s-CRY-ed Wallpaper: Scryed - Serenity Within

Hisashi Hirai, Sunrise (Studio), s-CRY-ed, Scheris Adjani Wallpaper
Hisashi Hirai Mangaka Sunrise (Studio) Studio s-CRY-ed Series Scheris Adjani Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Huhuh. What do we have here... a wallpaper about Scryed! It is surely one of my favourite anime and luckily enough I got a scan of Shireece, this wonderful cutey who comes from this anime n_nV

To the wallpaper: the girl is vectored in Illustrator (took me a day and half to do it, yes I am slow u_u), while the lower and right part of the background, the walls of rock, have been drawn with the smudge tool, trying to reproduce the same landscape of the original scan itself. On the other hand the sky differs from the scan's one, in fact I wanted to try not go trendwh0re (putting the classic moon is just boring) and I decided to try using fractals (the light swirl effects in the sky) for the first time to give a surreal atmosphere (edit: by the way, thre fractal "flying" in the upper left corner is meant to be placed like that, it's supposed to be like a sort of angel/mystical creature ascending in the sky. Just to point it out since people have prolly mistaken that in their comments ^_^; ). It was fun playing with them and they surely helped me to give a more original feeling to the wallpaper.

Last but not least, thanks to wuschel who gave me tips for making those fractal effects, this wall is dedicated to her since it's her birthday (so you guys better wish her an happy birthday as well or I am gonna k33l j00 >=D). Happy b-day wuchan!

[edit] The clouds got slightly retouched to give them a more toonish effect, thanks to shyxsakura for the input ^_^

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  1. Teryon May 20, 2005

    Whoa, a non-ecchi wall of Scryed. Very, very nice. I wonder how you did the fractal trick..::shrug:: The sky looks damn good, I never have managed to get clouds that realistic. Wish there were more good Scryed scans. Ok, enough rambling, I cant point out any obvious flaws, so Im just gonna fav it and call it a night.

  2. Haia May 20, 2005

    This wallie is so sweet!!! And so calming..............I love the colors used.......it's very very matching for the character!!! The background looks great!!! Especially the skies and those effects behind the mountain........Fantastic job!!! Vectoring looks awesome too!!! Thankie so much for sharing such an awesome wallie with us!!! Keep up your fantastic workz!!! +favie Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

  3. wuschel May 20, 2005

    i thank you so much shinn *hugs*.

    i already told you what i think about the wall. it is awsome specially i love the hill/rocks whatever it is so lovely and the sky. bad thing u_u the fractals didnt turned out like i imagined (well atleast those two littles on the right side of the wall)

    totaly love this wall cause its blue vectored and just lovely

  4. Aa-chan May 20, 2005

    The scene is nice and th character is nice too, but the best bit for me is the background effects. They look really neat coming out from behind the mountains and really makes you want to peer into the wall and see more ^^ .

  5. SilentMasamune May 20, 2005

    I thought I told you to give me some sites of tutorials if you know how to do these types of things! XD That's all I have to say. Excellent job.

  6. EternalParadox Retired Moderator May 20, 2005

    That's a nice "serene" wallpaper. ^_^ Very soothing for a weary soul. lol

    the colors are nice. I like the blue theme.

    great job!!!

  7. KorganoS May 20, 2005

    Everything is good... but the fractals don't go too well with the sky and environment... why don't you try aurora borealis instead :d
    i love how you did the texturing on the far cliffs... looks great.
    But I think there should be a small amount of ground visible beneath it (also acts as a height indicator of the cliffs).. because it looks like the cliffs go wayy down under the bottom-most edge of the wall.. giving impression of her and the rock behind her being 'floating' on the ground. But that's me nitpicking ^_^'

    Vector is awesome, very, very nice with the just right amount of soft light layer... great job there ;) Looks like you've got the grasp of the concept of layers overlays :)

    Overall, excellent job,... I love the series, and really glad to see a very good wall of it. (did I mention I also love the fontage you used there XD )

  8. shyxsakura Retired Moderator May 20, 2005

    x3 nice niicee bluee walliee shinn dude~

    everything is serene and looks great ...

    there's only two things i don't really like .. ><

    on the waaay left ... the top light effect is kinda weird .. it looks out of place ... the ones near the mountains rock .. but that one light effect at the top just doesnt work ..

    the clouds looks too real in comparison to the wall ... x3

    and that one star at the right .. is kinda random? compared to the other light effects .. maybe you shouldve made that star brighter ...

