Basilisk Wallpaper: Basilisk : The Forbidden Lovers

Masaki Segawa, Gonzo, Basilisk, Gennosuke Kouga, Oboro Iga Wallpaper
Masaki Segawa Mangaka Gonzo Studio Basilisk Series Gennosuke Kouga Character Oboro Iga Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Ha! The first BASILISK - Kouga Ninpou Chou wallpaper in the world! (I think.. rofl) XD
Mods! Please make a category for it... ^_^'
You won't be able to find the scan anywhere else.. not even magazines =P because the couple were vectored from this series of screenshots of the opening sequence :


I had to arrange those shots then vectoring it albeit the super lack of details (some of the important details and shadings are made up by me). It's not perfect, but I've tried to make it as close as possible. I think I did a fair job there ^_^'

I'm currently watching this series.. it's really good... as expected from Gonzo productions.. The storyline is appealing, and the graphics are awesome... It's about Gennosuke and Oboro (the couple). Gennosuke is from Iga Manji Valley, and Oboro is from Kouga Tsuba Village. Both ninja factions are in the brink of war and feudal assasinations. They are lovers that deemed to kill each other. >_< How tragic...

Background is also entirely made from scratch.. Kalico said I am allowed to use a moon in there... so ... I include a moon, but only as a visual hint, so it won't distract much attention from the couple.
Thanks to ppl @ AP for the great inputs in Session Zero... I wouldn't be able to make it if it wasn't because of you guys..
Thanks to Shinta for the tree and leaf brush..

to sum it all up, this wallpaper is 100% made from ground up. Enjoy this exclusive presentation from [FRAGMENTS] , dedicated to - Crash-kun - who is having his Birthday Celebration today (yeah, go congratulate him and feel free to spam his guestbook XD *runs*), and as a big thank you for all MT visitors and members because I've reached 10K pageview hits. v(^o^)V

I'll upload the vectored image after some more trivial fixing and what not.

Soon there will be more resolutions up at [FRAGMENTS], so check the site often :) We offer lots of other high-quality wallpapers for your desktop!!

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  1. caro8 May 20, 2005

    I've never seen this anime before, but the wallpaper is so pretty. I really like it. Anyway, awesomer work.

    ::thumbs up::

  2. Eowyn May 20, 2005

    O_O So romantic!! The bg is really nice! +fav Great wall KorganoS ^^

  3. Jormungand May 20, 2005

    Whee~! Sweet vector~!
    You're right.. it's too hard to find a wallie from this series, even though it's a really good anime imo >_<
    anyhoo, great job vectoring that from a screenshot
    love those leaves too
    definitely a fav ^.~

  4. Val3f0r May 20, 2005

    ....... omg Korgan :D what a beauty... and yeah this anime is really great :D anyway great vector and background... its really look exactly as the opening sequence and its better than it :P

    w00t.... *fav it*

  5. Sayonara May 20, 2005

    Wow! Amazing, beautiful! this wall is really pretty soooo romantic and kawaii! >_< how cute! Thanks for sharing, you really make awesome wallpapers ^^ *add to fav* uii! Nice! :P

  6. Ying May 20, 2005

    Oh me gosh, what a job!
    Must been a pain to vectorise!
    havn't seen this anime but I wanna see it now! ^_^
    The backgrounds really nice.

    But I wonder one thing though! In the third screenshot you can se that she has a string around the fabric thingy. In your vector that's hair. A mistake or did you leave it out?

  7. tian82 May 20, 2005

    Ah !! So nice wallpaper !! You are so awesome and great !! I love it !! Great work !!! Thank for sharing !!!

  8. mystvearn May 20, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper. Great modification from the intro scenes :)

  9. Endheion May 20, 2005

    Cool vector sensei >_< It is so cool beautiful wallpapers ^_^ Great work.....

  10. Ica May 20, 2005

    kumaha ieu nya!
    da kudu bilang naon?!
    abis wallpaper na cool..... pisan!
    pokoke top abiz.....
    (!_! bahasa apaan seh!)

  11. Aa-chan May 20, 2005

    You've managed to recreate the picture so well and it looks so pretty. Might have to look into watching it ^__^ .

  12. tecnophreak May 20, 2005

    ah, yes, the "work in progress" has finally been unveiled!!!!! great job man, im currently trying to figure out how to vector wiht a soft look (and how to vector period -_-) you have re-created masterfully! awesome job, korgano

    edit: btw i love your av! did yuo make it from scratch?

  13. Raiyne May 20, 2005

    Wow! :D Great work on the wallpaper. Especially on the vector and the choice of background. Definately a fav.
    Great work!

  14. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 20, 2005

    Hey Korgie lovly wall ...the vector images are stunning and its beauty exceeds all but i wish there was more detail in the bg...nonetheless the wal is great as most of your works are!
    Grea job! XD

  15. acid-awakening May 20, 2005

    The colours are real nice
    The thing is i juz dunno whats bad... i juz know everythin' looks awesome
    thanx for sharing

  16. Sandra May 20, 2005

    O_O Well Korgano , thi sis next masterpiece from you ! Im serious ! I love the couple , don't really know how ya vector them *_* and bg.....fantastic...no words

  17. tareren May 20, 2005

    Waiii, just watched this show few days ago ^^ and stil watching it actually ^^
    i agree with you, the show is nice and I think the plot will develop nicely too :)
    Oh, by the way, you did a good job in vectoring it, and the colors used is nice too, but IMO the mountain looks a bit weird as it is in different erm,, shade of 'blur' I should say (sorry I cant really explain that) ... well that's just my opinion :D it looks nice overall

  18. WWLAOS May 20, 2005

    Awww...it's all romantic 'n shit. I like it. The soft colors of the background are cool...I like how the clouds sort of sneak up on you. The mountaines in the background, especially the ones you can't really see, look great. The people are flawless. I can't imagine the work that must have gone into this beautiful wallpaper. Excellent job.

  19. tiredofwired4 May 20, 2005

    oooooo a Basalisk wall!! finally!!! nice job cleaning up the screen cap!! thanks for sharing!! i look forward to more of the same quality!

  20. ShiNN May 20, 2005

    Well, I commented its work in progress on AP and I liked it, you also managed to refine the vector and add a moon that would not be too distractive ^_^ . You did a verynice job reproducing the scene and mood of the screenshots. Well done KorganoS =]

  21. Evanrued May 20, 2005

    KorganoS it looks so wonderful. I really do love the background, and That is some vector work there XD Your work still amazes me. Keep it up! XD

  22. Susan-chan May 20, 2005

    oh man!! wow !! u could work this on days wow!! it's soo cool!! and grat for your 10K pageview hits :P

  23. Radeonator May 20, 2005

    Quote by Icakumaha ieu nya!da kudu bilang naon?!abis wallpaper na cool..... pisan!
    pokoke top abiz.....(!_! bahasa apaan seh!)

    sunda? ^_^' ^_^' ^_^' (weleh-weleh-weleh-weleh, sunda pisan euy!)

    BTW, this wallpaper's got nothing to do, it's already perfect...to bad it doesn't suits my taste.

  24. walkure245 May 20, 2005

    That's super amazing! XD I can't beleive recreated their bodies. You did a fantastic job on the vectoring. I did see part of the series but it's not my cup of tea. ^_^' The bg is absolutely perfect for the couple and it fits the mood perfectly. That's a great perspective and what else can I say. Wonderful!

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