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NekoNeko Soft, Mizuiro, Mutsuki Shindou, Kiyoka Onosaki, Asami Kouzu Wallpaper
NekoNeko Soft Studio Mizuiro Visual Novel Mutsuki Shindou Character Kiyoka Onosaki Character Asami Kouzu Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

After a very long time finally I upload my first wall on MT. I used image from animepaper.
I tried making this wallie by using photoshop CS and I used 29 layers.
It took me one whole day to make this wallie.

Thx to Cerena for your support so I have the courage to upload it here :)

Please give me comment and fav if it worth enough.
After read the comment from member, i rework my wall.
still not good i think :(
but i'll make better for this wallie.

-Clean the scan
-Repair extrection
-Remove the line
-Add some effect

Thanks for view it :)

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  1. gabriellonginus May 19, 2005

    Good work, nice scans....
    maybe the background is far too iluminated

  2. Sakura0chan May 19, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper. ^__^ NIce job! ;)
    The girls are so cute. XD The background is nice. But I think the stars are blurred. Other than that, nice wallpaper. :)
    Keep up the good work! :D

  3. Susan-chan May 19, 2005

    for your first wally it's really pretty^^ i like the grassfield and the sky too:) and the girls look cute:)

  4. lunacrystal May 19, 2005

    very nice! i like it!!!!! * c l i c k y *

  5. Valdios2112 May 19, 2005

    Wow, for a first wallpaper it is really good. The characters are so cute that I may have to check that anime out.

  6. Kiako May 19, 2005

    nice wallpaper.
    it is very interesting since the sky looks like it would be night and the grass and the girls have colors like it would be day. but that's what makes it special^^
    keep it up

  7. cygnus May 19, 2005

    Very good at first attempt, but I do see a little flaws here and there...^^... 'bout the sky, there's 3 grey line across, not sure if you put them on purpose but I think it's better removed....unless its a wall bordered the garden from outside world? The stars are a little blurry, maybe you can use www.artofgregmartin.com 's star tutorial, make it in wallpaper's size so you don't have to size up to prevent the blurriness. You can just erase the unwanted areas. The moon is good, an the halo gives a good effect. The scan seems originally a day-scan, lower the scan brightness, especially on the girl with red hair standing on the left side, her outfit is too bright regarding the light source that came from behind her. Nice work, Hennry-san, keep it up!

  8. SilentMasamune May 19, 2005

    The concept of the wallpaper is good. However, I do see some extraction problems, especially white little lines or dots on the edges of the characters. Also, as cygnus noted, there are a few lines going across the sky which really shouldn't be there, though I know that these lines may have formed because of the blending modes you used. I don't think the moon blends in too well with the sky, so you may want to blur the edges more. Also, the moon doesn't need as much an outer glow as you have, so you should reduce that. Keep up the good work.

  9. tenchigirl15 May 19, 2005

    verry nice! I like the moon and the midnight sky ;) the garden looks great with the scans on it ;) great job!! *claps* :D

  10. Alex204 May 19, 2005

    For a first wall this is amazing! But i don't understand why it is a night sky? How about a nice summer's day... that would seem to fit the theme better. Other than that, +fav!

  11. KorganoS May 19, 2005

    For a first work, the composition is worth an applaud :)
    Excellent extraction.... (since extraction is the main thing that n00bs at walling seems to hard to get a grasp of)... the scan is nicely extracted (although not all parts), overall.. it's a very good job.
    Background is really nice, but there are these anoying lines accross that irks my eyes a lot >_< I think it would be much better if you remove that...
    and the brightness/saturation needs fixing... the red-haired girl on the right looks shadowed, while the rest is a bit too bright for a night scene ^_^'

  12. Evanrued May 20, 2005

    This is really good, I really like the background you have done, But I think You should brighten things up. Some characters look shadowed as KorganoS stated. The background is really good, over all a good wall. Keep up the good work!

  13. rythem May 20, 2005

    4 ur first wallie its very nice~
    chara composition suits very well with the bg ^-^
    the stars r quite blurry n the lines in the sky looks kinda weird..
    but yeah,great extraction~~XD

  14. Endheion May 20, 2005

    Hmm..... Nice wallpaper with cute girl :) . But I think the star is a little blur and there is some line in the sky I dont like ^^ . But nice job I think.....

  15. Ying May 20, 2005

    This is your first wallie? great job! ^_^
    i like the sky though the stars do look a little blurry.
    but the ground still looks like daytime, I think it need more shadowing in some places.
    keep it up! ^_-

  16. tareren May 20, 2005

    I think the main flaw on this wall are the three lines across the whole wall at the back (sky) and also the brightness of each scan used >.< I think you should fix it so that they are more or less of the same brightness ^^ and also the concept is really nice, composition is good too :) I think this is pretty great for a first wall :) keep it up XD

  17. ayane-heine May 20, 2005

    hey.. this wallie is nice.. keke.. goodie job on your first wallie.. :D
    *thumbs up*

  18. chibi-lizard May 21, 2005

    ~hee~ the scan looks very good quality :)
    but those lines on the sky ... >.< take them away .. and those stars look very blur too instead of shining brightly T_T
    and i love the whole scene .. the fields ish pwettie :D the scan looks like it's meant for daylight scene though .. try to darken it up a lil
    anyway .. nice one for your first wallie :D

  19. Deen May 22, 2005

    Don't worry... i spend at least 11 weeks to submit my third wallpaper from secon wallpaper. For first submit, you are really good.
    As Korgie said, there is annoying thick line, black line on the background.
    but for overall, that is not bad ^^

  20. Devilet May 22, 2005

    Wow, impressive first attempt, it's got great a concept and composition.
    What are those lines for though? I've read the other comments, nothing that I can think of to add. Keep it up!

  21. cerena May 24, 2005

    it is very good wallie as ur first upload, hen. hahaha congrats to u *shake hand* the perspective everything is good. n the starry n the grass is nice too just keep it more naturally texture. keep more up pal ^^

  22. Mordin May 25, 2005

    good detail on your sky, wonderful garden look, good use of color to enhance your wallie, good job. :)

  23. Frosty May 25, 2005

    thats a cute looking wall.
    nice bg matches with some cut looking girls image.
    typical but nice job.
    *9.35 and Grade A* for a nice wallie.

  24. Celessa Retired Moderator Jun 29, 2005

    That's a fairly good try for a first wallpaper, but the sky in the background definitely needs a whole lot more of a touch-up from end to end, that's for sure. The sky is a little too blurry, in which I expected a bit more clarity put into it, and the area near the horizon of the place seems a little too bright. Maybe if it was darkened and toned down just a bit, that would rather be nice. Also, near the ground, I would prefer that the character be darkened a little more in some locations rather than the entire area surounding the character itself - speaking in realistic terms, of course. Focusing more on the distinct separation of the background at hand, the lines that separate the sky from within the middle of the wallpaper is kind of an interesting concept to apply upon when you visually look onto it, but to me, I would rather prefer that these lines do not exist there, in my very own opinion. The way how you darkened the area inside these lines just does not look very appealing at all. The good part I like about your entire wallpaper is that you made the objects such as the bushes and the trees near the horizon look pretty good to blend in with the atmosphere itself, and the ground looks very nicely designed from time to time. Your layout of images is well thought out. A near perfect decision, that's for sure. The awkward choices of brightness and contrast however, turned that well-built layout a little off key though. Other than that, personally I think you made some nice work. Your extraction is great and I'm fairly impressed by your effort being placed within this wall, aside from the obvious visual flaws, of course. Way to go.

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