Saint Seiya Wallpaper: [--Infinity--]

Masami Kurumada, Future Studio, Saint Seiya, Artemis (Saint Seiya) Wallpaper
Masami Kurumada Mangaka Future Studio Mangaka Saint Seiya Series Artemis (Saint Seiya) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

oh my god...i still cant believe this! first: i would like to THANK for all the mods that i can be again a normal member!!!! wow.... huh....i cant believe this...O_o
secondly...oh...i made this wally on the firs of january and i now a lot of member has already made a wally from this scan, well..this was my idea..:)
i remember only that the extraction was very hard^^" and ...yeah...my fav sentence:
a simple wally from me:D made everything by me:) the clouds the sky the planet etc:)
hope u like it^^"

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  1. minimouzo May 22, 2005

    ho yes, i remember it ^_^ you showed me it on messenger and i was so stunned.
    well now i have the full view to remember all the great details i edit this comment :D I'm sure you worked a lot on this wallpaper and i'm really stunned by the atmosphere radiating of it. It's so cold and peaceful. I really like how you made the stars. I saw a lot of starry things lately and yours are really really great.
    The extraction was sure hard and in my opinion you did a great job :) ; the scan fits perfectly the clouds. It's not to lighten ; it really fits the atmosphere.
    But my top fav goes to the things looking like flying spirits. It's so smooth and it renders very well. It looks like the some goddess who would have created a protection bubble around the earth.
    Superb wally ^_^ i hope now your talent will be recognized ^_^

  2. DayBreak May 22, 2005

    The background is very nice~
    but i wished you...retouch the quality of the scan!
    But no problem.
    Great work O_O *planets* *drools*

  3. sukie May 22, 2005

    man it is soooo great...i'll fav it no prob...

  4. Acuni May 22, 2005

    nice wallpaper
    the chara is cute and the effects at the back fit to the chara and the colours are lovely
    i like the idea
    hope to see more

  5. Sandra May 22, 2005

    susan you're BACK !! Yeeeeeey ! Pweety wallie ! :D I really like it :)

  6. meteorcloud May 22, 2005

    waah....welcome back susan-chan ^^
    your walls are nice, hope I can see more of them ^^
    the background is really cool, those planets are done nice =)
    just that scan.....the style of that scan...doesn't really fit the bg =O...
    but overall a nice wallpaper ^^
    keep the works ^^

  7. Kiako May 22, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is very pretty and i like her pose too, the background is well done too.
    keep it up

  8. Haia May 22, 2005

    This is just so heavenly!!! Fantastic view...............the mood this gives out is just amazing.....it's like I'm now entering the heavens!!! The scan you used fits perfectly!!! The background is such an awesome one!!! The colors are magnificent!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wallie with us!!! Awesome awesome work!!! +favie Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

  9. sisko May 22, 2005

    :) :D XD :nya:
    Hi Susan-chan!!
    It's a great job girl......
    The background looks amazing, I like the moon it's my planet, hehe, and all walls with the moon I take to my gallery, hehe.....
    Congratulations!! and Thanks for sharing your work!!
    SISKO........... :) :D XD :nya:

  10. moonstaru May 22, 2005

    Great wallpaper!!!!
    The bg looks great!!!!
    I love it!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  11. Sunira May 22, 2005

    It looks a lot like artemis of the moon. Its a lovely concept. :D

  12. calisqo May 22, 2005

    congrats susan chan for the member status ^_^.
    The wall looks nice, i'll check the details later on.
    At the moment it's looks cool ,keep it up

  13. Tsuna May 22, 2005

    Wow.. very lovely. ^^.. I think it's wonderful.. and the lighting and atmosphere is breathtaking. Wonderful, simply wonderful.

  14. ramchong May 22, 2005

    Impressive...... Nothing i can comment on this marverlous artwork... i juz luv it... thanks for sharing!

  15. Clover May 22, 2005

    oh wow a new work from you
    and then such a great one
    thx for sharing it

  16. Nona May 22, 2005

    udv viszont susan-chan! :D Re!
    Nomal member!!! Omedeto!!!!
    Es a wall is tok jo!!!!

  17. Evanrued May 22, 2005

    Susan I am so glad to see your work again, your still have such a lovely touch, and your work is wonderful to see. The scan is beautifuly perfect, and the background is magnificent, you have done such an excellent job on this one, truly. I love the misty cloud like bubbles and the moon in the background. Excellent work Susan! Love it~

  18. kurokaze May 22, 2005

    She is very cute, and very beautiful wallpaper i like it ^.^, good job ^.^

  19. hongxiaoer May 22, 2005

    :D :D Wow,nice and pretty work,I like it ,keep it up.^^+fav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  20. toujin1 May 23, 2005

    wah.....>blink blink< now this is wat i call a great wall!! just gorgeous! oooh it all fits together so well..i just gotta fav this!!!

  21. exentric May 23, 2005

    haha susan! welcome back! ^_^
    you came back with a pretty nice wallie there~
    anyway, lemme comment this~~

    the extraction just by looking at the scan I can see it gave ya a heck of time. it does looks strange on some part but considering how does it even look like, I think that can be overlook. ^_^
    nice touch with the bg and the moon though~
    nice work overall~ ^_^

  22. Yumi-Chan May 23, 2005

    weee congrats for becoming back to a normal member ^_^
    very blue-ish BG ^^ the planets were well done
    the stars as well..
    u could probably change the scan's colour to a little cyan+blue ^^'' pink dont quite match.
    well keep it up anyways ;)

  23. Shkira May 23, 2005

    Beautiful wall, you did a great job on creating the BG and all it's elements! =^_^=

  24. Ayamael May 23, 2005

    Hey! congrats on becoming a normal member again... ^^

    really cool wall, i love that scan... and the bg is awesome... ok, speechless now... impressive work, keep it up!

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