Korune Morinaga Wallpaper: Calming River

Korune Morinaga Wallpaper
Korune Morinaga Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

heya!! people!! here's another wallie!! from moi!!!
well the scan found in a board and the bg is totally simple hehe :D
well i only brush the river then added som life like putting those glowy thingys then again i dunno where i can get
a cherry blossom brush can someone tell where i can get those brush?

Place: my messy clean room hehe :D
Atmosphere: cold! XD
Currently Music: Eternal Voice-(Gundam Seed Destiny) by: Nami Tamaki
Snack: japanese rice crackers :D
Mood: abnormal!
Time: more than 5-6 hours *I always stop and thinking what should i add more*
Mistakes: water i think hehe ^_^'

well hope you guys like it!!
comments and ect. are welcome!!

EDIT: thanks to Chisana for showing me a thread to get some Sakura brushes! XD
EDIT:thanks also to Tareren for telling me to change the spelling of Calmning to Calming hehe wrong spelling sorry ^_^'
EDIT: wth! this wall shouldnt be one in a highlighted submissions! the wall is sooo Simple! wahh never mind!

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  1. Aa-chan May 23, 2005

    Nice and simple scene, but very pretty and beautifully executed.
    Peaceful and colourful and the character fits perfectly. Great work.

  2. Siri May 23, 2005

    cute ness! and those birds at the bottom that look like spheres crack me up
    but her feet at the bottom look a bit funny...o.o;;
    any way i love the calmness of it
    nice effect ^^

  3. chisana May 23, 2005

    Awww!!! It's sooo sweet!!! :D The scan you used is sooo kawaii and the bg is very pretty ^_^ Great job Zaira, Keep it up!! Here's a thread about the brushes: http://forum.minitokyo.net/showthread/1085/
    Hope you can find something useful :)

  4. semanga May 23, 2005

    that is so a wonderful wall i love it very very much u did a wonderful jops sweey the girl is very cute and the sea you did a good jop add to my fav ;)

  5. Leena May 23, 2005

    Another great wallpaper. the background is great. i like the picture. keep up the awesme work. going to my favourites.

  6. kara May 23, 2005

    Simple but really nice! ooo I love it! Very beautiful and calm indeed!! A really gorgeous work!

  7. bbls May 23, 2005

    your wall is so cute and sweet...i luv the idea of your wall...it really does make me feel calm! and i think your "pool" or pond turned out very nicely. gotta add this to my faves... :D

  8. tareren May 23, 2005

    Nice simple wall from you :) I like this one better than the Top Of The World XD dont really like the leaves but the idea of the pond made the wall looks really sweet and peaceful :)

    Uh, oh, there is a typo error on the text, it should be 'Calming' not 'Calmning'

  9. EternalParadox Retired Moderator May 23, 2005

    cute. I like the simpleness of the wall. Very serene and calm. ^_^

    great job!!!

  10. Akaiken May 23, 2005

    Yep, it's calm alright!!! The scenery is good and the character, very good!!!

    Hayz, sana makagawa ako ng ganyan...

  11. Yue-Horrishino May 23, 2005

    Sooo kute..... and it is a great job done by you, zaira... keep on

    Yue Horrishino

  12. crewcifix May 23, 2005

    calm yes. but a little bit distracted by the really really obvious brushes of leaves. OX I'm starting to feel like this will be another overrated wall. But then again, I know Zaira has so much potential and has so much talent.

    Quote by semangathat is so a wonderful wall i love it very very much u did a wonderful
    jops sweey the girl is very cute and the sea you did a good jop add to
    my fav ;)

    and i very much agrre that its cute. :)
    but i suggest a better extraction. and a more original concept. ^^ pero maganda parin to zaira and you are definitely improving from past mistakes. :)

    i hope youare not offended by my critique. :sweat: medyo syempre, kailangan talaga yun para gumaling ka pa. !! keep it up. :)

  13. Susan-chan May 23, 2005

    nice wally:) like the simple and nice effects:) the girl is really lovely:)

  14. Dragus May 23, 2005

    Simple and nice one of my favorite methods of making walls so u should know my answer on this wall hahahah nice.

    This is cool wall zaira keep it coming.

  15. Caiobrz May 23, 2005

    Yay very very cute, I loved it ^^ I love simple backgrounds, and this one is awesome, keep it up =D +fav

  16. LoneTenchi May 23, 2005

    I like the scan, its seems so simple and peaceful. I find it very nice. Well done!

  17. exentric May 23, 2005

    my my~ a very nice wallpaper zaira~
    though I hafta say, the scan is rather vlurry. the river is nice too, but some stuff, like the blue thingy looks somewhat weird. same goes for the leaves.
    still, a good concept. ^_^

  18. lunaregina May 23, 2005

    Cute wall zaira! The scan is a bit blurry but you did a great job on keeping the water simple! ^_^ The floating leaves look a bit funny... maybe some tree branches and less of a scatter would help bring it together more. I love the little brushes you used on the river though. ^_~

  19. lunacrystal May 23, 2005

    vietgurl like it! it ish very pretty! * c l i c k y *

  20. animegal213 May 23, 2005

    oh this wall is so cute.i really like the scan but the river too is really cool.and this wall looks kinda real.anyways nice job on the wall zaira.i'm gonna add this wallie to my fav

  21. heavens-Dragon May 23, 2005

    Awww! That's very cute! She's really adorable! I like the whole concept! It looks really good! The river looks a little funny but it 's really great overall. Awesome work! Keep it up!

  22. Ceridwen May 23, 2005

    simple but nice. This wallpaper is pretty good ^^ The atmoshpere is sweet and quite I like it :)

  23. Kiako May 23, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is very pretty and i like the scene.
    hope to see more.

  24. shijiroken May 23, 2005

    ang ganda!!!!!! hehehe... you have a nice wallie there ate... It was awesome... honest!.... except for one thing ate... does the leafs are reflection from the a tree? or it was just a leaf that was floating??? we'll anyway.. I like this wallie and I would like to add it to my favorite(s) ate.. I find it nice and relaxing ate... Im so envious ofy ou ate, you work like a professional... keep up the goodwork...

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