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Hisayuki Hirokazu, Sunrise (Studio), My-HiME, Mai Tokiha, Vector Art
Hisayuki Hirokazu Mangaka Sunrise (Studio) Studio My-HiME Series Mai Tokiha Character Vector Art Source


Artist Comment

Whoo, this is what I did all night. XD
I just love this show. :)
I'm horribly addicted to the pen tool. I got the scan on AnimePaper, but I can't remember who scanned it. Thank you! XD

Time spent vectoring - around 4-6 hours
Layers - 21

Anyway, I'm probably gonna wall this, but anyone who wants to make something of this is welcome to. :)
I think I'll vector Alyssa Searrs next. ^^
[EDIT]Whoops, I had forgotten to color in the headband behind her ear. All fixed! ^^

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator May 21, 2005

    oh so this is what you were working while in the shoutbox ^_^ nice I like >.<
    very pwetty girl, nice job on the vector as always ^_^

  2. SilentMasamune May 21, 2005

    Everything is beautifully worked on, zeph. Excellent job, and I hope to see more. I better learn how to use Illustrator then. ;)

  3. ramchong May 21, 2005

    lol!!!! I think you juz deeply addicted to vertoring buddy!!!!

    But this is really sweet for sharing your very appreciable hard work!!!

  4. MissCz May 21, 2005

    Zephiris = Vector goddess. I <3 you, Zephy! MWAH MWAH MWAH MWAH mwah!

    Oh, the vector! ;) I think it totally rocks...I'm not surprised by the amount of detail and quality that you put into her is simply amazing! I name you: My new best friend. You're my heroine when it comes to vectoring, and you're definitely a large influence in what I plan to do in the future!


    The eyes are simply lovely, btw, but I told you that. :)

    Edit : I forgot to mention this, but the smooth transition of light to shadow is really nice. *jealous of your skill*

  5. chibi-lizard May 21, 2005

    ~weeee~ biggie boobie gurl for daddie cy !! XD
    heheh .. pwettie vector anyway :D maybe i'll steal it for a wallie XD
    naw .. i'll make it horrible >.<
    wub the eyes !!~<3

  6. mughi May 21, 2005

    Beautiful job you did here. There are so many talented people in the MT that it is incredible. I really think you did great job but then I don't do walls or vectors so it's not much. Thanks much for showing us your skill and sharing it here. :)

  7. sillymoogle May 21, 2005

    I'm addicted to the pen tool also. I seem to draw better with it than with the mouse... GOod jub on the vector tracing.

  8. akai May 21, 2005

    Lovely. :D Nice vector. It's all clean and neat.
    What a sweet picture.

  9. walkure245 May 21, 2005

    I know. Once you get used to the pen tool, there's no other way to do lineart. XD But you used it much more efficiently than I do. I love the epxression on her face and the how the colors range from light to dark. It's really well done and I can't to see the wallie~ ^_^

  10. kotoko May 21, 2005

    whoa... you're really good at vectoring A +++++++++ ... i love mai-hime too!!!!!!! it's such an addicting show.... aww.... mai looks so sad... but it's still sweet!

  11. DarkCrimson May 21, 2005

    Well thats one cool looking Vector from you zephy-chan^^
    You did a nice Job with this one.Adds to Favs.Thanks for sharing

  12. Aa-chan May 21, 2005

    I love the pose and expression of the character and you've done the scan proud with this vector :) .

  13. meteorcloud May 21, 2005

    .....great work *__*
    another nice clean well looking vector from you ^^
    keep it up, it's very nice ^^~!

  14. riku-chan May 21, 2005

    MAi-chan! She looks so mature there.. great vectoring job too. Nobody could have done a better job than you did :nya: Keep it up, Zephioris!!

  15. nanou1 May 21, 2005

    i like very much your vector!!!
    the position and the feeling she inspire to me...wouhaa
    she looks sad :(
    very good work and thanks to share ^^

  16. Yumi-Chan May 21, 2005

    looks like a scan from this thumbnail! hahaha
    it's really good, very neat.. as usual, doh!!
    *____* pentool addict? omg, i'm so bad at it >__< i can't make that curvy and smooth lines ._.
    hahahaha anyways good job on it ^_^ hope to see more vectors

  17. elizabeth-san May 21, 2005

    mai look's so pretty in this.it's a really nice Vector. u do some really good Vectors i hope to see more from u :)

  18. GolgoXIII May 21, 2005

    wow great work as always there Zephiris thanks for these Vectors you are certainly getting pretty handy with doing these :D

  19. halcyonTwilight May 21, 2005

    You aren't the only one addicted to the pen tool >_> Well...except that i use it for walling, not vectoring. Anyways, awesome vector. +fav for a nice vector and awesome work :)

  20. ShadoE May 21, 2005

    Ah Mai its great XD fantastic job you've done.... ah excuse me i seem to be having trouble with mY keBoard i seem tO have deveolped some sort of dRooling problem :D

  21. Lana3007 May 21, 2005

    That's one awesomely good looking vector! I love My HiME! Great job!
    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Piotrek May 21, 2005

    Good Lord! That`s one awesome piece of vector work. Simply perfect, I love vectors and I love Mai Hime :) I`m adding this to my favourites! Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good job!

  23. sukie May 21, 2005

    ...how did you do the eyes...they look sooooo nice!!!!!
    great work!!!!

  24. StarCentury May 21, 2005

    Hot damn, zephy! That's one good-looking vector you hav there! ^_^' The colors look so bright and notice the outlines and how perfect U drew using the pen tool! o_0 Love the lighting as well, it's like a lightbulb is shining on top of her head since her lower part is darker! Way to go, zephy! You're vectors rock! XD

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