Futakoi Wallpaper: Futakoi Alternative Yura & Kira

Futakoi Wallpaper
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No!!! You love pink! Listen to me! LOVE PINK!

more resolutions for macho men (and girly girls) @ http://ningen.nattoli.net

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  1. bromithia Retired Moderator May 29, 2005

    This wallpaper is so pink! Very nicely done, also. I love the curtains... I'm not a fan of the blur around the scan, but it's still a great wallpaper. Keep up the good work nat!

  2. levitan May 29, 2005

    pinkyyyyyyyy............ luv da girls .. nice job.. dis is a definite fav+ frm me ^-^

  3. LordStyphon May 29, 2005

    Very nice. It's not the Shirogane twins ( <3) , but Gothiloli Mask (lol) is almost as good; these twins more than redeemed themselves for their performance in the original Futakoi. Speaking of the twins, this is a nice scan of them, and one I hadn't seen floating around in MT's gallery. The curtains really look great. The extra lace curtain in the background looks a little off, though. I think it would look better if it was more opaque, but that's just me; I'm not the one that makes wallpapers. =P

    Quote by on nat's websiteWhat's with guys and their aversion to pink anyway?

    I've read that pink was one of Richard the Lionheart's favorite colors, actually. [/useless historical tidbit]

    Anyway, an excellent wallpaper. Great work, nat.

  4. Kirato Mute Member May 29, 2005

    wow very nice pic
    thank you

  5. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 29, 2005

    Lol very pink indeed and they almos tlook liek the girls from You are under arrest but younger XD anyway love the whole background seting of this...Great job again Nat! :)

  6. ShiNN May 29, 2005

    *Stares at the wall* Ahhhh the pink!... @_@ .... lol j/k. It's a lovely wallpaper Nat, you also get a bonus for walling Fut-alt, I was really wondering why this is series hasn't been walled so much *_*;. Anyway it's just nice, although the whole pink coloured theme won't make me use it as a desktop lol. Good job!

  7. ShiroiLina May 29, 2005

    The curtains are lovely! and all that Pink! hurts my eyes! xddd
    @_@ yes.. Nat-sama.. i lo..love.. pink... @_@
    xdddd i dnt despise it.. but i still like very much this wallie! Yay! XD CYA!

  8. TLTw804 May 29, 2005

    Aint nothing wrong with pink dude ^_^ Its my favourite anime female hair color, hehe.

    I like the wall, and girls, its got brightness and happiness which is carried across well. A fav from me, look forward to your next wall.

  9. wildarmsheero May 29, 2005

    I love Futakoi Alternative and I love those twins! Excellent! Also: Sauce for scan please?

  10. candyloop May 29, 2005

    Pink is evil in my opinion but I like this wallpaper quite a bit. Nice composition :)

  11. FutureGirlie May 29, 2005

    Nice wallpaper ^_^ I like the pink :) even tho i dont know this anime lol but i still like it, good job~!

  12. kanopon May 29, 2005

    So PRETTY!
    I'm not a fan of pink!
    But this wallie most definitely makes the color likeable and pink-haters
    proven wrong!!
    Thanks for the wallie nat-chan!
    Keep up the good work!
    You're doing an awesome job!!

    (adds to favs)

  13. kotoko May 30, 2005

    yes.. i must obey the pink.. @-@.. i love pink.. pink is my master... lol... i love this wall!!!! thanks for sharing

  14. zaira May 30, 2005

    wow!! soo pwettie!! i love pink too!! they are soo cute! love those dresses!! +fav!

  15. DANTEXTX May 30, 2005

    I really love the wall and the scan is just great.
    Keep up the good work and the background is nice congratulations.

  16. Yina May 30, 2005

    did you draw the curtains?? O__O they look great.. the shading is perfect. Like the simple bg.. fits great to the scan.. but somehow I've had enough of the sweetie, pinky girls wallies.. >.<

  17. xibwat Jun 02, 2005

    Wow! it 's great wall(kira chan and yuna chan 's petty)
    Keep up the good work! ^^b

  18. kenzuke Jun 04, 2005

    This is so lovely! Nice job nat! Great...as always.... xd.... Keep it up! ^^

  19. AkinaSpirit Jun 08, 2005

    Nice soft colours ^^! It's cute :D

  20. Athrun Jul 24, 2005

    Hey, pink looks good on girls, just not on guys... >_>; So in this case pink = good. But not as good as your wallpaper. :P Anyway the wallpaper owns, but that's nothing new being said.

  21. rmuyo Aug 07, 2005

    They are very cute girls, and it is great scan, the curtains are a nice touch as is the wording being in the same color. Thank you for sharing this scan.

  22. grizlyed Aug 15, 2005

    they are very pretty and the colors is quite selected. it is a very beautiful wallpaper. good work.

  23. DarkFairy Sep 24, 2005

    It's wonderful... I love the colors of the wallpaper and their dresses are so kawaii ... thanks for posting it...

  24. Ky05uke Oct 19, 2005

    Very nice picture! I just recently got into this series (both Alternative and the original). the Sakurazaki sisters are definately a fav, but it's kinda sad how we don't see much of them at all in Alternative (least, at the point where I'm at).

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