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well.....I made this one in class.....it was boring...and I just tried something...anda...this came out..... so...I vectored it....(a good training for me since I'm bad in vectors >.>)....
well....first it was just a blank wite paper....then...I was thinking about the contest at mt..... so I just made a "uhm....?" on the paper, and he is getting an A+ ....a real MT artist ^^

layers:around 45
paths: more then 40
time: 14 hours, in 3 days
music: gundam seed destiny songs

hope you like it =)
feel free to comment or criticise, both are welcome =)

*please download the vector....the thumb looks grainy=/....*

ow...I made it in ps...not illu ~_~"..

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  1. Kiako May 24, 2005

    *downloads the vector*
    it looks nice, kind of funny too.
    i gues that this is a good way to practice vectoring, i have to try it once (i never tried to vector anything thjough)
    tja anyway. keep it up

  2. DarkCrimson May 24, 2005

    Well it looks very funny^^
    Ok its simple but I like it a lot.Thanks for sharing with us.Keep up the great Work ok

  3. ShueiTenshi May 24, 2005

    zomg rofl XD +fav

    edit: now that was quite a comment XD I hope OA don't ban me X3

  4. chisana May 24, 2005

    Haha... it's so funny :D His hands are like cats paws ^^ cute ~^^~
    Very nice, it's so clear and big too :) Nice vector. I want to vector like that too T_T
    Nice job, thanks for sharing it here! Keep it up!! ;) A+

  5. sukie May 24, 2005

    ...sign* i hope that is what i got on my english exam today...
    great vector...looks sooooo cute!!!!!!

  6. ShiNN May 24, 2005

    Quote by ShueiTenshizomg rofl XD +fav

    edit: now that was quite a comment XD I hope OA don't ban me X3

    lol, agreed... it's a funny vector, and it's not bad for a first attempt, keep practicing MC! ^_^

  7. lunacrystal May 24, 2005

    lol its kinda funny! it reminds me of somebody.... * thinking** still thinking*

  8. Criox May 24, 2005

    Haha! Sorta funny! Nothing to describe much but juz funny! XD!

  9. slivermoon May 24, 2005

    looks cute OX
    why does he have his tongue out??
    colours are kinda bright for my eyes >.<
    and aren't his hands suppose to be coloured in or is it gloves?
    besides that pretty vectoring ^-^

  10. Frosty May 25, 2005

    lol.. haha funny.
    thats kind of cute too.
    very neatly color at well
    good work
    *9.3 and Grade A* for a good effort. ^^

  11. volleybum May 25, 2005

    Quote by vietgurl5593lol its kinda funny! it reminds me of somebody.... * thinking** still thinking*

    me? Aww! it is so cute and funny! It reminds me of myself. I like to brag about every A I get. xD

  12. gundragon May 25, 2005

    It look funny XD
    It look like a anime char I saw somewhere before :?

  13. jingjing1208 May 25, 2005

    Haha,a kawaii boy?!!^_^ Cute vector and a nice job!^_^ +fav!^^

  14. FutureGirlie May 25, 2005

    Looks very cute. Good job. ;]
    i hope to see more of your drawings. ^_^ *faves*

  15. walkure245 May 25, 2005

    Kawaii~ He does deserve that A+ for looking so adorable. =^.^= You have such great potential in vectoring, you should do more. I really love his expression. The cging is strong and bright. The only thing is that his hands are colored. ^_^ Nice work~

  16. chibi-lizard May 26, 2005

    hahahah .. he look so funnie and cute XD i like what's on his paper for his A+ ^_^'
    so yeah .. to real comments (i'm not gonna comment on the drawing though .. cause i can't draw >.<)
    the colors on the hair .. the darker brown looks a lil squarish. and the lines are a lil crooked >.<
    nonetheless .. it's still better than my first vector ~_~

  17. DayBreak May 26, 2005

    thats kinda orignal lol.
    nothing really to say but, its funny and good XD

  18. Yumi-Chan May 26, 2005

    wow first attempt? not bad not bad.. xD hahahaha
    and wow, 45 layers? that's HECK a lot! XD
    bet you spent a lot of time on this and put lots on effort in ^^
    keep it up :D

  19. SamuraiHaruko May 26, 2005

    lol tis funnie...reminds me of a muffin some how lol +Favie! +Favie! +Favie! heh he ^^-

  20. Midori-chan May 26, 2005

    hehe, the lil' guy is so cute^^
    he got an A+?? wow! congrats lil' boy^^ (XD i'm going insane talking to the picture...lol)
    your first vector? it's not really bad...i like it^^
    keep up the good work!

  21. GintheTwilightswords May 26, 2005

    Hey !! I did soemthinglike this before ^^ !! I was bored during a tech class I had, so I got on the pc and did a little illustration on paintshop. It was of Cloud, it it was abit crude but you could tell ti was himn. Some of classmates so it and were amazed at how I had good enough control with the mouse to do the drawings. I did a few more drawingsa afterwards. This reminds me so much of what I did, not only because you did this out of bordem and it looks pretty cute, but also because I never did managed to save the drawings to a cd (the harddrive I saved them to got cleared out durignt he holdiays). You did a pretty good job dude, I like it :) .

  22. Skillzpay May 27, 2005

    hehe kinda cute lookin'
    Some of the lines could use some work cause you're getting some unnecessary edges.
    However this is still real good for your first stab at the whole vector thing. Keep it up!

  23. Athrun May 27, 2005

    Don't tell me, that's how you look like. XD jk

    Hahaha, funny drawing man.

  24. Dray May 27, 2005

    Kikou!!! meteorcloud, very pretty Vectors that you made us, I find it very sympatic ;)

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