My-HiME Wallpaper: Together on The Hill

Hisayuki Hirokazu, Sunrise (Studio), My-HiME, Shiho Munakata, Mikoto Minagi Wallpaper
Hisayuki Hirokazu Mangaka Sunrise (Studio) Studio My-HiME Series Shiho Munakata Character Mikoto Minagi Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

well, another simple wallpaper from me ^^'
this time, Mai HiME!! XD

program : ps 7
scan : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/99180/
brush : imanimetions.net n rebelkitty.com

comments and suggestions are welcome n hope u like it. ^^

+Special thanks to cerena, G-Man, raile. yo-chan, n Tante for the suggestions/support+

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  1. Rai1e May 21, 2005

    Whoa, a natural scenic wall! The BG is awesome, and well, i think you've fixed the tree's color, great job! you made a hard work for this.^^ i'll add to favs (meskipun gw g kenal ini anime ap, hehehe...)

  2. cygnus May 21, 2005

    Very nice for your first non-gundam wall...and for the scan will be better if it's bishounen...lol XD XD ...and how come you called me oba-san???? >.<

  3. Criox May 21, 2005

    Hi Raxis! Its been long since u make a wallie and tis wallie is not from Gundam series! XD Surprising! XD Well I don't find it simple but i find it fantastic! I like ur wallie! Specially its Mai Hime! XD Everything is fine expect the mountain at the back! It looks kinda blur and doesn't find the BG! XO If u make it clearer, it will looks better! Use brushes to make the snow on top of the mountain clearer so it will looks more like *animation type*, hope you get what I mean! ^_^

  4. Beccieboo May 21, 2005

    wow, nice wall ^^ good job . i've never seen this anime but it looks good. post more!ttyl

    Beccie XxX

  5. Rella May 21, 2005

    Ooh, nice wallpaper! I like the green and the sky looks really nice. The only thing that looks kinda strange is the trunk of the tree. Everything else looks really nice. A fav from me~! ^^

  6. FALH May 21, 2005

    very good wallpaper
    the bg looks very cool,nice and ...well it done well
    cool scan...

    so all looks great in this wall


  7. SilverBlue May 21, 2005

    Really love the way you did the background!!! The leaves look so pretty ^_^ THe scan fits nicely into the background too :)

  8. kyubinaruto May 21, 2005

    NIce wall ^^ The trees look a bit sudden though OX
    E background is cool and the scenery fits just nice ^^
    Great job!

  9. gundex May 22, 2005

    yay it's done... :D nice work raxis-san... and i'm really happy can help u to finish this wall... :D

  10. Kozumura May 22, 2005

    Overall it's a great wall but there are tidbits which I don't like, the mountain seem a bit odd, th etrunk of the trees are a bit odd, the scan doesn't feel like it's "in the wall" but that's alright.

  11. Tatsuya May 22, 2005

    nice scenic, good composition and brush work! indeed! thank for sharing

  12. Jormungand May 22, 2005

    Whee~! nice wallie~!
    I really love the lively and cheerful colours, really fits the mood of the wallie

    But if I may give some comments, the scan looks separated from the background because of the strong outline around it, while the objects in the background have no outline at all
    And you could probably add another layer of grass to create more depth

    However, I love how you did the flowers and falling leaves
    It's not perfect, but definitely a great looking wallie

  13. tareren May 22, 2005

    Whoa, a nice wall you have here ^^ and the scene looks good too :) I think this is the first non gundam wall I have seen from you, and I think it's pretty good XD keep up the good work !

  14. walkure245 May 22, 2005

    This looks like a really fun wall. XD I don't think it's simple. The bg looks like it took awhile to do. It's really well done. You really put in nice details in to your bg. the fallinf leaves, the birds, and the flowers are really cute details that really enchances the mood of fun on a nice Sunday afternoon. I also like th fact that it's not too bright to look at. Nice and mellow. Wonderful stuff!

  15. Deen May 22, 2005

    What... Tante , i dunno there is member who has username Tante, or maybe she is a new member .... XD XD >>>> Oba-san = cygnus ... ha..ha...ha..ha.. wa..ka..kaakaa..ka... XD XD .. Wakk .. my stomach is .. arkkkk XD XD . This is really Funny ....... wakakakakaka ..kaakak..

    Oke-oke * Serious *

    You use character who wear a formal costume, but... what do they do on the grassland or steppe .. XD XD * maybe they search the dragonfly or something that live in grassland * ^^

    The color composition is good, and the grass is good, and the over all is not bad XD XD

  16. Balljacker May 22, 2005

    Nice wall. I like the background. the colors texures are sont n the effects are nice. anyway nice artwork. add to favs :D

  17. yo-chanbokura May 22, 2005

    see? you can do it!! the bg is awesome! it's great work raxis! XD

  18. jingjing1208 May 22, 2005

    Great!!The himes are together!!And the bg is nice done!keep it up!^^

  19. rayearth May 22, 2005

    Great walls, I like what you did with the background, the only flaws is the tree images which is a bit rough ( the woods, not the leaves ), and the mountain bg needs a bit more effect.
    but those are only minor prob, so I still think the walls is beautiful, very nice works :)

  20. missy1066 May 22, 2005

    Hi raxis, this wall looks really nice, the only thing I find weird about it are the tree trunks... I think they need to be a bit more detailed, apart from that it looks great :)

  21. UltraMarine May 23, 2005

    A very nice bright colorful wallpaper. I think of cheerful thoughts when I see this work of yours.

  22. hanzou May 23, 2005

    Eh?? First non gundam wallie.....My Hime lol !!!!
    The background nice...natural scenic....
    But the trees..having a bit prob..I think u know it... :)

  23. chibi-lizard May 23, 2005

    wow !! sugoi !! your first non-gundam wallie ish sooo pwettie :D
    the twee ish sooo nicely done !! but it looks a lil short though XD
    the grass ish not bad .. you could use a lighter green too .. so it'll look livelier :)
    the mountains .. it looks a lil too blur .. and it looks like it has been stretched/resized
    but lizzie suxxorz at mountain too >.< so no worries XD
    anyway .. lizzie'll favvie this !!! :D

  24. hykyit May 23, 2005

    Wow~Good job with the grass and the sky~ The scan is really nice too~!! But the thing i like most botu this wallpaper is the leaves~!! The tree looks very weird actually~ Anyways, good job~!! ^^

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