Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: One Last Time

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Stellar Loussier, Shinn Asuka Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I'm dedicating this to Kitten as a thankie. >_< Hope you likes.
Wow~ I haven't post a wallpaper in a while. This is really simple but I wanted to do something with this scan. It was really pretty. Even though I don't like Shinn, I have to admit they are a really cute couple. ^.^ It's ashame they didn't have much time with each other. ;_; I just wanted to capture a moment that will last a lifetime. Does that sound weird?
This took me about 4 hours to do on PS6. I hate grass. >_< Took me awhile to get right and it still looks funky. Buu~ Also, sorry for overusing the night sky bg. ^_^' I totally love it though.
Scan credit: Shinn & Stellar by newbx1
Please let me know if there is anything wrong. ^.^
*edit* Edit out the lines near Stellar's boot and skirt
*edit 2* Made the words smaller
*edit 3* I fixed it again. Took the lines out around Stellar's feet. I uploaded the wrong wallie. XP
*edit 4* Did a lil more blending for the moon
*edit 5* took out the words
*edit 6* adjusted the brightness and coloring for the moon



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  1. NeverEnd May 25, 2005

    that really nice! the background make it very romantic,its really nice

  2. Bojack Restricted Member May 25, 2005

    :( ...Everyone here is at such a high level as a member and in skill with doing art on the computer...Your work is amazing....great job.....my work is from my sketch book......:( ....I'm no good at coloring on-line yet but i am learning.......excellent job...going to my fav sections.

  3. kotoko May 25, 2005

    this is a really good wallpaper!!! but one thing is that i can see like little grayish horrizontal lines on stellar's boots and one near her skirt and one horizontal gray line on shinn's coat.. do you see it? maybe you should fix up that part a little bit or was that intentional?? hmm... but otherwise i lOOOOVE the sky.. so romantic

  4. eZpiLzE May 25, 2005

    wow, great work, really like the sky, those four hours was def. worth it dont u think? good job.

  5. Hideki313 May 25, 2005

    Quote by NeverEndthat really nice! the background make it very romantic,its really nice

    thats right ^^ ... its really fantastic ... thx for this great wall ^_~

  6. ronc May 25, 2005

    Wow its beautiful... The background is nice

    i like the moon... :)

    Its romantic.... great job walkure245 :)

  7. moonstaru May 25, 2005

    Beautiful wallpaper!!!!!
    I love the bg!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!+FAV!!!!

  8. Loverdollx May 25, 2005

    like this one too good damn good!!!!!!! :) Thats a very good scan couple ill add this one to my fav!!!!

  9. shiwei May 25, 2005

    wow.. very romantic walls, i love it ^^
    background is great, the sky and the moon is awesome
    grass is good, effect is great *thumb up*
    nice job, add fav

  10. CapmMunky May 25, 2005

    Nice, full scene. No blank spots on which the eye lingers unentertained. I cannot tell whether this is yuri, but I can always hope.

  11. jingjing1208 May 25, 2005

    Yeah,yeah,walkrue's new Gundam wall!!^_^ The bg is great it fit the two very well,and I love this wall!!^_^ +fav!^^

  12. newbx1 May 25, 2005

    You did you so much in so little time. Excellent job. I haven't noticed anything wrong. As a matter of fact, I keep forgetting that the pic of Shinn and Stellar are from the scan. Maybe you can send me some tips for cropping out images and other photoshop stuff. Hah.

    Yeah they're a cute couple alright. The more I see this pic, the more depressed I get about what


    might happen in next the few episodes...

  13. kara May 25, 2005

    The night genre may be over-used but your wallie looks great!^^ The sky you've made is really awesome. I've never watched the anime but the couple does look very sweet :D The only thing is maybe the text is a bit too big? The font is gorgeous though! Anyways, a very lovely wallie!

  14. Sayonara May 25, 2005

    how romantic >_< OMG! this wall is soooo awesome!!! I luv Athrun he is soooo adorable, NICE really NICE work, hope to see more of your awesome walls! ^^ ^^ ^^

  15. CagalliYulaAttha91 May 25, 2005

    so nice!!! XD i love it so so so So much i wanna change my desktop wallpaper now!!!

  16. mindolluin May 25, 2005

    woooow shinn and stella together XD though as hateful as shinn can get.. he looks nice here. their face is so happy and calm! ^^ nice wallie , walkure2454
    *adds to fav *

  17. Criox May 25, 2005

    Hiya walkure-chan or shall I call you Mari-chan!? Hehe! Wow! What a nice BG! I loves nightfall though there r too many stars in the sky! Hehe ^_^' The grass as u say looks funky, its great! I find it pretty! As for the scan, you extracted it well, actually I don't really like the lines on stellar's boots and skirt, it looks kinda awful to me. OX Overall, fabulous job! ;)

  18. azmeir May 25, 2005

    wow... wow... wow... This is great! this is great! This is great! Love the scan! Love the background! I LOVE this wallpaper... It is already in my favorite! Great work! Great work! Thanks...

  19. kyubinaruto May 25, 2005

    That's a good one there ^^ The moon has to blend it more i think
    Great job overall ^^

  20. LadyUtena May 25, 2005

    Incredible ! This pic of shin & stellar is absolutely beautiful : cute couple !

  21. maihw May 25, 2005

    veri romantic wallpaper! the star filled sky is so nice in the background...

  22. fantasygirl May 25, 2005

    wo so nice mary i like the background
    yay shinn and setlla look cool
    good work mari :) :nya:

  23. raxis May 25, 2005

    a very very nice wall of stellar wallpaper walkure-san!! :D the bg is so cool!! great work!! ^^ but... i hate shinn!!! :angry:

  24. AtHnaMarina May 25, 2005

    XD XO

    Thanks 4 add me to ur friend list...


    they are looks romantic...

    i like this wallpaper...

    i will take this to my favourites...

    :nya: :\

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