

  7. Wslasher May 31, 2005

    very nice, astig ito pre! beautiful background!

  8. angelrhea May 31, 2005

    trully a pioneering moment and i salute you for that sir admin jakulito. gee very well made. i like the character's expression, such confidence i would like to have. astig! congrats on this moment.

  9. asta May 31, 2005

    Di ako gaano pamilyar dyan sa anime nayan pero ang cool at ang ganda ng effects! :) at napaka astig! nang wall mo! ;)

  10. mela May 31, 2005

    astig! he! he! maganda! gawa ka uli!!! he! he! la lang! :D congratulations!!! he! he! yun lang naman!

  11. REI123 May 31, 2005

    wow bt'x. Ang tagal na ng anime na ito. Nice work! Galing mo talagang gumawa ng walls. Oka for now on mag-aaral na rin ako gumawa. Ano nga palang name ng main character?

  12. lana May 31, 2005

    Now this is something different from those typical wallpapers I always see. (You know what I mean.) What I really like is the glow-like background. Nice.

    "Makinang Salbahe" - astig! ^______^

    Keep up the good work!

  13. Akaiken May 31, 2005

    Bt'X!!! It really brings back memories.

    Nice job JaK, pero ikaw ang salbahe at hindi ang makina!

  14. BossMac May 31, 2005

    Quote by AkaikenBt'X!!! It really brings back memories.

    Nice job JaK, pero ikaw ang salbahe at hindi ang makina!

    Anak ka ng dagat na maalat.....

    Get yourself a pc and start walling you free loader....

  15. Lodigo May 31, 2005

    nice wall again jakulito :D
    the bg is good
    so fire red and the nice effect on it
    i dont know this anime but it looks nice

  16. Sakura0chan Jun 01, 2005

    A Bt'X wallpaper!! XD Cool! The red background is really nice. :)
    x is really cool in the background. :)
    Another astig wallpaper, jakulito! Keep up the good work! :)

  17. ashley50 Jun 05, 2005

    BT'x...it's....kinda plain wallpapaer to me....I think you need to add some "bang" to it....
    kahit na ala akong alam sa paggawa ng WPs....

  18. Milieu Jun 30, 2005

    This is the first wallpaper of Bt'X here? Wow!!!

    The effects is much like of Bt'X and Karen but I think this is the first right?

  19. abelini4 Mute Member Oct 13, 2009

    Excelent Wallpaper ^_^...

  20. NST1980 Nov 08, 2009

    Good scan, Thanks for sharing.

  21. jamblang21 Jun 12, 2010

    keren banget... jadi pengen punya kuda kaya gitu.......

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