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First off, a congratulations to all the participants and winners of the MT Character Class Doujinshi contest, and a big thank you to Nuriko, charaznableamurorei and the Doujinshi-Support-Club for running it!
My first wallpaper features Crash-kun's winning entry in the moderator class. I decided to wall it because when I saw the artwork I had an image in my head of a setting. As I was discussing on the IRC channel, I wanted to make a "tech sceneric" wallpaper, using tech elements instead of grass and other typical scenic stand-ins.
Most of the wallpaper was made in Illustrator to take advantage of its ability to warp vectors in curves. The background is a pcb I designed meshed with some binary code (translated directly from the "About us" page here on MT) and some hexagons for good measure (ah Jazticle, how I miss thee) and to create a bit of color variation on the floor.
I used a selective color layer on the character herself to make it more green, and moved the little helperbot to the left for better balance. A little bit of gridwork to make it feel more machinelike.
The idea was to have the moderator "at the heart of the machine" and for this end I designed some tech screens that were MT "reports" that a moderator might look at and act upon. Again, designed in Illustrator so I could use a curved warp so that the background screens circle around her (since she's working directly on the foreground screen, that's not circular.)
I had fun designing the text - in fact, I had finished that directly after I made the pcb floor and before all the tech screens. Bold and in your face, plus a little symbol of the helperbot, because wings are cool.
Once again, a big congratulations to Crash-kun for this winning entry! And remember: Support Doujinshi!
NOTE: Additional resolutions will NOT be available - this wallpaper will be exclusive to MT, and not featured on any other website including DA! Desktop Anime.

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  1. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 24, 2005

    Woah....this version of Crash kuns image wall is better than mine cos it really goes witht he theme here in MT and i like it better cos mine was artsy...but yeah i love the pop up windows around her and the text goes great in this...Great job Tama, you make CG drawers proud! XD

  2. DarkVirus May 24, 2005

    another wall of crashkun's art...
    looks really high tech and pretty much cool...
    good job on the wall Tama-Neko

  3. bucket-shot May 24, 2005

    Fufufu~ XD The fact that you've got "Keep on top of rips" at the top there amuses me. ;) And I love the concept (reminds me of minority report a little~<3). And nice type, of course. *toasts to crash + tama and the mods*

  4. zaira May 24, 2005

    weeee this one is soo cool!! me love techy style bg!! crash-kuns art sure is cool! me love those windows!! and great text too!+fav! XD

  5. Aa-chan May 24, 2005

    I love the background texture and the colour of green is really nice. The thumbnail doesn't do it justice ^__^ .

  6. chibikko May 24, 2005

    the drawing is pretty, yeah but so uncreative >> anyway what you made is still creative. the background is really cool and it must have been hard to make the perspective. i believe i've seen such transparent screen already o.O'' nya it's nice.

  7. Juclesia May 24, 2005

    great wall....the drawing is pretty good, i like it much....so keep it up....cu

  8. Katzbalger May 24, 2005

    I must say... this impresses me greatly. The intergration with the character and the background was pulled off amazingly well, and the mechanical bg is just great.

    The one thing that made me ROFL though... are the status windows (especialy the bandwidth alert XD )

    Needless to say, +fave and d/l

  9. tAtEkAnE May 24, 2005

    wow crash is having some publicity XD wahahahah!
    guess he can be left alone in fragments now >=D
    since he's my webmaster and i'm just a slave waller...he'll force me to fave this lol XD

    anyway really cool work tama, love the surround clear monitor thingy around her =D

  10. Leena May 24, 2005

    Fantastic wallpaper. the background and foreground is great. Keep up the good work. Going to my favourites.

  11. euna Retired Moderator May 24, 2005

    nice MT status report ^^ lol
    very digital and green XD
    i luv it... absolutely marvelous wall! euna wubbs it ^^
    *5 thumbs up + fav*

  12. ShiNN May 24, 2005

    Hehe, so in the end I can finally see the techno wallpaper you were talking about :o . Well it's nice, one thing that I like is that you made it green to match the colour of the girl's eyes, that's a good move :). And again nice job drawing circuits and binary code lol, somehow it doesn't feel boring nor plain, and it actually fits perfectly as a desktop. Really well done.

  13. meteorcloud May 24, 2005

    waah......GREAT ^^~!
    amazing wall...looks simple...but...it's giving me a great felling ^^
    thnx for making this wall, it's sure a nice wall =)

  14. FALH May 24, 2005

    look so cool
    i like the digi-style,and the way u do it is so good

    just love your wall,your skill and add your wall to my fav

  15. bromithia Retired Moderator May 24, 2005

    This is just a nice wallpaper, not much to comment on, it all blends together perfectly... very good job Tama!

  16. Crash-kun May 24, 2005

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! ^^ nicely done ya. great wall . keep it up ya. cya

  17. calisqo May 24, 2005

    wow i think this prob my fav minitokyo char wall yet >.<
    The concept is great.
    Awesome work as expected from u (^-^)

  18. UndyingShadow May 24, 2005

    awesome wall Tama, I like the idea of it with the computer system interface. Nice scan choice as well. good job!

  19. candy-chan Retired Moderator May 24, 2005


    another perfect wall from tama-dono...I love the greens you used, and the wavy binary code is really a wonderfull idea, and executed veery nicely. And I like the fact that the MT windows look like the lab in minority report XD
    good chara blendage and uber fontage~

  20. ejwcobra May 25, 2005

    wow! that looks truly awesome! its like anime fused with the matrix, only better. really impressive job here, Tama-Neko! i am definitely adding to favorites!

  21. crapmonster May 25, 2005

    ah a very nice techy wall you did of the doujin, haha which reminds me, i need to start my wall soon as well...

  22. Angelette May 25, 2005

    Waaah, the pop up screens make me wanna be a moderator, too!! xD So uber!!

  23. bbls May 25, 2005

    wow...i luv the techie-style of your wall...it really suits crash-kun's chara! and the image looks really cleaned up...very kewl wall! :D

  24. Phantasm May 25, 2005

    very beautiful and elegant one. the composition is splendid remarkably.

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