D.N.Angel Wallpaper: +MagicalSunset+

Yukiru Sugisaki, Xebec, D.N.Angel, Riku Harada, Risa Harada Wallpaper
Yukiru Sugisaki Mangaka Xebec Studio D.N.Angel Series Riku Harada Character Risa Harada Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

x_____x .... *cough* I'll do a better wall next time... -____ -

yeah,there're lots of mistakes here...my sunset ..doesnt looks like one..
the scan's quality isnt too good..gomen... T__T...n ignore the hills.
n its sunset...but duh..there's stars..lol XP put em on purpose..
n the extracting is baaaadd..... I do so hate extracting...* dieeeeeeeees...*

anyways,still tryin to match colours well...critique my wall if u want..I'll try to improve..(I hope..XP)

used PS7..22 layers...about..3-4 hours..(again..) XD

edit---> not all r stars..the stars on the shirt r sparkles... >.< in case some of u sees it wrongly..

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  1. evasion May 20, 2005

    *downloads and stares* Pshhh, I think the extraction is fine ^_~ Wow - awesome job with the bg and you did a wonderful job of getting the scan to fit right into the pictures ^_^ Definitely some spectacular work and a +fav+ :)

  2. Tatsuya May 20, 2005

    nice sunset effect, and the extraction i think is fine. indeed!

  3. knightstar3 May 20, 2005

    very pretty!!! ^ - ^ i think the colors are great and match well! :D riku and risa looks cute too! =) nice wall! fav*

  4. Sugasuga May 20, 2005

    hmmm...i agree with the scan quality, it could be better ^^ and the hills needs more depth into it. sunset is nice and extraction is good. all in all, good work ^^

  5. LucyXlostangelwings May 20, 2005

    I like this concept! These two lovely gurls, one standing on either side. :D The colors are nice! Aww, the hill doesn't look bad! But the scan could have been better quality, as you already said. ^_^' Nevertheless, an ingenious piece. :)

  6. Criox May 20, 2005

    Well everything is fine, only thing is the stars! " Stars on the mountain and the girl shirt is funny" XD Anyway its a great effort! XD

  7. kyubinaruto May 20, 2005

    So nice ^^ The mountain looks kinda fake though.
    I supposed e colour is rather dull

  8. Ying May 20, 2005

    nothing's wrong with the extraction! ^_-
    Ho hum...the sun don't quite look like a sun but rather a planet! and the hills er....look kinda fake...
    I like the composition though!
    Keep it up! ^_-

  9. acid-awakening May 20, 2005

    You expect too much of ur walls
    this is real nice
    looks awesome azz
    the hills yeah it cud do a lil' more work
    This is Juz Great..... dun't expect too much of ur work
    have a goal.... helps if u try to achieve them one by one and soon enough u'll get em' all
    Thanx for sharing

  10. Kazuya-chan May 20, 2005

    nice sunset effect , that background is really good , and that extraction is nice , thanks for shraing it....

  11. zaira May 20, 2005

    me really love the bg!! and the scan really fit the colors of the bg!! nice sky too!!+fav! XD

  12. kai81220 May 20, 2005

    wow i like the colors of this wall. simple concept but it works ^^ extraction of girl on left could be a bit better >.< but nice wall :) good work rythem +fav

  13. Athrun May 20, 2005

    You pretty much pointed out everything I was going to. :o ^ ^;;

    Well. I do love the theme out of this. It's very elegant. ^ ^

  14. Ceridwen May 20, 2005

    nice job on this wallpaper, colors are great. Beautiful sunset ^^
    i really like DNAngel :)

  15. Yumi-Chan May 20, 2005

    honestly this wall looks a-okay! ^_^ extraction dont look bad since you added the glow >:3
    very effective tool! XD hahaha sparkles and starriess here and there *-* sugoi sugoi~!
    would you wan't me to upload this to digikb? O_o; i'm updating soon so if you wan't i don't mind since i like this wall ^_^
    (oh u also haven't sent me some of your walls ._. just wondering ler..)

  16. meteorcloud May 20, 2005

    hmz...it's not bad....it's nice =)
    the idea and the concept looks good =)
    well the extractions...are good but could be a bit smoother...nog just looks like they got some edgey hair ^_^"... but you fixed it with some glow =)
    hmz...bg looks simple, could have something extra =/.....
    but it doesn't looks bad, it's a nice overall wallpaper =)
    keep it up ^^

  17. Kiako May 20, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the colors of the background are great, very suiting for the girls.
    keep it up

  18. Shkira May 20, 2005

    Cute Twins wall! I really like the BG, it's out of focus and back, there's a sense of depth. Very nice job!

  19. Yina May 20, 2005

    >.< thank you for making this wallie!! cuz I love this scan.. great work on the bg.. it looks so beautiful.. :nya: the sun looks so great.. +fav ^^

  20. MouriRan May 20, 2005

    woaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! dn angel!!! eee!!!
    risa and riku! great wallie rythem-chan!^^
    the background is so awesome!!^^
    +favies 4 shure
    keep up the great walls!

  21. slivermoon May 20, 2005

    very nice wally
    the sunset looks pretty, and so does the hills
    all the colours blend in together very nicely too
    lovely work ^-^

  22. asagoro Banned Member May 21, 2005

    wow, it's so pretty, and warm colored too. oh, it's risa and riku? wow, they're really pretty, i didn't recognise them, i haven't read DN angel in a while. you did nice, thanx for posting it, and keep up the good work! :nya:

  23. DaHero69 May 21, 2005

    wow!!! I love the atmosphere in this wallie. And i like the half screen of the characters. well done. Keep up the good work :)

  24. Okami May 21, 2005

    Yeah it isnt bad at all, there are the few minor probs, but overall its a great wall. Keep up the good work!

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