Melty Blood Wallpaper: A Lonely Night

Tomoe Rokuwata, TYPE-MOON, Melty Blood, Len (Melty Blood) Wallpaper
Tomoe Rokuwata Mangaka TYPE-MOON Studio Melty Blood Visual Novel Len (Melty Blood) Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

OK i know i submitted this yesterday and I read everyones
comments and tried to fix it based on them^^ I hope it looks
a little better and that you like it even more and i would appreciate
it if all the poeple who commented before would do so again b/c I
want to know if it improved any^^

OK and yet again yes it's still dedicated to StarCentury because he
did help me a lot and Chops thanks for your help on the redone one^^

ok things i added ot it.. I added the light from the moon on the water
thanks shiva for the help on that and as Kitten said it was a bit too dark
so I fixed taht as well lol and as lunaregina said i added a bit of mist in the
horizon^^ Chops I fixed it to where the stars arent shown in throught the
moon so I hope you're happy Siri I tried ot fix the cliff ( if thats what you
could even call it)but i failed lol sorry Sugasuga I trie dteh depth
thing but I failed in that too lol over all I like this one better then
the last version, thanks for the criticisms^^ it helped me out but don't
expect me to do this everytime lol

And once again please view in full version ^^ thanks

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Browse Melty Blood Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. SharinganKnight May 25, 2005

    wow, thats amazing, your walls keep getting better and better. You're a fast learner

  2. moonstaru May 25, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper!!!!!
    The bg looks great!!!!
    I love the moon and star!!!!!!
    The girl so beautiful but so sad!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!+FAV!!!!!!

  3. angeloflove May 25, 2005

    i really like it!
    i wish i could do that!
    oh well, i will soon!
    and, by the way, +fave

  4. DarkCrimson May 25, 2005

    Wow your new Wall looks really beautiful Liz^^
    You did a nice Job with the Background.I love the Dark Star filled Heaven with the cool looking Moon.Add this wonderfull Piece of Work from you to my Favs.Thanks a lot for sharing ^^

  5. princechrono May 25, 2005

    wow!! i love it its so kool i specialy like the mooon has background and girl so cute great job :)

  6. angelrhea May 25, 2005

    hi friend. very nice wallpaper. the title speaks for itself. and it looks awesome on blue. congrats on this one.

  7. lunaregina May 25, 2005

    Cute wallie Dark! I like the blue tones. The horizon could use some mist in the distance in my opinion but you did a great job on the stars. :) The girl by the way is from Shingetsutan Tsukihime.

  8. Chopstickz May 25, 2005

    thats such a pretty scene,
    a beautiful bg and the girl is cute too,
    though you're cuter of course ^^
    the only thing i see a bit off is the stars on the planet
    in the bg, looks a bit odd, but it still a very gorgeous
    scenery, good work with the water too ^^
    luv the wallie, such a talented kitty of mine ^^

  9. Siri May 25, 2005

    omg! beautiful! lol ^_^ well i think the scenery looks really great
    and i love the colours you used like this really dynamic but dark shade of sapphire for the water and whao breath taking
    but something about that thing that the girl is sitting on looks a little out of place to me
    although i love the textures and colours you used on that too lol
    any way definately a fav ^^

  10. Clover May 25, 2005

    great one, i really like this dark bg.
    The moon and the ocean are a great idea i only miss the light effect that normally appears on the ocean.
    For me it will be a fav, couse i like this sad wallpaper

  11. Tirdaelyn May 25, 2005

    That is a beautiful wallpaper, the background scene is very pretty. The colors are beautiful. The chracter is very clear, and very pretty. I really like the darker colors too. Nice job. ^^

  12. Dende May 25, 2005

    uhhh great, that's my partner using her kick ass skills to wall, nice & neat work indeed :\ you see? i told you, you have the gift ;) so partner nice work, amazing scene, keep it up, & you're lucky star century that wall is yours :nya: see ya ppl

  13. Sugasuga May 25, 2005

    ic ur getting better at making walls, lizzi ^^ veri nicely done bg ^^ thou, the stars look odd [mebbie their's too few or not scattered], water i think needs more depth, and the text is a bit bothersome, mebbie make it smaller and choose another font. all in all, veri good work ^_~

  14. acid-awakening May 25, 2005

    Beatutiful Work
    Luv this too bits.... Awesome font too
    But theres only one thing that doesn't fit in properly
    The water or what eva that is in front of the Moon
    It's juz,.... when you look at the moon it seems like it's sinkin in to it
    The rest is Excellent too
    Thanx for sharing

  15. gundragon May 25, 2005

    Wo this is one of your better walls ^_^
    It look so cool and the moon look so nice

  16. Angel-on-Dragon May 25, 2005

    Oh, Sweety, that one looks really great. I think it's maybe your best one until now.
    I like the mood of this pic. The bg looks quite good and the scan's so cute.
    Thanks for sharing and keep up that good work, you're really getting better from wall to wall ^^
    *adds to fav*

  17. jingjing1208 May 25, 2005

    Hehe,not bad,I love the sky you made!But the sea looks a little bit too dark!!^_^ Well that's my opinion,still it's a nice work from you!^^ KEep it up!^^

  18. ventures May 25, 2005

    wow...nice night wall...~~I luv the moon n the stars...kawaii...
    n the scan is pretty sweet n sad looking...~~but I think the rock she's sitting on is a lil blurry...
    but thats okay...n the lake looks a bit odd,,
    but still very good..
    ..>>edit ~~
    it does look better dark-chan ^^
    there r more depths n the shadow on the water has helped alot to create it~~
    n the sky is great ~~

  19. Phantasm May 25, 2005

    Great work... The bg is so beautiful, and the girl is arranged without the sense of incompatibility.

  20. Aetherdragon May 25, 2005

    As usual, a very good piece. good layout and scenery. Keep it up! :)

  21. Rikimaru-jp May 25, 2005

    Really great wallpaper you made there! the colors are so perfect and the back ground is cool plus the character she's so cute too bad she's alone! :(
    i added it to my favorites!
    I have big faith in you DarkMaiden ;) keep it up!

  22. Kiako May 25, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is very pretty,
    the background looks good, i like the color of the moon in the back and the effects in the sky look good too.
    keep it up

  23. Chopstickz May 25, 2005

    well i like this new ver.
    nothing to complain about now, looks perfect to me ^^;;
    the reflection in the water adds a nice touch and
    glow looks nice too, now the moon looks better since
    there aren't stars on it ^^;;
    well good job kitty and sorry to be so picky ^^;;

  24. Holt May 25, 2005

    The scan's extracted well and the water looks great! The moon also looks realistic.
    Perhaps the stars could use a little more stringiness to them rather than rounded bloches if you get my drift. Like the clusters could have more shape... Urrgh too hard to explain.
    Great wall! Keep it up!

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