Zaion Wallpaper: Angel of Earth

Gonzo, Zaion, Ai (Zaion) Wallpaper
Gonzo Studio Zaion Series Ai (Zaion) Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Everything about this wall seems wrong. Doesn't it? Let me describe the wall for you guys.
It's utterly cliche, maybe dull and blank, has weird mountains, and even more weirdness in the lighting,
and yet more weirdness in the perspective. Maybe you can see more
weirdness on her mouth. I tried to redraw it because she wasn't smiling. I tried to make her smile... I need serious help. Please comment! I really need
your criticisms. It would be of much assistance to me and I would be really grateful. ^_^ Thank you to all those who wil comment!

EDIT: Moving to Zaion category...

Scan credit: Jinzhou [url="http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/2154/"] LINK [/url]
Layers: 38 with lots of merged layers.
Time: 16 hours...maybe more? Spent it in 6 days. It took me sooo long to clean up the scan.
Programs used: 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop 7.0. It's my first time to use 3dsmax to make the mountains, as in VERY first time.
Please be nice to me. Aheheh...

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  1. reidizon May 24, 2005

    very dramatic ikorus! great wall, simple but very attractive! i like the character too. thanks man! :)

  2. slivermoon May 24, 2005

    nice colours, very pretty
    the mountains look a little bit rough around the edges
    and the effects around the back of the girl are very nice
    it looks okay, great work! ^-^

  3. TurtleEmperor May 24, 2005

    She looks like the girl from I Wish You Were Here.
    I like the character too. The background fits the dress very well.

  4. Sunira May 24, 2005

    Aww she looks so lost and slightly pregnant. LOL. I cant believe nobody has fav'd this piece yet. I just love how it flows. :) Well, you definetly get a fav from me.

  5. broken-dreamz May 24, 2005

    how does it seem so wrong?!
    I like your choice of colour ^o^ and I like the way she's very floating like ^o^'' and she really looks like an angel with those effects that silvermooon commented on =3
    i like the mooon >w< ehehehe good job on the wallie!

  6. Vivi01 May 24, 2005

    This is a nice wally.
    The art is nice, and the mountians are great looking.

  7. ramchong May 24, 2005

    i'didn't see anything wrong from this nice wallie!!! oh ~~~ yes there is a mistake!!!! my mistake!!! i haven't fav yet....

  8. exentric May 24, 2005

    hmm? her mouth seems fine to me.
    anyway the overall is concept is good. very good. I suppsoe you actually made her a wing right? pretty sweet. the mountain does look weird though. not the shape or anything. just the edges. I think it shud be better soften a bit. the typo also seems doesnt fit. might wanna change or do somthing to dat.

    overall, I love the concept. just gotta make a few improvement to make it perfect. ^_^

  9. kara May 24, 2005

    I think her mouth looks fine too. It's a very nice wallie^^ Really love the moon! Well the mountains look a bit weird but it's your first time so I think it's pretty good^^
    It's simple but it's nice. Great job!

  10. Raiyne May 24, 2005

    Nice wallie!! :D I like the lightness of the wall which goes well with the character. Good job.

  11. Akaiken May 24, 2005

    Hmm... Interesting wallie. I like the mountain as the BG but I think the girl needs more blending on it.

    Anyways, nice job...

  12. bucket-shot May 24, 2005

    Hm.. ^_^' Crit? The thing that strikes me as most 'wrong' about this wall isn't the mountains, or the spare layout - it's the colour of her dress. I'd recommend changing it to a pale blue with a layer mask or something.. because it really doesn't blend very well.

    The mountains, hm. XD I don't know anything about 3d programs, but as a general rule: things get lighter, less sharp and less saturated the further back they are (perspective wise).. so you might want to give that a shot. ;) Also, with their outline - I'd recommend making it a bit more jagged? Mountains usually aren't angular like that, I think. XD And because the moon behind them is very clear, it's hard to put that lack of detail down to their relative distance. And um.. the shading for shapes like that shouldn't stick to the outlines - because they're 3d - the shading should fade out over half the shape.. ^_^' Uh. Did that make any sense?

    Argh! XD Sorry about my rambling. On another note, that's a really cute font you used. Mind if I asked what it was?

  13. Kiako May 24, 2005

    ok then let me write a critique about the mountains
    well first of all, the structure of the mountains isn't that good, because it looks like they would come out of a painting and they also have that watery look, and they also don't go well with the rest of the bg i mean if i look at the sky and the moon and at the mountains the structure is just to different, and they could also use more details and shadows becasue some parts look like they would be torn out of paper. the girl looks ok. but there could be some more white on her feet. and her smile doesn't look that bad.

  14. sakuralim May 24, 2005

    nice background !!!
    cool and cold too ^^
    nice wall ;)
    good job ^^

  15. Sakura0chan May 24, 2005

    Pretty wallpaper. :)
    The background is nice. But I think the mountain needs more work. You must add more details.
    Her smile is okay.
    Keep up the good work!

  16. FutureGirlie May 24, 2005

    Wow, it looks.. really cool~!! Great job on this! (I wish I could do that ;))

  17. Rella May 24, 2005

    Ahh...it looks really nice. I really like how you made the scan's quality better. I like the wind a lot too along with the white mist on the bottom. The font matches the wall nicely as well.

    Okay, the only strange thing is, the mountains as you've said above. It doesn't really match the wallpaper because everything is flat but the mountains are popping out it seems. It's probably the border of the outlines.

    Ooh, you changed her expression! I think you should've used black though but it looks great. She really does look like she's smiling! ^^

    Overall, great wallpaper and keep it up, the moon looks great too. ^_^

  18. crewcifix May 24, 2005

    good job. but its alittle too common already.
    i like the concept very much but the evaluation is not very good. it ain't bad but just a bit plain. eitherway, good work ;)

  19. hatak3kaka5hi May 27, 2005



  20. Cagari May 27, 2005

    I like it, despise you say it stinks. I think it's very pretty. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're way better than me! XD

  21. faiz138 May 27, 2005

    nice wallie you made there, i like it, it's beautiful, i like the bg that you made, and the chara is sooo cute.

    thank you for sharing it.

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