Hito Gata Ruins Wallpaper: ***FaShion..ShoW***

Hito Gata Ruins Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

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Hi Friends! :) Well...I know I've been lost for some weeks -_-' but I had a lot of work and I began University again XP
Mmmmm...this is a wallie I made some weeks ago and I didn't had time to post it till now
I wanted to break my traditional lovely color: Blue and make a diferent wallie...with diferent colors that I usually don't use hehe ^_^

The idea of the BG came out from the Scan itself, I saw her pose and thought that she was "modeling" her dress LoL XD
Well maybe was just my imagination, then I began making the whole BG (no stock pics used) and It returned like this :)
I specially like the red carpet, the light effects and the reflection of the leaves in the floor :D

Well sorry guys but I don't remember the technical info and I'm too lazy to investigate it now XD
Hope you like it friends! :) *take care*

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  1. moonstaru May 23, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper!!!!!!
    I love it!!!!!
    The bg looks great and she looks so cute!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!+FAV!!!!!!

  2. lilsilentdreamer May 23, 2005

    wow!! Kirei!! it looks soo pretty! I absolutely love it! +fav :D

  3. lunaregina May 23, 2005

    Oh wow the background is absolutely amazing!! Beautiful quality and I love that you used an image that hasn't been walled to death! XD I think maybe the sun could be a bit brighter to match the brightness on the girl. Perhaps the girl could use a shadow too since the plants have them. Well now I'm done being picky... +fav!

  4. crimson-blue May 23, 2005

    amazing pic like usually >.>
    i hope i can be like u ^^
    + fav and thx for sharing i really appreciate ur work ^^
    just dropping to say that ^^
    thx and have a nice day ^^
    see u

  5. melymay May 23, 2005

    cute girl. i love her dress. the evening sky across the ocean is beautiful. great job! +fave

  6. Yumi-Chan May 23, 2005

    not too bad, cyn ^_^ i haven't really seen u in awhile.. you're always away or busy on msn.. ._.
    you still have a few things to improve on >.< coz cyn loves blue wallies right =)
    the leaves part's okay ;D just don't quite like the window part @__@ maybe its just me.
    the carpet's edges, you should have blurred it a little ^^;; it looks really sharp.
    but the texture or flowers and swirls were nice.
    overall, it was okay, just a few things to focus on =)

  7. tenchigirl15 May 23, 2005

    verry nice colors on this ;) I like the sunset BG and the plents effect :) great job!! *claps* :D

  8. Wraith May 23, 2005

    Very Nice!! This might make it to my desktop. My kids like anime but any that are a bit ecchi they will tell me to take it off! Something like this would make them happy I think. As long as no shin is showing they should be happy ... or no tight clothes ...

  9. exentric May 23, 2005

    very very beautiful. the concept is just amazing cyn~
    but still. improvement are needed. as yumi said, the window part is bit weird. especially the far end one since its kinda a bit too big.
    the trees outside the window also seems somewhat weird. I presume you used the bevel blending option? I suggest not using that. rather take the burn and dodge tool and make the tree more realitic on your own. it will look better that way.
    and try adding some texture on the wall like you did on the floor. that will make it more realistic.
    a beautiful work, and will more beautiful if you spent just a bit more time to prefect it. ^_^

  10. sisko May 23, 2005

    :) :D XD :nya:
    Hi KittyCyn!!
    It's a wonderful work, I like the background and all composition is wonderful......
    Congrats! and thanks for sharing with us......
    see you later!!
    SISKO............... :) :D XD :nya:

  11. kara May 23, 2005

    Oooo wows!! It's really beautiful!! I really like the concept and the composition's so lovely!
    I think the carpet's really nice too!!
    Another really gorgeous wallie from you!!

  12. UndyingShadow May 23, 2005

    wow this is seriously a piece of work KittyCyn! the bg is simply beautiful, it looks like a painting! I like the subtle details you added as well, such as the design on the floor. amazing colors. awesome wall!

  13. crewcifix May 23, 2005

    hoho. this has to be one of the best concepts yet. hehe. reminds me alot of those gameshows kinda thingys but this one has to be done by a girl like you and it seems that this wall worked out well. :)
    i love the floor but i hope to expect better texturing on the walls, say marble?
    but overall lovely grandeur sky outside the windows. the trees look abit out of place though since the look to huge for my liking. Maybe trim them a bit perhaps? and the shadowing of the windows can still be very much improved! i see that the lighting is part of that as well. I dunno but maybe it is because of the lighting or the striking orange colour. However, i do love the effects and this is very much a high quality wall from you and you are doing a good job and you are very much an exellent waller.+fav

  14. anji May 23, 2005

    I think the wall have a really special style and what is really cool, it's that the scan fit just well in your background. It's like you draw it with everythings else.
    Pretty nice setting, pretty original and yes no blue that's different from you :)
    i really like those plants and the trees are nice too.
    Good work KittyCyn :D

  15. Balljacker May 23, 2005

    Cool wallie. I like the background. the colours are goo n the effects are great. it suits the girl pretty well. anyway nice work of art. must add to favs ;)

  16. Lenne May 23, 2005

    The girl is beautiful,and the background as well.I just love it! :D
    Going to my favorites!! ;)

  17. shiwei May 23, 2005

    wow... very beautiful wallpaper...
    background is great, like the sea and the sunset very much
    the bg is fantastic.. girl is beautiful too... ^^
    nice job *thumb up*, definite a fav

  18. kenzuke May 23, 2005

    I think you should put some texture or gradient on the wall instead of it being plane.... nad you should darken the plants and hallway more ...and you could also put some light rays...... woooopss... I saying too much!! don't worry, It's just me.....well, It still is nice!

    Hey, you could look at my latest wall to understand what I was trying to tell... XD

    But, still... fav for your hard work and concept! ^_^

  19. zaira May 23, 2005

    wow!! cool wall! me love the bg!! so cool! the scan fits the view of the bg! love the plants and the floor!!+fav!

  20. Aa-chan May 23, 2005

    Wow, the scene itself is really good and the background, especially the windows is superbly done and really gives a sense of depth :) .

  21. Sandra May 23, 2005

    kitty this is finally your best wall for me !! This is just awesome !! I love it the bg looks amazing ! FAV ! One of best walls I've seen Kitty !

  22. Kiako May 23, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is very beautiful, and the background looks great, i like it
    keep up the good work.

  23. Acuni May 23, 2005

    nice wallpaper i like the girl and the idea for the wallie
    the colours fit and the trees are lovely
    hope to see more

  24. blueotaku-sp May 23, 2005

    Hey really nice!!

    I like how you made this one Kitty!
    Indeed looks kinda like she's like modeling her dress or possing for a painting!!
    The carpet looks nice and the colors and ligts are lovely and really nice!! ;)
    jeje, sure this has no the nice blue color but still has a really nice BG!!

    +Favs. Nice!! ;) ^_^

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