Parasite Eve Wallpaper: ~ I'll miss U dearly ~

Parasite Eve, Aya Brea Wallpaper
Parasite Eve Game Aya Brea Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Man, U wouldn't believe how many times I have to re-hash this wallie! x_x O well, at least I got it done! Anyhoo, I have to thanx Lizzy aka DarkMaiden1369 for giving me some badass ideas to make my wallpaper pimp, so to speak! Sure, she's picky at times but it helps when I want to make a cool wallie! So once again, thank U so much! (*hugs*) ;) Anyhoo, there's a bit of a story on this city wallie while I was designing it! Here it goes:

"As soon as her boyfriend enters his apartment with a rose on his hand, he encounters a photo with his lover posing on the beautifully lit city! On the bottom of the pic she wrote in red letters, "Until We Meet Again..." and a kiss was left on the bottom-right corner! Feeling confused and somewhat heart-broken, her boyfirend dropped the rose that was meant for his lover, and started to tear cause of how much he will miss her!"

Hehe, hope U enjoed my little story! Kinda heartwarming if U ask me! XD Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this wallie is inspired by Tama-Neko's FMA wallpaper which looks like an old newspaper, I think U know wat I mean! I've put some serious effort on this city wallie as well as used some stock photos for the rose and petals, and found a lipstick brush file while browsing! :D Anyhoo, constructive criticisms is more than welcome since I like to correct sum boo-boos I happen to not notice! Take care, friends! XD

Rose, Petals & Cityscape by: Stock.Xchng
Lipstick brush by: Forbidden-fire.net
Wallie inspired by: FMA: The Central Times by Tama Neko

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Browse Parasite Eve Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. DarkCrimson May 26, 2005

    Wow really cool Idea with this one StarCentury^^
    Aya is a reall kick ass Girl.Parasite Eve rocks.
    Also nice Idea with the beautiful Roses.Add it to my Favs.

  2. ayanechan May 27, 2005

    there's great detail in the wallpaper :3 and the rose was a nice touch XD the table looks great too :3 great job great job~~~ :D

  3. jingjing1208 May 27, 2005

    It's a long time that haven't see your new wall!^_^ Hehe,this one is cool! and I like the flowers you add,very well!^_^ +fav and keep it up!

  4. Chopstickz May 27, 2005

    very cute idea and its a cool way you went about it,
    nice design and the roses and tears add a nice effect
    just hope it doesn't foreshadow anything with liz and I ^^;;

  5. Tatsuya May 27, 2005

    nice concept, a simple idea done with great skill! good job and keep up the good work

  6. Sugasuga May 27, 2005

    i luv it, girly <3 you did a veri good job ^^ so good u earned my first fav xD lol, yup yup, tis cute wallie X3 i like the city photo and the lip mark, so kool. keep it up ^_~

  7. rythem May 27, 2005

    nice wallie star~~XD
    the roses , n the photo match very well ^-^
    everything looks nice ne~~
    +favie ^^

  8. walkure245 May 27, 2005

    This is so cool-looking. I like photo wallies like that. You did it very expertly and looks like a real polaroid. That's a neat concept to the photo but kind of sad. ;_; It looks so realistic and with the combo of the teardrop, the words and rose really give that authenicity. Sugoi!

  9. Evanrued May 27, 2005

    I really love the rose, it looks so real. And the photo is really welld one. I especially love the rose petals! The kiss on the photo is really good. The texture on the table is really good too. I think you hav done really well on this wall Star! Excellent work~

  10. lunaregina May 27, 2005

    Oh wow I really love your concept here StarCentury! The tear drops are a really nice touch but they are too perfectly round in my opinion. *Awesome* job with the polaroid too but the proportions seem off.... Either it's a really large polaroid or a miniature rose. I'd love to see a guy version of this wallie though! XD

  11. DarkMaiden1369 May 27, 2005

    well you're goign to get a lot favs for this wall
    thanks to my brillant brain ^^ although there
    are still things you should fix.. lol wont say them here
    anyway great job *hugs* and i suppose this deserves
    a fav

  12. ventures May 27, 2005

    nice one star...
    I like the kiss on the photo....muahH...>.<
    The rose gives a nice touch though it would look better if they looked less real~~
    the grains on the table look rough...but pretty good...
    deserve a favie..lol

  13. Vivid-Rein May 27, 2005

    -jaw drops-

    How dare you make such a beautiful wallpaper. >_<

    i love everything, except for one thing, and that would be the stem and leaves of the rose. The petals look great, but when it gets to the stem, you notice that it's just a normal rose. Maybe if you had made it look like it was art, It would have looked much greater. + fav

  14. Sandra May 27, 2005

    Pweeeety ! This one is so sweeet ! Sandra loves it ! Nice idea ! Grea great great , must add to favs !

  15. Kazuya-chan May 27, 2005

    nice wallpapers , the idea is good , nice working , thanks for shraing it i like it ..

  16. Sakura0chan May 27, 2005

    The concept is really nice. :D I love the lipstick on the photo!! XD The rose blends nice in the wallpaper. Good job on it! :)
    Keep up the good work! :D

  17. skysong May 27, 2005

    Very creative idea there Star! haha, and nice little story to go with it :)
    aww, little tear drops, poor guy. anyways, the wall is very beautiful looking, nice job!

  18. Holt May 27, 2005

    Very nicely set out and great idea.
    I think the rose, petals and water drops are done really well. The wood of the table also looks very realistic.
    If you want a nit-picking suggestion, for the sake of something to suggest, a really cool touch might be to also make the water drops refract the picture slightly. Not that it really matters ;)
    Very nicely done. Keep it up!

  19. AWS May 29, 2005

    Very nicely done I love the way the pic blends with the paper too many people mess that up. Not that I could do it anyway :)
    In my opinion it would be nicer if the checkered lines weren't there but I presume it was too difficult to remove them or something, thats all I can see really. Cya

  20. Revan Retired Moderator May 30, 2005

    Really awesome idea with the pollaroid and the flowers :D and you pulled this off quite nicely

  21. semanga May 30, 2005

    angel it is so long time that u come back with your walls
    u know i love you style and i must add this to my fav honey keep i up sweety

  22. buggydude May 31, 2005

    friggin awesome and innovative. now this is what walling is all about! woohoo nice wallie! XD

  23. calisqo May 31, 2005

    0_0 a postcard >.<
    Nice concept.
    The overall concept is really nice.
    Really sentimental :D

    Nice work overall ^_^

  24. amybraska Jun 02, 2005

    Its really great Star
    I like it the photo the petels and lipstick
    im adding it to my faves :)

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