Tony Taka Wallpaper: Summer Night Stroll

Tony Taka Wallpaper
Tony Taka Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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a new wallpaper from me ^^ This one took longer than I thought. Anyways, i was in a good mood... prob cuz of the good weather I've been getting ^^. and i saw this picture from Tony Taka, and i thought it very pretty! So I used it to make this wallpaper ^^ Her hair gave me a hard time tho >< it still looks a bit messed at parts. Cuz the picture I used (which was from Minitokyo) had a lot of leaves cover her, so i had to somehow remove them ><

Mood: Happy
Hours: off and on about 5
program: Photoshop CS 8
Layers: 37

The sky took me the longest. I hope the lake looks ok tho >< first time trying it ^^''
comments and suggestions are always welcome!

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  1. hatsukanezumi May 28, 2005

    It's great!!!! That nostalgic wind, that dark sky, that moon!!!! I love it ;D fav

  2. Tatsuya May 28, 2005

    nice scan you pick up, but the mountain look kinda plain, you should give it some work if you could!

  3. volrath77 May 28, 2005

    Beautifully done. Plain as it may appear, this is good.

  4. Idril May 28, 2005

    nice wallie my dear!! I like the water and moon shine around this girl!!Keep it up!!!

  5. Kiako May 28, 2005

    the girl is very pretty but the background doesn't fit well to her

  6. MouriRan May 28, 2005

    wow ei! i didnt kno u were making this wallie!XD
    wow its so pretttttttttyy!!!!XD
    the girl is very kawaii!^^
    i agree with kiako..the background doesnt fit well with the scan...^^''
    oh well...good job anyway!+fav 4 the effort

  7. fabismine May 28, 2005

    so sweet! I love the girl's dress *_*
    the background is perfect for her!!!!!
    thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Acuni May 28, 2005

    nice wallpaper
    i like the chara and the backgroun
    the colours are interesting and i like the scene there
    hope to see more

  9. shiwei May 28, 2005

    wow... night walls... i like night walls ^^
    background is great, the sky is nice, nice job *thumb up*
    the moon is good, like the sea very much, scan is good too.. :)
    keep it up, add fav

  10. slivermoon May 28, 2005

    another huge file >.< can't dl it! >.<
    well the sky looks very nice, the verying tones make it look interesting
    and the water, and scan look nice too
    but the mountains look a bit rough around the edges
    overall great job! ^-^

  11. KyoFan368 May 28, 2005

    Hey nice job on the wall. You did a great job. I hope that you have a great day!!!^__^ :) :D :pacman:

  12. Tirdaelyn May 28, 2005

    This is a great look wallpaper. You did a very good job. The background is very nice, and fits so well with the character. Great job. :D

  13. kanopon May 29, 2005

    Wonderful wallie!!!
    It's a really nice piece of work! ^_^
    Not only does the character look good, but it really matches with the
    You have good taste!
    ^_^ I'll add this one to favs!

  14. Phren May 29, 2005

    hey! I like this one a lot!
    The water looks really good!! (I'm NO good with water myself >__<)
    If I would change anything about it:
    make the shaodw on the moon bigger (it looks like it's in the middle of the moon, instead of blocking it out -hope that makes sense) Blur the mountains a bit (look a tad harsh?) and use the dodge/burn tool on the dark/light parts of her bangs, (so she looks less flat?) because the cutting is very good otherwise. (and cutting out those strands off the back of her head must have been tough >__<)

  15. nuttdragon May 29, 2005

    the sky is very nice!! ^_^
    i love her dress too! and the background kind of suit the mood....

  16. studio May 30, 2005

    Lovely wall moonlight, the background is quite preetee; lake looks alright. ^^
    Bit of problem with the extraction though, but mostly everything is very nice. Good work sweetee, luffs it.

  17. princechrono May 30, 2005

    wowo!! :) i like it it so kool i like the background specialy the moon cuz i love all the moons they looks so kool great job :)

  18. zaira May 30, 2005

    m... nice scene!!! i love the dark effects you make! i love also the view you do! but i guess the scan is a little dark.. try to make it brighter and contrast its color! :D anyways i love it!+fav! XD

  19. AmyIshida May 30, 2005

    This is so amazing! ^^ I love the background so much...and that's such a pretty picture of her. I don't think it's her that doesn't fit into the picture but because it's so different from the background. If you would've...blurred the edges or somehow not make the cuts so sharp looking on the background, it would fit perfectly.

    The bottom half of her looks too dark. XD I understand how it's suppose to get darker at the bottom but it's too dark. The moon is FANTASTIC...only think is too much pitch black space/went pitch black too quickly.

    Other than that, this is awesome! I love the water too!

  20. meteorcloud May 30, 2005

    nice job ^___^
    the wall looks good =)

    well...the bg looks fine =) nice water and reflection of the ....hills??? islands???ow well.....
    extraction seems pretty good =) just the blending could be better and you should turn the brightness abit lower...still looks too bright =)
    anda the sky looks good =) just the moon...kinda....not round ~_~"..... but still...it looks good =)
    keep it on ^_^

  21. YoKoBaNdiT May 31, 2005

    very cute!!! XD i really like it and her hair very nice ^^
    and the bkround!!! im jealous lol i need to touch up on my wallies heh

  22. angelchan8123 Jun 02, 2005

    The girl looks very pretty but the bg kinda doesn't agree with her but overall is awsome

  23. PureTypeDZanza Jun 03, 2005

    the mountain in the background looks plain but it goes well with the scan! haha did I mention the girl is kawaii. XD Greato!

  24. sukie Jun 03, 2005

    this is really good...
    i love the bg...

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