Samurai Deeper Kyo Wallpaper: Hanadoki

Studio DEEN, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Yukimura Sanada (SDK), Sasuke Sarutobi (SDK) Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Oookay... my first wallpaper in a loooong while.. >_<; I made it with Adobe 2.. @_@; soo.. I'm not very proud of it.. T_T; buut I might as well submit it anyways.. >_>; Anyways this wall is called Hanadoki (cherry blossom season) and it features (once again XD) Yukimura Sanada and Sasuke Sarutobi from the series Samurai Deeper Kyo. I used stock images for the background and moon & stars and made everything else.. yeah.. anyways here it is! >_<;

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  1. diamarrr May 29, 2005

    i really like your style in this 1 its different .....i've been seeing alot of similar style of walling in MT sometimes it gets boring ^^ so this is rather soothing ^^ ........hmmm but the petals .......they're huge ........slightly smaller would be nice......it can be big but isnt it too big?? ^^ anyways i still like it ^^ *fav*

  2. Ichiru May 29, 2005

    The background is amazing! The pink colors go very well with this wall. Nice positioning and the moon looks great. I'm surprised you made this with Adobe 2. Aweome job with this wall, keep up the good wrok +fav

  3. Haia May 29, 2005

    Great wallie Leaf!!! I love the colors and the mood of it!!! Very soothing indeed..........it's like a lullaby of some sort...I'm not sure... Great colors!!! I love the idea that the scan is colored pink...this definitely a different wallie. Different is always good!!! I love the sky you did...amazing you did it with Adobe 2...i didn't even know it still existed. Great great overall!!! Thankie so much for sharing this wallie with us!!! Keep up the amazing works!!! +favie

  4. WWLAOS May 30, 2005

    Hmmm...very nice. The tree and the building look amazing...the wall too. The moon is...ummm...very detailed. Is there a city on the moon? There seem to be lights on it... he sky looks nice, too.

    The characters...they look great, they really do. But they're too pink. Beautiful...but way too much pink. They seem to be composed entirely of the color pink. They are the incarnation of pink...the love children of red and white made manifest. Otherwise, they rock.

    Very nice wallpaper. As a package it looks great...if Yuki and Sasuke had a (slightly) larger spectrum of colors it would look even better.

  5. sylvacoer May 30, 2005

    Stock immages, eh? Interesting. I would have made either Sasuke/Yukimura or the sakura tree darker or of a different hue, their colors are too similar for my liking. The effects and the theme are fantastic, I just suggest a bit of tweaking.

  6. SuspendedReality May 30, 2005

    Whoot!!!! XD Hottness!!! *glomps it* But you already knew that XP Well as promised it part of my Favs!!!!! All hail Leafie!!! lol

  7. HikyuuTera May 30, 2005

    ooh pretty I likey eep I mean I like very much keep it up Leaf-san ^_^X

  8. crewcifix May 30, 2005

    i love the colors very much and i love the extraction! very good waller! impressive and i can't find any mistake much here.+fav

  9. ryannzha May 30, 2005

    hey!! great 1 Leaf!! .. ;) ..gimme more..................!!

  10. Chobiits Jun 01, 2005

    Hey Leaf! Dayam i love your avatar. *jealous*
    Nice wallpaper.
    Yukimura and Sasuke under a blossom of sakura, how sweet.
    The sakura tree is very nicely done.
    The castle fits well, looks like the Tokugawa castle (maybe not).
    The sky is real nice with those fog effects covering it.
    The moon is well done also. looks awesome.
    Everything is pink and purple, guess they are your favorite colours huh. ^^
    Thanks for sharing, a +fav. :) (2nd one today, arg im too generous)

  11. Ayamael Jun 02, 2005

    woah, that's.... pink >.< loll, definitely not my favourite colour XD but i like it, the tree is especially beautiful... and i almost missed the moon in there XD well, the concept goes well with these two, Yukimura and sakura flowers are always a very good mix... wonder why... XD well, good job!

  12. Oru Jun 29, 2005

    Pinkness actually works very well here! Very pretty! You have taken into consideration a lot of details. =)

  13. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jul 06, 2005

    oooo, Leaf-san it's pretty!!!! i really like how you made this wallpaper even tho pink isn't one of my favorite colors, the blossoms look beautiful! the only thing that i would change is that yukimura and sasuke look too similar to the blossoms... XP but great job anyways!

  14. kimcad Aug 05, 2005

    Oh Hey! What a great wall!, Leaf. The castle and pink sakura are perfect coz they make the scan look so beautiful. I really love it. Thank you for a wonderful wall. Fav!

  15. jikuhart89 Aug 24, 2005

    Great !! really great !It's so beautyfull !!! I love the background with " sakura " !!! XD XD XD

  16. joker2005 Aug 27, 2005

    hmmm.. i think the sakura tree make's the picture great... by the way you rock man, nice scan ;)

  17. YmANz Oct 24, 2005

    The title fits the wall very well, nice job! The scan might be a little rough around the edges, however it blends perfectly with the background to give the whole wall a nice aged effect, very well done!eally amazing scan, for a long long time I was seeking any pic of rosette with that dress; Have you any more pic of that kind? Nice work

    nice fery nice.........

  18. shinorei Dec 28, 2005

    I love Yukimura. XD The stock images as background is fits.
    A bit pinkish, but I like the blend of the images and the tree.
    Temple-like house -- you made it looked water colourish...not that I have prejudice against water colour stuff, but it gives out a different style and feeling. Nice. <3!

  19. honeypl Mar 30, 2010

    Thank you very much. I think it's so great.

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