    ^.~ love the vector .. ;-; wish me could vector too .. >< just tooo lazy to do anything ..

    *envy envy* ... ==;; good job with the mountains .. *envy envy*

  9. Alex204 May 20, 2005

    Wow! I really like the effect in the sky, but some how it looks out of place?? Any way, i really like the terrain! +Fav.

  10. Koujisama May 20, 2005

    Very sweet girl on this wallpaper so amazing
    I like that background with light of moon and that magic wind ( or something like that )
    Great wallpaper

  11. xianghuax May 20, 2005

    wow!! Great work on the wallie!! Ooo Fractals I <33 Fractals! Well keep up the great work!

  12. Prota-Girl May 20, 2005

    wow!! Thats awsome!! I like how peacefull she looks! Great work!! ^__^x i like the blue and I am not realy a blue person! Great work.

  13. shyxsakura Retired Moderator May 20, 2005


    the re-touched clouds look mucchhoo better~

    i guess the star ish good with the wallie ... xD i just expected something brighter on the right .. to balance out the brightness in the left .. x3

    x3 xD

  14. kotoko May 20, 2005

    sugoii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your wallpaperz rock mah sockz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe they're so cool!! and it's blue and i'm just speachless about anything else

  15. Cadi May 20, 2005

    cool wall! the sky is very pretty, the effects looks like sprits dancing at the edge of the rocksXD well you get my point... the rocks are great as well!

  16. exentric May 21, 2005

    well again, an amazing wallpaper from you shinn. ^_^
    a very interesting wallpaper and a very nice vetor I'd say.
    man gotta love those fractals. (how te heck ya guyz even made that?! >_<)
    the rock and cloud however, seems... a bit weird. ^_^"'

    still, all in all, a sweet wallpaper. ^_^

  17. ayanechan May 21, 2005

    j00! yes j00! too 1337 to collab with j00 =.= lol great wallpaper.. turned out as how i'd imagined it to be ^_^ the only fractal that meh don't like it the one of the top left >.> looks outta place XD clouds and the vector looks great :3 everyone knows that you're great at that now XD the rocks, generally are nice but maybe ya could shade/gradient it so that the bottom would be much darker that the top bit. only for the ones that Shireece isn't laying on though (meaning the back ones). overall, sugoii wallie desu :3

  18. ramchong May 21, 2005

    What i can say is relaxing and comfortable looking at this wallie!!!

    Nice and impressive artwork! Thanks for sharing!!!

  19. kai81220 May 21, 2005

    O_O again another vector?!? wah its too much T_T awesome work on the sky, esp the magic swirls. lol i see the greg martin stars here too XD i dont even know how to do clouds like that ^^' vector work is amazing as well. nice work here. +fav

  20. Angelette May 21, 2005

    YOU finished A WALL AND didn't TELL ME! I need to watch/finish Scyred... I think xD It seemed fun but I don't remember why I stopped watching, hmm..

    I haven't even gotten anywhere with my vector poo.

    But thats0rz is sum hawt sky there xD~ I wants juu talent0rz!

  21. Criox May 21, 2005

    Wow! I love the clouds in the sky and the swirling effects in the sky! Its a good vector I can say!

    Overall conclusion of the wallie and effort : I say its fantastic!

    *fav definitely

  22. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 21, 2005

    Pretty tricked out wall but i wish the fractals werent so individual in motion, should have made it all fit together and make it flow all into one but noentheless the whole wall speaks for itself, lovely text insignia and rock formations....
    Yur getting Pro ShiNN.... :) XD

  23. Sandra May 21, 2005

    ShiNN ! great ! :D I'm telling this not because I'm your friend and i will fav this not from the reason that you are on my friendlist *cough* I just love this one ! Thiss is trully a wall which deserves to be highlited ! BG and chara and atmopshere ! And no empty pieces ! Woooooooow !

  24. shiwei May 21, 2005

    wow... very nice wallpaper..
    background is great, i like the sky bgs very much ^^
    the mountains and the clouds is great, scan is good too..:)
    nice job, add fav

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