Scrapped Princess Wallpaper: the road to hope

BONES, Scrapped Princess, Shannon Casull, Christopher Armalite Bailaha Wallpaper
BONES Studio Scrapped Princess Series Shannon Casull Character Christopher Armalite Bailaha Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

uh .. finished this wallie at last >.< this ish specially for criox .. happie burfday !!! you've been a great fwend to me. also to cricket .. umm ... happie belated burfday !! gomen for being late .. i didn't knew your burfday ish on 21st. you're the best ever pet cricket anybody could own XD err ... so both of you will have to share >.<

bout the wallie ... 100 ++ layers the last time i check .. lazy to recount >.< scan of shannon, chris & that valkyrie was found on a fansite. can't remember the site >.< gomen. so i just vector them cause there's text everywhere on shannon and chris T_T sowwee for the bad vector .. lizzie suxxorz at vector T_T [edit] uhh .. i forgot to say that DUMB electricity died on me TWICE when i was vectoring chris !! *grumbles grumbles* so poor chris lost his body and poor dumbo lizzie has to re-vector him again T_T

the stock photo was taken fwom stock.xchge and i was planning to manually vector it too .. when my eyes was hurting fwom staring too long at the compie x_x so i brushed the grass, added trees and the sky >.< i did my own river based on the original photo and added a lil mist/smoke which took me agez to get the shape right :( by that time .. my eyes feel like popping out .. so i just "blah" for the other part of the bg >.<

uhh .. title ish taken fwom yukie nishimura's song (my favvie pianist ^_^') cause i can't think of a proper title >.< anyway .. there's so lil scrapped princess wallie out there T_T .. blek .. enjoy >.<

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  1. tareren May 24, 2005

    Cool scan you picked, and also the photo used behind :) the color is a bit too dull for my taste, but this is still a great wall XD I like the dragon like thingy there :) and the vector is quite good too (except the face which I think is too pale) , dont worry lizzie ;) keep up the good work

  2. broken-dreamz May 24, 2005

    wowwwwwwieee I can see all the effort putt into this @___@
    it's very good ::nos nods nods:: 100layers!!! that's nut! anyways it looks really clean to me =o=''
    shooo chibiielizzieee must keep up the good work ::nods:: <3!~

  3. Rebel-Soul-Kaze May 24, 2005

    Ohh poor Chibi,well,the vector is very good i love that dragon/winged thing in the aire,the background is nice,but try to add more details on it(more grass,more trees,i dunno),nothing wrong,but i just wanna give that little detail >.<

  4. asta May 24, 2005

    Wow! 100 layers?! cool! anyways nice wall ^_^ keep up the good work cgibi-lizrd-chan! *hugs*

  5. annex May 24, 2005

    very pretty wall.....the vector is awesome, and the background goes well with it.
    but ne, i don't really like that dragon thing, too random.
    sides that, excellent job!
    Have a nice day!

  6. diamarrr May 24, 2005

    nice wallie lizzie o.O scrapped princess o.O wowwie wowwie o.O lizzie u always make sho nice wallpapers but complain !!!!! its too good to complain about......!!! even if you do it slow its done very perfectly !! perfect extraction ....!!! must teachie me how you extract so nicely !!

  7. CLAMPchic May 24, 2005

    nice wallie, lizzie ^^ I agree with annex that the dragon was random, but I liked it lol. the background is nice, and the scans/characters/whatever-you-call-them look nice, too. dunno the series, but it's still cool. good job! ^^

  8. ramchong May 24, 2005

    Overall a well designed scenic you hav made of!! vertoring part so precise... juz the light and shadow you overlooked. i
    n my opinion, the dragon should addin more effects to bring out it's attraction...

    Anyway thanks for shring this very nice artwork and i appreciate your efforts contributed to the wallie!!! count the fav on mine...

