Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Wallpaper: Your Blood Looks Delicious~

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Rena Ryuugu, Doujinshi Wallpaper
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Series Rena Ryuugu Character Doujinshi Source

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arghhh!! before like. I love holiday so much, now, I hate em!!!. I've been having for the past 7 month and its really really getting to me. I mean I wall less, I sleep more (which I rarely do except during the night of coz), and all I do is well... nothing! T__T I'm really getting sick of this... my enrollment is on 25th of June which is next month. why te hell cant it be tomorrow?!!! :angry:

anywho.. enough of da stupid rant, time for da wall. after err. a month I think I manage to get myself to wall something. this scan I found it in Moeboard I believe. at 1st sight, I knew I just had to wall it. my 1st idea was to make those so famous texture wallpaper but it didnt go well so I changed to this creepy scenery bg. I guess it went rather well. out of all my wallpaper this is my 2nd wallpaper that turned exactly like I wanted. (1st one was yami to boushi)

dark road, blood, really creepy feeling. exactly like I wanted. XD
took me about 6 hours I believe. layers too lazy to count.
the wallpaper may look kinda dark since I made in quite a dark room to get da mood on. ^_^""
so comment away~! XD

oh yeah, considering this is a dark wallpaper and my experience in making dark wallpaper, I bet the thumbnail will sux >_>

resolutions are available at my site, The Anime World

tree brush thanx to shinta from Imanimetions. ^_^

EDIT> yup I was right. its sux like crap. go view it fully!!! >_>

EDIT2> err fix da stupid typo.. ^_^"" thx to jeniferdono~

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Browse Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. rythem May 24, 2005

    god *0*
    bloody hell XD waaa~great work 4 making the girl looks creepy with her..chopper..n bloood... >.<
    the dark bg brings the mood~~!! >.< lol
    nice creation exentric XD

  2. angelrhea May 24, 2005

    ohh bloddy hell. its so ironic when it comes to the bg, so plain and simple yet on the other half of the wall is a cute girl with a knife full of blood. gee it looks so horrifying the concept i mean. but the wallie is nice, specially the bg. nice work! congrats on this one.

  3. jeniferdono May 24, 2005

    There's a typo. You're should be Your. You are blood looks delicious..nope.
    Your blood looks delicious.

  4. kenzuke May 24, 2005

    I like dark and bloody walls and this one too! XD hmm.....I think you should make her shoe more dark or put more blood..
    still..I'll fav this not so common theme... XD

  5. Phill May 24, 2005

    wow , awsome
    a creepy wallpaper ^^ ......................
    add to fave

  6. kara May 24, 2005

    Oh my... scary... and she's so cute too... >_>
    But wow, what a awesome wallie! The thumbnail may not look like much but once I downloaded it, I realised how impressive it was!
    I really love the concept and everything fits so well together.
    The only thing I think can be improved would be how the road look like it just ended suddenly... maybe you could fade it off a bit more?
    And the blood on the grass looks like they're floating on the grass.... like it's flat.
    But ugh, what am I doing telling a great waller like you what to do, you're works are way better than mine.
    But anyway, I'm loving the wall, a really awesome job! A most definite fav!

  7. zaira May 24, 2005

    waaah! better run! i dont want to get anemic!! OX hehe just kidding!
    this wall is uber cool!! XD me really love the blood on the floor and the scan is soo cute but deadly! >_< nice bg too! me love the trees and the light posts!! +fav! XD

  8. Samanosuke89 May 24, 2005

    very beautiful and darkie wall exentric =P love the scan XD so cute but so cruel.. and the bg fits perfectly.. love the prospective and the depth u give at the scene. awesome ^^ love the color too.. dark n bloody =P +fav

  9. DarkVirus May 24, 2005

    This wall is really dark with a cute girl with a bloody butcher knife
    *runs aways from the psycho girl*
    Anyway, nice job on the wall exentric...

  10. Sandra May 24, 2005

    Hi Exee :D O_o Wooow my eyes are so happy now :D PWeety bloody wall :D I love the blood and how ya make it X_x I don't want to meet her .... never X_X Scarry crazy bloody killer girl ! Fav +

  11. Tatsuya May 24, 2005

    it's kinda scarry, like the bloody around floor, it match with the character well! good job

  12. Leena May 24, 2005

    Is kinda creepy. the picture suits the background. One creepy wallpaper. Awesome job. Going to my favourites.

  13. Kiako May 24, 2005

    the girl looks very cute, i gues that it is suposed to looks scary^^'
    the background is very good, i like the flor and the red part of the sky and the lamps there too. actualy the whole scenary is pretty good.
    keep it up

  14. crewcifix May 24, 2005

    i find it too darkish!! >< and i'm not exactly a darkish person! wahhh.. but you did awesome stuff here exentric and the mood very much does make things look weird! Oo

    good job. :P

  15. ryannzha May 24, 2005

    o_0 ..blood..hope it's yourz.. :nya: ..anyway.. the bloodshed is kinda addz some psychopath killer atmosphere.. great bloodz..i mean all of 'em..!! not really.. XP

  16. meteorcloud May 24, 2005

    jeez...scary wallpaper xd`!!! but...still looking qute XD (I'm insane XD???)
    well..the wallpaper looks nice =)
    bg is good, no bad parts, girl looks nice , blood....scary..but good =)
    oh....the grass...looks kinda weird.....now it looks like the road is higher then the grass =/....
    ow well...nice wall ^^

  17. Evanrued May 24, 2005

    ^^; quite creepy indeed. I guess there is no bright side to it XD I really the dark alley way. And the image looks good too. Excellent work exentric! Blood is perfect ^^;

  18. chingetscook May 24, 2005

    Ahahaha, cute but deadly, nice! xD
    Overall great theme, the innocent little smile contrasted by the blood splatters and the huge knife, I really like it!

  19. Radeonator May 24, 2005

    PSYCO....Go to the hell With the f#$*( arses!!$@# harharhar.... i like it, it looks like the ending movie of some game i just download last week (it's bloody hahahaha...)


  20. Yina May 24, 2005

    such a cute girl has got such a knife?? o__o;; that's unusual.. ^_^' When I first read the title at my notifications I wondered how the wallie would look like.. excellent job on the blood!! even though it doesn't look delicious to me, it looks fantastic.. XD I like the atmosphere.. the dark street and the trees fit great together and the atmosphere is great as well.. +fav ^^

  21. UndyingShadow May 24, 2005

    lol what a great wall excentric! that is a very cute, yet eerie scan you chose! Nice job with the blood and good bg as well!

  22. Kikoz May 25, 2005

    i like the scaryscene u make on the wallie!
    wow the blood is so real...
    n the bg u mkae is very threatening!
    fav for this one!

  23. Yumi-Chan May 25, 2005

    ish really good kashi ^_^ one of your best walls you've done, considerin that u havent made many after those breaks you've had ._. i wish i were you now >.< me school sux0rz..
    neways back to wallie..
    seriously the street lamp and the tree are so nice *_*
    the dark tones were perfect and look at that reddish sky O_O
    i just dont like the font.. the red is a little too bright ._.
    but those blood effects were awesome..
    good job overall :D i wish i can make something like this time.. *train me!!! XD*

  24. shyxsakura Retired Moderator May 25, 2005


    dis ish creeeeeeepppyyy ....

    creeeeepy creeeeppy ... >< butbut the blood ... effect .. >< is cool ... and scary ..


    scary scary scary ...

    <--- scared


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