Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper: [Kingdom Hearts: Hikari]

Shiro Amano, Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts, Sora Wallpaper
Shiro Amano Mangaka Square Enix Studio Kingdom Hearts Game Sora Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

its long weekend time XD im going to windsor for 1 day ^^ even though its so short, a vacation to a place only 4 hours away is still something X]

anyway wanted to release a new wall before that so at 7am here, its a KH wall.
probably to compensate for the weird sora wall i made before XD i used the magic circle effect from shinta's site. anyone whose played kh would know theyre big on magic glowing and circles and stuff so its an imitation of that. the glows on sora's heart are supposed to be a tinge green cause the original scan had that green color that looked cool. also added little star trailing around the rings. nothing too crazy on star feild so you can concentrate on the scan XD hmm i guess the messed idea for this is that sora is falling to the earth...o_0

earth scan is from NASA, great place for space stuff
well i couldnt think of a title so i took the kh theme 'hikari' by utada.

XO comment, fav or advice

EDIT: lol thanks to ayamael, yumi and hykyit for pointing out the mistake in the title ^^'

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  1. RainOfStars May 22, 2005

    This wall is great. I really like the earth and its purple-ish glow.

    LOL, Wish you enjoy your victoria day weekend. (I only have a 2 day week next week.)

  2. THE-DARK-PRINCE May 22, 2005

    Really nice wallpaper....
    Like the glowing circles....
    Good work... :) :D

  3. Kiako May 22, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the effects are pretty good and the pose of the chara looks good too.

  4. animegal213 May 22, 2005

    wow this wall is so cool.i never saw one like this.what i mean is that the earth is so wicked cool as well as sore.nice wallie^^

  5. Lenne May 22, 2005

    I love it.The way you captured Sora is great. :) I'm a definet fan of K.H.
    Going to my Fav+ ;)

  6. FALH May 22, 2005

    nice one,u did a great job !!!

    thx for share this cool wall


  7. IllusionistAria May 22, 2005

    Wow. Another fantastic wall. I like the way Sora is presented in the wallpaper, and the effects and image are used perfectly. It is a really beautiful wallpaper. I think you really outdid yourself on this one. ;)
    You did a fantastic job, Kai! ^^ *Adds to faves*

  8. Cadi May 22, 2005

    have fun on your vacation! the walli is really pretty! I don't play kingdom hearts but the magic cirlces looks really cool, the earth looks soo pretty! love the glow and the blue! great job! fav^^

  9. Yina May 22, 2005

    waii.. It's soraaaa... XD XD I've just finished the game.. the ending was soo.. sad.. wanna play kh2!! >_< I love the shining circles.. looks like Aeroga.. ^_^' and the earth looks also beautiful.. wow.. and the font fits perfectly.. +fav XD

  10. meteorcloud May 22, 2005

    nice idea, nice wall =)
    fits the stock photo well =)
    hmz..title is good =) ....light....light circles...^^
    keep it up =)

  11. omigoshi May 22, 2005

    LOL Nasa....pretty good work you made using a dogy nasa pic...i never nasa has those pictures...classic man...nice wall...i like it! heheh fav fav fav

  12. Chloe Retired Moderator May 22, 2005

    Wow! What a great capture! The effects are crazy, and the colors are great. Excellent job!

  13. narutofan92 May 22, 2005

    I suck. TwT
    Oh sorry. Anyways it's a really beautiful wall but what else should I expect?
    You always do really great when you put in those star effects in your bg's. Come on man I want to learn to do that too! -lol-
    Anyways. I don't even know what to say I'd fav. it but I think I just added another one of yours to my favs! Thanks for sharing man.

  14. DayBreak May 22, 2005

    I smell kingdom hearts~
    Nice wallpaper, of sora!
    *waits to view full* god its slow.
    The extraction on sora seems good.
    No jaggy lines or anything...unless im blind.
    Nice little effect around sora, thats pretty orginal.
    hehe, nice work.

  15. slivermoon May 22, 2005

    nice wally
    the circle effects are very pretty
    and the blending between the planet and sky is nice too
    u'r lucky going to windsor
    i only get to go to Niagra and Ottawa XP

  16. sukie May 22, 2005

    pretty...i really like it...

  17. Hikaruu May 22, 2005

    Wow Kai. You make really and I mean really good walls!! I love this one. Very nice effect and the rings around Sora are really nice. I'm lovin' the image of earth in the background.

    ^-^ +fav!!

  18. hongrboi May 22, 2005

    Wow nice! I love it. Again, your brushing is excellent and the extraction is clean.

  19. Kougaxgirl May 22, 2005

    whoa thats pretty! i love Sora too! but uh i really like the background...its so pretty! oh and i like what you did around tha scan....ya know? corse ya do but um...i love love love it and freakin excellent job! :D

  20. asianspirit May 22, 2005

    ooh pretty pretty! <-- ll and these were my first thoughts just looking at the thumbnail. XD

    after looking up close, it's true. the scan and effects of sora is really something. the colors are bewitching. and the space background is great! i absolutely love it! great job, kai!

  21. kara May 22, 2005

    Oooo wows! Looks really good! The magic circle looks really cool^^ Really awesome composition! Great work!

  22. Ayamael May 23, 2005

    ... erm, the name of the theme song is "Hikari" which means Light... (don't see the link with the title for the English version >.<)... Hikaru is Utada san's name XD just thought i'd point it out ^^

    anyways, really cool wall, i love the effects... and the composition... and yeah, what better place to get pictures of planets than the NASA xd... this wall looks really nice... great job!

  23. Yumi-Chan May 23, 2005

    those magic rings were a good touch as well as the star trails on it ^^
    i like the atmosphere.. a great idea with the perspective's angle..
    font's okay but it's suppose to be Hikari right? ^__^..
    sora looked wonderful there!!
    good job on it ;)

  24. Odysseus May 23, 2005

    Nice. As said already the effects you used are great. the circles really are what make this wallpaper in addition to the characters pose. The planet below blends well. The glow around the planet is nice, don't know is you made it or if it was part of the scan or anything... Great wall all in all. Nice job!

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