  9. Mordin May 24, 2005

    whoa, the texture of this wallie feels like an illustration book, so smooth, and the bg is so detail, you really go into small detail on your bg, the soft colors matches the mood of this wallie, the snow and the sky makes this wallie very stunning. great job lizzie, the work really pay off, I am glad I waited all this time for it. :)

  10. skysong May 24, 2005

    Very pretty wallie Lizzie! I like the dragon a lot. it looks sooo cool! ^^ very cool scene you made, and i like those characters. Also, the mistiness over the water is a nice touch! This one must be added to my favs, thanks for sharing it! :D

  11. Criox May 24, 2005

    Oh....thank you! Lizzie! XD Actually you r the only one give me a gift this year! XD Cause not many ppl knows my birthday unless i told em! And I usually keep it a secret! XD Criox wubbs you the most! *[/b][b]A big hug*

    The wallie is excellent! I love it! I love dragons and swordsman! * the dragon looks perfect and cool! My fav *animals* Hehe! And bout the vectoring, I don't find it bad. In fact it looks great! :) The BG you done is fabulous! Clouds looks so realistic. The trees blend into the surroundings. The river looks so mystic and mist over it! Thks lizzie again! I appreciate it! XD Hope you won't find my comment too long! XO

  12. kara May 24, 2005

    Oooo cool! Really cool to see a nice Scrapped Princess wallie! And Lizzie dun suck at vectoring, it's really good! The patches of grass looks a bit funny but I guess it's supposed to look that way... not much else to say about it cept that it's great!!

  13. kyubinaruto May 24, 2005

    woooooooooooooooooooow! I really wonder how u guys can make the scan so clean! I vectored mine usually but it doesn't work T_T The wordings are pretty good. The background looks kinda fake though
    Great job lizzie!

  14. zaira May 24, 2005

    wow!! lizzie!! this one is nice!! great vector on the scan!! the bg is nice scenery! love the stock photo you use and also to the stuffs you add +fav! XD

  15. bucket-shot May 24, 2005

    Ooh~ you're definitely getting better at vectoring! ;) Ganbatte, yo! Very sharp~<3 Um. ^_^' I just have to say, though.. did you miss a patch of something (in the bg) behind Chris' head..? And.. and - ee~ things fade the further back they are (perspective-wise) like you did with the mountains - so.. the lil' patch of grass in the middle area should be less saturated than the grass closer, and then than the grass at the front, too.. XD Ooh~ but I really like the fog~<3 And the blending you did with the trees~<3 And Chris's name is very cool (though that's irrelevant). :nya:~<3 Nice work! Ehehehe~<3

  16. CleiraCravenLaen117 May 24, 2005

    dunno who they are but they're cool... really cool... bishies!!! (^_________^)

  17. Kiako May 24, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the two charas look good and the background is well done too.
    i like the way the dragon there looks. and the atmosphere of it is pertty good too.
    keep it up

  18. dans May 24, 2005

    ~wee~ lizzie vector looks gooooood. though... Shanon's expression is kinda weird. ^_^'
    the bg is very good. it blends very nice with the charas.
    submit this to myrhh. she'll love it. XD

  19. lunacrystal May 24, 2005

    cool! i like the scan and the BG looks great!!!

  20. meteorcloud May 24, 2005

    well...it looks nice ^^
    the vector *___*...... >.>.....great =)
    the bg.....can be better....
    grass- looks kinda transparent...mayB you could add more...or just leave the grass~_~"..
    the river- looks good =)
    sky- clouds aren't right....you better use the other clouds ~_~".. now it looks like...the clouds are hanging very low =/.....that much clouds hangin low ~_~"....
    and...dunno why...but it seems that the bg doesn't match well enough with the vector....mayB cause it's a vector.....
    overall is it a nice wall ^^ especially the vector ^^~!!
    keep it up lizzie ^^

  21. WindAlchemist May 24, 2005

    wow thats awesome!
    very beautiful background and the characters look fine.
    good job keep up the great work!

  22. Liz May 24, 2005

    Hey! Wow its really cool i love the characters!!!! The background is really amazing also excellent job thanks for the cool wallpaper :)

  23. Rella May 24, 2005

    Ooh, nice wallpaper! Wow, you vectored the scan! Woot, I love vectors but they take forever to make. ^^;; I love the scan too! Great work with the background and a favorite for me! ^^

  24. Haia May 24, 2005

    This is just great!!! I was in your situation O would have lost the will to continue......but you didn't so props to you on that!!! The vector is just amazing!!! Love the smokey effects you put...reminds me of this PS2 game I played awhile ago.....The ackground looks great toooo!!! Although it does kinda bring me down a bit...........I dunno......or maybe something.....Anyways, thankie so much for sharing this wallie with us!!! Amazing work!!! be looking forward to your next one.............+favie

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