Erementar Gerad Wallpaper: Walking Away

Mayumi Azuma, Xebec, Erementar Gerad, Reverie Metherlence Wallpaper
Mayumi Azuma Mangaka Xebec Studio Erementar Gerad Series Reverie Metherlence Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

yo ppl! ^^ new wall from me.. and i think.. *cries* last for a while T.T cuz Tuesday i've to leave for my vacations.. and in this day i can stay online something like nothing XD and after my leave.. i can log in once at week for less than a 1 hour XD so.. maybe i'll can do wallie.. but i've no time to reply to the notifs.. or see the new wallie.. SO.. i wanna say.. sorry.. sorry if i can't comment or fav ur wallies! but when come back home (mid' august) i promise that i'll see all your submission!

well.. the wall now.. its dedicated to all my friends here cuz i have to leave and i'll miss u all a lot T_T hope u like this wallie that i make in about 3 hour.. about 35 layers.. i dont know if the sea looks well.. but i tried to make it my myself.. without any tutorial.. hope its looks good ^^"
g2g to bed now.. ^_^ i'll miss u all my friends.. hope to hear you soon.. (i'll do my best to log in as soon as possible.. but tomorrow i'll still home =P last day here XD) good night ^^

edit: moved left the moon's reflection.. (u're right exentric XD)
edit 2: modified the moon's reflection.. and added some texture on the fence.. ^^
p.s. : the things on the water aren't star's reflection.. >.<

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  1. Chiharu2012 May 30, 2005

    I love this girl!!! xD It's a extrange feeling.... pss, whatever! xDDDDD... i like this wallpaper >0<

  2. fawna-chan May 30, 2005

    wow! this is really nice. i really liket the background of the wallpaper! it looks like she's walking to meet someone! great job! :)

  3. ayanechan May 30, 2005

    sama-san move your wallie over to the erementar gerad section ^__^ overall nice wallie but i think the back could've been done better .. the water looks okay but i think could use some improvements :3

  4. exentric May 30, 2005

    ermm... da moon reflection is weird.. why is it on the right side? arent moon refecltions alwayz straight down? ^_^""
    da road is fine, but the ralining need details. just making it black aint gonna cut it.
    well other than, I guess a pretty nice work. >_<

  5. Cadi May 30, 2005

    have fun on your vacation! wow! its soo pretty and peaceful! the moon is really nice with the relfection on the ocean! the stars are pretty also! its like a stroll by the shoreXD I really love the scan it fits nicely with the scene. Great job!

  6. Angel-on-Dragon May 30, 2005

    Another really beautiful wallpaper from you.... It's so sad you will be absent for a while...
    I think I'll miss your wonderful works.
    But to come to this one: the bg looks really cool, though the atmosphere's quite sad... And the scan you used is really beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing *adds to fav*

  7. kaiser47 May 30, 2005

    It has a very simplistic elegance in it but somehow it feels missing. I love your concept and will definitely miss your submissions. +fav

  8. XDarkDestinyX May 30, 2005

    I love how it looks, but you lack some details... sorry! The water seems abit flat.. water does move so no reflection? And the rails have no shine~ What kind of railling are they? @.@ But it's pretty overall~~ ^.^

  9. flamealchimist May 30, 2005

    that is a cool picture i realy like it!! i have seen the girl before in a nother picture but she looks realy pretty in this one!!

  10. TenshiAyumi May 30, 2005

    This is amazing! The girl is quite beautiful and the background suites her very well. You did a great job, my friend. +fav!

  11. zaira May 30, 2005

    m.. lets see this wall is one of your simplest! me love the scan! and the cool bridge!! wish i can do that hehe and the moon and its reflection on the water is soo pwettie!! +fav!

  12. candy-chan Retired Moderator May 30, 2005

    not only a moon reflection is always straight down but it rarely looks like this.
    example no1 example no2 example no3 It has ripples, usually is much more dizzier and most of the time starts at the beginning of the horizon line to continue in a cone shape. The clouds look good but could use more contrast with the sky color. The starfield however needs work, and I don't think reflecting stars on the water surface was a good idea. The bridge-or-whatever-else-this-thing-is' perspective is really bad, and the floor's texture looks like a PS preset texture, wich is a bad thing. The shadowing needs work too. The scan's shadow doesn't work and isn't dark enough either. And finally, the scan itself feels too crisp for the soft bg you made, the 2 styles don't fit together.
    I don't see the use of that white thing next to the text that by the way needs blendage work too. and the water could use a little more detail.

  13. AngelKate May 30, 2005

    Its simple but very pretty. I like the boardwalk type thing she's walking on. :) And the moon reflecting in the water is pretty too. ^_^

    Have fun on your trip, I'll miss your wallies while you are gone. XD We'll all still be here when you get back. :)

  14. UndyingShadow May 30, 2005

    nice simplistic wall Samanosuke! you did a nice job with the bg and the scan looks great. good work!

  15. KittyCyn May 30, 2005

    Yey! I really like this one XD And it ish Blueeeeeeeee yupi ^^
    i specially like the sky and the walking area, they look very realistic ;)
    But I think that you could work more the "Fence" it looks too plain...maybe some lightning and shading would help...the water looks a little bit plain too...maybe some waves and textures could make it looks more realistic :)
    But they are only details...I love it! and I'll fav it COngrats Boy!

  16. Leena May 30, 2005

    Great wallpaper. The background is great. I like the picture. Best of all, blue is my favourite colour.

  17. WindAlchemist May 30, 2005

    wow this wallie is beautiful O_O
    i love it soo much!!! the character is beautiful i love the whole deal with her hair lol
    the sea looks great, i love how theres a reflection of the moon!
    and the background is beautiful too!!
    good job, will miss your great wallies while your on vacation T_T
    till mid august wow! O_o you will be gone for awhile!
    well have fun and take as much rest and fun that ya can get!!!

  18. DarkEVO May 30, 2005

    Very nicely done detailed wallpaper. Like the scan, lovely girl. +Fav.
    Have a nice vacation.

  19. mela May 30, 2005

    nice!!! he! he! it's already expected from you to make a nice wallpaper!!! :D

  20. Balljacker May 30, 2005

    Nice wall. I like the night atmosphere n also the bg. the colour textures are soft n the effects are nice too. well nice work of art. add to favs

  21. kara May 30, 2005

    Oooo purties! I love the sky but the railings are a bit weird, I think you should give it a bit more texture. But a really great wallie anyway^^

  22. Kiako May 30, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is very pretty, i like the water.

  23. Midori-chan May 30, 2005

    wow! the wall is so nice^^
    the scan is cute and the bg you made is really calm and nice^^
    i like the colors used^^ gotta add this to my favs!
    aww, you're not gonna be here for so long??
    anyway, i wish you a happy vacation^^

  24. crewcifix May 30, 2005

    cute and simple. but i think the water should be altered just a bit more. BUT! I love the moon's reflection very much. very realistic one! just wished the moon shined more and the placement of the scan makes me feel a slight boredome. but the colors are well blended. +fav

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