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OracleAngel ~ 2h 0m ago
Releases radioactive glowing cow on shoutbox* time to be radioactive!!
chibi-lizard ~ 1h 56m ago
kaboom !!! and the poor cow exploded
OracleAngel ~ 1h 50m ago
Aww shucks only Me and you chibi got wasted....
chibi-lizard ~ 1h 49m ago
*pokes teddie oa* biggg-baboom ?!!
OracleAngel ~ 1h 45m ago
*Shuts off light and glows* :O Uuuu!!
chibi-lizard ~ 1h 40m ago
O.O oa ish a glowing teddie ? heheh .. *snatches teddie away and play with teddies tail*
OracleAngel ~ 1h 27m ago
Phillip!!!!!!!!! O_O
Sunira ~ 1h 24m ago
Things get wierd early in the morning. Allergies are killing me and I cant sleep...
OracleAngel ~ 1h 20m ago
Sets on adventure to find Phillip* On wards with the hefalump expedition my teddy bear minons!!! fFind Her and get Phillip back! @Sunira: yeah but its not everyone, just me!
chibi-lizard ~ 1h 17m ago
who ish phillip o.o?? *scratches head*
OracleAngel ~ 11m 56s ago
My clone radioactive bear me... New wall of that coming up soon...XD

Dedicated to Chibi-lizard

Actually this was made as an idea motivated by chibi-lizard in the shoutbox so im dedicating this wall just for her...This is the teddy clone of me she stole and i want it back cos i cant rule my Grunge monarchy without a double so give it back to me!!!! So hope you enjoy Greeeeeen!!! XD

Wanted to make a simple vectorish wall of sorts and yeah it took me less than an hour to make after that conversation in the shoutbox so live with it! XD

p.s. Im a walling whore i know.... -_- *sulks in regret*

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  1. Broomo May 24, 2005

    Dude that is sooo cool! I love the lettering and the entire green colour scheme. Brilliant. XD

  2. chibikko May 24, 2005

    lol the bear is cute and his name fits him, too XD i like the background, too. i hope to see more from phillip xD

  3. Dufoe88 May 24, 2005

    lol so cute :P

  4. Saikusa Retired Moderator May 24, 2005

    *gives a cookie to the walling p.i.m.p.* XD

    It's glow in the dark green! Eeee... fantastic!!! XD XD XD

    Yes, tacky and gaudy bright colours are like eye candy to me (I'm just a big kid, really ;) )

  5. kenzuke May 24, 2005

    *__* phiiiilllliiiipppp..... XD lol, funny wall, so kawaii too..
    Nice vectorish style! I like it! ^___^

  6. Sandra May 24, 2005

    <rotfl> Oracle You rox maaan ! I Love yout teddy wallies ! This one is great :D He should play in Britney Spears clip toxic <lol> Gret maaan , love it !

  7. Samanosuke89 May 24, 2005

    XD phillip.. lol great and funny wall OA XD love it =P +fav

  8. DarkVirus May 24, 2005

    u have made another teddy bear theme wall....
    the whole wall design looks really look and the radioactive bear looks funnny....
    good job oa...

  9. Aa-chan May 24, 2005

    Added it to my favourites because it made me laugh when I saw it XD .
    Not much more to say really ^^; .

  10. jasmine Retired Moderator May 24, 2005

    OA: you are getting wierd'er with every minute XP
    there was a chicken, then monkeys and your private army of teddys now this radioactive phillip XD

    edit: there is a typing mistake. i think you meant "system" and not "sysyem" :P yes i am pulling your leg

  11. ramchong May 24, 2005

    Hi OA!! This is another brave trial and very less seing you use this color!! Totally imppressive and eys-catching!!! count my fav on it!!!

  12. Katzbalger May 24, 2005

    rofl!!! And I thought the shoutbox was boring... (come live in IRC for a while btw. Great way to loose your sanity XP )

    This wall howerver, prooves the usefulness of simple shapes. Love the bear (he's a bit of a hunchback though...). The bg is simple but effective too. Apart from that... abstract thing in the far bg... which at first I mistook for a bad attempt at the radioactive trifoil.... but anyway, good work!

    Oh, by the way, say hello to Katzbalger, the radioactive member. I work with radiation on a regular basis (I'm a radiographer technical assistant. Radiation poissoning here I come!) XD

  13. euna Retired Moderator May 24, 2005

    2nd wall of the teddy bear series is it? XD
    radioactive bear eh?? O_O
    radioactive and glowing in the dark XD
    that's so cute ^^ *hugglez screen*
    simple, but very cute ^^

  14. chibi-lizard May 24, 2005

    omigosh !!! lizzie wubbbbssss you !! *hugglez oa* MUAX !!! the teddy ish sooooo cute !! XD
    love the simpleness of it and the teddie ish sooooo greeeeeen ^_^'
    *sticks to teddie oa* :D

  15. Kiako May 24, 2005

    the bear looks so cute XD and the green color is very good
    it's interesting, the ideea.
    keep it up

  16. cygnus May 24, 2005

    Oh...my...dear God...the kiddies of teddy's monarchy... XD ...your ideas never cease to amaze me... :D

  17. Susan-chan May 24, 2005

    hehehe...^^ cute teddy bear:D the bear's face looks so suprised:D----> it's cute:D

  18. DayBreak May 24, 2005

    i think you need new friends.. i'll just burn all those teddy bears in your room.
    and uh.... run?
    LOL...another teddy wallpaper..
    you are so weird >_>
    well anyway, its orignal lol nice design and everything.

  19. kaylessa May 24, 2005

    lol another great work of art! good job once more ^^ made me laugh

  20. meteorcloud May 24, 2005

    ooh....great wallpaper ^^~!!!
    funny, looks nice, and....got empty space on the left side ^^
    *stets as desktop* ^^
    great job =)

  21. Evanrued May 24, 2005

    A very entertaining wall! I love the background and the designs behind the bear. Keep up the good work OA.

  22. Liz May 24, 2005

    Its so cute love the green, excellent work here its so adorable :)

  23. Yina May 24, 2005

    haha.. looks funny.. XD Like the green colours and those pluses on the bg.. :nya: great work on the composition.. it's not overloaded with details like some wallies I've seen here on MT.. ^_^' great job! +fav ^^

  24. UndyingShadow May 24, 2005

    lol awesome wall Oracle, love the idea behind this one! The bear looks so goofy, and you did a great job with the overall design. nice job!

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