Kao no nai Tsuki Wallpaper: Yuri Morning Kiss...

Carnelian, Kao no nai Tsuki, Mizuna Kuraki, Suzuna Kuraki Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Kao no nai Tsuki Series,Visual Novel Mizuna Kuraki Character Suzuna Kuraki Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Latest Wallie!!! Hot and Spicy!!!! (Not that hot actually....)

I actually dislike this scan.... cos this yuri took me over 5-6 hours in extraction... \(@o@)/ (still not satisfy...!!) A scan from enet.com

As usual, comments and fav are kindly appreciated... if suggestions for wallie... of cos much much more preciously appreciated!


Edit 23/5: Thanks zep for the info provided!!

Edit 24/5: Since lots of member like this wallie... so i decided to rework on the extraction again... so most of the white line from the hair removed... And i must emphacize that i did not chop off the hair... originally are the same as the scan i obtained...

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  1. sukie May 22, 2005

    oh my god this is soooo good.!!!!!!!!!

  2. zephiris26 May 22, 2005

    This belongs in the Kao no Nai Tsuki category. That's her mom, by the way. :)
    Very nice effects though, the purple sky is beautiful.

  3. Lodigo May 22, 2005

    nice wallpaper
    ur very good now :D
    i love the bg and the scan
    and i love the hair :D
    thanks for sharing
    and + fav
    bye bye
    and have a nice day

  4. MS0B9 May 22, 2005

    Well ain't this a pertty wall!?! I love the background and the scan still looks great. :) Adding to favs!

  5. SealedSword May 22, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper =)
    i like the background, it suits the girls very well in their clothing, hair etc.

  6. THE-DARK-PRINCE May 22, 2005

    Really nice effects and beckground...
    You put alot of effort to make....
    Keep up the good work.... :) :D

  7. kuroimisa Retired Moderator May 22, 2005

    Whoa !! Mad effects!
    I see you have left your usual style... but this is really good ^^
    The girl's hair is a bit chopped off too abruptly... not your fault lol... but it is indeed a little strange... but I love the sky! +fave! ^_^

  8. ryu99 May 22, 2005

    Partner your work is wonderful, you don't achieve it to him, you have talent, if you continue you will become this way the best.

    Thanks for sharing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Sunira May 22, 2005

    Aww this is really cute.!!

  10. Liz May 22, 2005

    The characters are so cute and i love the colors in the background and its so beautiful excellent work :)

  11. Chloe Retired Moderator May 22, 2005

    Wow!!! That is sooo cool! I love the scan and the bg you did is awsome! Excellent job!

  12. weedy98z May 22, 2005

    wow ramchong
    how can you not4 be satifed
    i think it's awsome keep it up
    hope to see more

  13. redblitzkrieg May 23, 2005

    So cute girls there, hey is that sakura or motoko?

  14. BossMac May 23, 2005

    Looks great. Okay excellent.

    You really picked the right time to submit this. It matches my WB skin now. Great compliment for my desktop. heheheh

    Thank. It looks great especially the background.

  15. rayearth May 23, 2005

    hmm...I think this one belongs to Kannazuki no Miko category, anyway the image extraction is good except for some part (the hair) is a bit jagged.
    as for the background, it already fits the theme but the colour seems didn't quite match with the rest of the image and the lunar might be a bit too large ^_^'
    but still, it's a nice wallpaper like the rest you've made here :)

  16. hanzou May 23, 2005

    Wow.....this wallie nice lol!!!!
    I like that purple sky.Hmm..the hair....u chop it???(thats the prob)
    But i still like it.hehe....add 2 fav.

  17. kyubinaruto May 23, 2005

    The background is great ^^ The mist encircling both of them are also good ^^
    Great job!!!
    A fav even though NOT a fan of yuri at all

  18. Merma May 23, 2005

    CCoooool!! :D I like the girls!!Really nice wallie! :D

  19. tareren May 23, 2005

    You put a nice background for the scan but then I think the red and yellow glows doesnt really suit them... so maybe you wanna do something more on that... and extraction is quite good though there are some parts of the hair that looks ... erm... not extracted well i should say...and maybe you shouldnt put the mist in front of them

  20. DMNY May 23, 2005

    Sweet as usual Ramchong, I just love the flow in your recent work...You are truly awesome in this! Good going mate!

  21. kara May 23, 2005

    A very nice background you've made^^ The clouds are great and I really love the butterflies.
    Although I think the extract needs a bit more work, you can still see some of the white.... otherwise a very good wallie.... if only it wasn't yuri....
    But anyway, great work!

  22. Maija May 23, 2005

    UHuuuuuuuuuu thy are beautifull.....Eh.... like always the girls in your pic look greate.....COOL that I have such a good drawer in my friendlist :D

  23. angelrhea May 23, 2005

    wow very cute and another beautiful wallie from ramchong! go ramchong **raises a banner for ramchong**

    men i can comment on anything because all i can say is beautiful wallie. i like it very much and you know what will i say. i cant find any flaws in there because its neat. superb wallie. thanks for making it and thanks for sharing it. i love it **rushes to the add fave and clicks it**

  24. mughi May 23, 2005

    Yeah, I could see some roughness on character extraction and one of the butterfly in the background. Still, if you did your best then I think that counts. In no way, would I consider this wall a bad work. Can't help you in improving your wall so all I can say is you are maintaining your high standard that pleases people who view your wall. Thanks much.
    T :D

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