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Finally, I finished working on another submission XD
I got this scan here in MT, from paladin3056

After debating with myself what background to give them, I decided to give them a field background therefore the wide spread of grasses.
Took me 5 hours to finish (plus extraction) and this is my first time using stock photo :D
Oh, this wall also has the most layers ever used so far, I think it is 40++ layers, not including the merged ones...
Yeah, the church is stock photo, and some of the sky as well (the right cloud part)
Brushes used are standard brushes from PS7

Any criticisms are welcome as usual, and constructive comments would be best :)
Hope you guys like this wall :)

The green glow on the scan was there in the original, I have no idea how to fix it >.< anybody can help?

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  1. Kiako May 22, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the background is very peacefull, i like the grass, and the two girls are very cute^^
    keep it up

  2. pamelaho May 22, 2005

    I don't know what to say, except "I LOVE THIS wallpaper!" Well, as you can see, I suck at giving criticisms because I can't. How can I judge someone's artwork that is way better than mine? I just can't. All I can say to you is: Keep up the good work. I'd love to see more submissions from you.

  3. ramchong May 22, 2005

    Overall looks relaxing...

    But what the inner neon green glow from the scans...??? that makes them look weird... and the grass in front of the church look a bit too high... but i like the church designed to be there...

    thanks for sharing...

  4. anji May 22, 2005

    I like the setting and the scan, I think it looks different from what I'm used to see.
    There's some green light on the girls hair that's look a bit weird, I suppose it was on the scan, don't know if you can arrange that.
    I like the clouds a lot.
    The grass seem a bit to flashy, but I think it's still working cause there so much light in your wall. I like that light by the way.
    Great work overall. :)

    Oh and the church seem a bit lonely, I suggest you add a road or something like that. It could be nice.

    I just saw your edit about the green light. Maybe you can select the part that are too much green on the scan and play with the "Color balance" in Photoshop and decrease the quantity of green. While playing with that, you will probably arrive at a pretty good result.

  5. kuroimisa Retired Moderator May 22, 2005

    Yeah... it's nice and relaxing... overall it has a good feel... no criticisms from me ^_^
    Great work !

  6. ozma255 May 22, 2005

    Blissful is the correct word to describe this wall.
    The scan is really beautiful but looks a little blurry.
    The composition of the bg is very good and I can almost feel the light breeze in my face. :)

  7. KorganoS May 22, 2005

    The girls are very sweet looking :) and the grass brush usage is great ...erm.. only the front part looks a bit odd, since you can see the root of it ... I think there should be some more grass in front of that row .. ^_^' kinda hard to xplain.. but ... well..
    the church is very nice addition to the whole wall,... it gives that serene sanctuary looking, but I don't think the overlaying layer (that looks like a slight outer glow) is necessary... that makes it kinda' floating on the rest of the bg...
    the composition itself is just top-notch ... ;) well done.
    Overall, I love it... it portrays a serene scene, and the colors theme works well in giving that impression. Needs a bit fixing here and there, but it's already that nice :)
    Keep up the great work!

  8. ZKyoy May 22, 2005

    cute wall. i liked the scan you used and the church in the bg.

  9. baker91 May 22, 2005

    really great job on this one!! everything is blended in well and i love the BG reminds me of Kansas...ahh KS what tiems i had there lol... i love it +favs keep up the great work *hugs*

  10. Leena May 22, 2005

    Great one. the background is amazing. the picture is beautiful is beautiful. keep up the good work. going to my favourites.

  11. Deen May 22, 2005

    What a babe o_0 o_0 ... they are very pretty looking... i don't have best comment for this wallpaper, because i already stuck on the scan, ^^ the environment match with the character, really describe the happy moment, and the grass.... really smoth. I believe you must have spent time to brushing the grass XD XD

  12. Balljacker May 22, 2005

    Nice wall. I kinda like the background although it's kinda blurry. n the girls are cute too. well nice artwork, Cewe panda. gua add ke favs aja dech ;)

  13. Beccieboo May 22, 2005

    wow, its such a call wallpaper. i like the colors you used in it, they add the calm, appy feeling. good job. ttyl

    Beccie XxX

  14. levitan May 22, 2005

    awesome wall man.. ren .. da bg looks g8 n da girls r cute.. gud work ^-^

  15. Aa-chan May 22, 2005

    The scan is so pretty and the background works well with it. The background might be a little bare though, but it's bright and colourful :) .

  16. andRox May 22, 2005

    This wall is very cute indeed, it looks empty but for a field-type concept, its suppose to be like that. I Love it, thanks for sharing.

  17. rayearth May 22, 2005

    awesome walls, it has quite calm and blissfull feeling on it and I don't see any minor nor major mistake in it, added to fav immediately :)

  18. Lodigo May 22, 2005

    Hello Tateren
    this wall is so nice
    yes i agree the scan is very cute :)
    i like the bg
    with those colours it reminds me of the summer
    and the clouds are very good
    keep up the good job Tateren
    and i cant wait for ur next submissions :D
    see you later and have a nice day

  19. Tatsuya May 22, 2005

    Quote by TararenThe green glow on the scan was there in the original, I have no idea how to fix it >_< anybody can help?

    i'm sorry about it, i can't help you anything -_- but the background is really nice!

  20. Jormungand May 22, 2005

    Whee~! Great wallie~!
    The scan and background colours work very well.. fits the mood perfectly imo
    I don't see anything else to fix other than the green light on the scan and the grass on the front
    It's still a great work, though :D
    It somehow looks different from the other wallies
    I really like it.... definitely a fav ^.~

  21. Yina May 22, 2005

    the church fits so great to the whole scene.. :nya: and the sky is beautiful.. the birds as well.. XD and the two girls look so happy.. great work, +fav ^^

  22. Sakura0chan May 22, 2005

    The scan looks great. And it fits with the background. :) Nice job!
    Keep up the good work! *Adds to favorites*

  23. sukie May 22, 2005

    oh my good...this is soooooooooo good...
    i love it!!!!!!
    beautful colours!!!!!!

  24. Ayamael May 23, 2005

    bright, calm and peaceful... i don't exactly mind the green glow.. but maybe it wouldn't have appeared so obvious if the grass was a darker shade of green... just an idea, but i'm no expert so...

    and the grass does look too high around the chuch... besides, shouldn't there be a pathway to get to that church.. just a thought the sky looks nice, but there's a cloud that looks a little weird, more like a stain of water paint than a cloud loll, but overall, it's really nice, i kinda of like the atmosphere given off by the scan and the bg... keep up the good work ^^

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