Shingetsutan Tsukihime Wallpaper: .:Sleeping White Petal:.

TYPE-MOON, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Archetype Earth Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Shingetsutan Tsukihime Series,Visual Novel Archetype Earth Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello! The wallpaper took me quite some time to make..
Almost made me go *........* everytime i stumble into a problem..
The vectoring wasnt really much of a problem.. but the shadow hell yes.
I tried to make a reflection of Arc of her other side. The Evil one O_O
Took me a while to make the water part...man...that was hard... and fun..
am i making any sense? If im not.. then im tired~.
i also made them so call *KIDDIE* buildings reflection on the water also..
for a little extra... i couldnt make trees.. T-T

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  1. broken-dreamz May 22, 2005

    I like the water thingy >o<''
    it looks so niec kyaaaah >o< good work shadowdude like always you and your awesome work!

  2. afan May 22, 2005

    I must say....

    The thumbnail actually looks a little better. I think the vector stands out a little too much for my tastes. It's less apparent in the thumb. Nice job on the vectoring and shadowing though.

    Ummm...why are there buildings?

  3. Haia May 22, 2005

    This looks great shadowdude!!! I kinda didn't get it the first time....I kinda twisted my head a lil bit to see........this is great!!! Awesome vectoring too although I think her hair is too light and she kinda blends too well with the water that I first thought that there was only a dress in there!!! Anyway still awesome work!!! Background is very well done...it's just the buildings...kinda looks odd...Still...thankie so much for sharing this wallie with us!!! Keep up the awesome works!!! +favie

  4. ramchong May 22, 2005

    Got to be kidding me!!! this is impressive!! Shadow wise control perfectly!!!

    Thanks for sharing such fabulous artwork!! :nya:

  5. meteorcloud May 22, 2005

    waah nice one shadow ^^
    you did a nice job with a "difficult to wall" scan like that =)
    kinda weird, those buildings???? =/...but the texture is good ^^
    great job =)
    keep it up ^^

  6. Kiako May 22, 2005

    nice wallpaper,
    the background looks very good, and it suits the chara, that btw has a very good pose, and the colors are good too.
    hope to see more.

  7. Sandra May 22, 2005

    Shadowdude i must say it : I love your style of wallin , it's so riginal so different and i like it so much ! Fav *_*

  8. Chloe Retired Moderator May 22, 2005

    Wow! That's so crazy! God, I wish I could make walls like that! XD
    I love the colors and effects you used. Excellent job!

  9. crapmonster May 22, 2005

    hmm i have ot say the version you showed me a wjile online was better.the vector looks even flatter without texture on it and the buildings need a better perspective on it. of course the reflection is still very nice but your vector is missing another level of shading, its all one solid block.

  10. Rella May 22, 2005

    Oooh, this looks sooo awesome!! I really like it. The vector is very nice and I love the shadow!! So unique how you made the evil one there. Great work and a favorite for me! ^^

  11. Rebel-Soul-Kaze May 22, 2005

    when you send me this i think that the vector is unfinished .-.U,i agree with the GOD,you need more shading into it,it look VERY plain,the background is good,also the water effect,but like i say before you need more shading in the vector

  12. candy-chan Retired Moderator May 22, 2005

    The bg is nice and I especially like the shadow you made as if she was sleeping on an icy lake, but I don't think the vector was a good idea, and it does need more blending work. It doesn't seem to fit with the bg texture, allthough you did a good job with the colors ^_~
    i don't really get what are those squary things in the corners tho :\ lol

  13. bromithia Retired Moderator May 22, 2005

    I like how it is sort of a mesh between your vectoring skills and grunge skills! Though, the edges get kind of rough in some areas on the wallpaper. I think I would like this more if the character blended perfectly with the backround, instead of what you have now. But it works! I think once you've cleaned up the lines a bit more, and added textures to the vector, this will be a really good wallpaper!

    Anyway, keep up the good work :)

  14. shyxsakura Retired Moderator May 22, 2005



    saki has nothing to say ..... this wall ish mad hawt dudiiee .. hawt hawt hawt ......
    i actually like the vectoring idea ... and i think the wall ish fine the way it ish rite now ..
    it's a new style .. x3 who cares about how flat it ish ... it looks cool this way~

    im jealous of your mad hawt skills .. ;-;

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 22, 2005

    I like the fact that the vectored image goes together with the cool watery bg in to it. Well the only problem with the wall is that the kiddie buildings on the right doesnt seem to fit and must go away..plus it might need some text on the sidelines to make this wall better but noentheless the whole wall is superb! :)
    Great job!

  16. Ayamael May 23, 2005

    i really like that vector... don't know why but i'm drawn to it, and the bg looks really cool with it... love the colours as well... wonderful! keep it up!

  17. ONG-BAK May 23, 2005

    Sleep Sleep Sleep.

  18. DarkEVO May 23, 2005

    Very cool watery effects, I wonder how you did it. It's just so good.
    The wallpaper is nice and the vectoring is good as well.

  19. Evanrued May 23, 2005

    Shadow, the water looks freakishly awesome, and is my favorite part. Also, the shadows on the water blend so well, the vector work I find flawless, and exact. I really like the style of it. Everything is so flowing and gives the feeling of perfection. Good atmosphere, color is excellent as usual. And the over all outlook for the wall is great. Love your work. Keep it up Shadow!

  20. Nurika May 24, 2005

    This is very pretty, I like the mood and the texture of the bg. :D The vector is very smooth and nice as well.

  21. MuZ0NaZ May 24, 2005

    O_O tsukihime (Arc) again! Even though the buildings are not realistic they fill up space and they dont make the wall look worse. Still, i wub it >_>

  22. azmeir May 25, 2005

    From the number of replies that you've got I can tell that people really like this wallpaper... Well I love it! Great wallpaper Shadowdude.... Aruceid looks really nice... beautiful... Did yoiu make the hair to look like that? nice... Great work and this is already in my favorites... Thanks...

  23. YugureKaze May 29, 2005

    the vectoring looks great
    the weird effect is cool too
    it is a pretty nice wall
    great work!

  24. flyindreams Aug 01, 2005

    I doubt I can add anything that hasn't been said already, but I actually kind of like the flat sort of look because it looks rather surreal, and the concept for this wall is really nice. Nominated it for Simple-ism's featured gallery ^.^ Check it out!

    --> http://groups.minitokyo.net/simple-ism/

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