Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper: [charaznableamurorei]

Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper
Yoshitaka Amano Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

a wall dedicated to charaznableamurorei or the dark side of heaven... cause i want her to move on from the old one i dedicated to her...
scan by DREAM here: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/92145/

great art by great artist, lots of textures and some things to think about...
enjoy and reflect...

EDIT: Look for the text in there...

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  1. ryannzha May 19, 2005

    sucha dark atmosphere..!! cool!! i like it!!

  2. calisqo May 19, 2005

    wow interesting representation ^_^
    The work is very much on the texture as usual.
    I like how u use the texture to enhance the scna quality.
    Overall nice work .

  3. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 19, 2005

    Deadly with the scened of a mindless doll toiled in elloquence and beauty though she is my dear maiden of the dark heavens...Lovely work dernier...could brighten th ewall a bit but nonetheless great job! :)

  4. Dufoe88 May 19, 2005

    its scary!! :P

  5. levezzali May 19, 2005

    wow.... quite a work Dernier, lot's of textures indeed... I think I'd stay forever to make something like that... O.o ... anyway, I like it, kinda reminds me of silent hill ... scary!

    BTW, the only text I found was this: charaznableamurorei or the dark side of heaven. is it what you meant in the "edit", I guess not huh?!

    Well, I better go, see ya!

  6. tecnophreak May 19, 2005

    very grunge-a-riffic! from the looks of the original scan, you put a lot of time into this, adn you did great! keep em comin!

  7. Holt May 19, 2005

    The text is pretty hard to read but I guess that's how you meant it to be :P
    Very, how do you say, rustic? I'm no artist XD
    Really nice textures. And well represented mood.
    Nice work. Keep it up!

  8. evasion May 20, 2005

    Oh wow! Very dramatic and beautiful wall! :) I love the colors ^_^ Gives a strong sense of foreboding ^_~ +fav+

  9. StarCentury May 20, 2005

    Hehe, a nice and dirty grunge wallie dedicated to charaz! ^^;; How nice of U, DC, bet's she'll like it bigtime! Anyhoo, the rust-like effects on the BG seems so old-school industrial in a good way which makes the grunge brushes and designs more dark and edgy! Also, the amano character is integrated real well with the BG and her expression is so dramatic! Well done with this piece, DC, I'm sure charaz will think so too when she sees it! :D

  10. sukie May 21, 2005

    nice...i like hte dark feeling of it...
    i want to watch that series...
    great work keep it up!!!!!!!

  11. DREAM May 22, 2005

    i agree "A beautfiul little girl" really strikes me as artwork that chara-friend would like. her taste in art is very discriminating and unique. :)

    whereas, the Amano artwork was more of a painting of a pretty young girls pose um this wallpaper is not. ;) the little girl has evolved into someone who is "one with the darknesss". :) i love the background first off. it is really evocative of a Russell Mills painting. that is meant as a very high praise- btw. there is one thing im not sure about... i don't know why, but the grunge on the the "girl" doesn't grab me like the grunge you use on the characters in your Murata walls, for example. i am still thinking that over... i had the same problem with OracleAngel's wall as well. so i think perhaps it's an Amano thing not really a grunge waller's thing.

    once again awesome wallpaper. your use of "grunge" is 2nd to none.

  12. markjo May 22, 2005

    I'd partly agree with Dream - I don't thik the style suits this particular piece of art. Plus, you've submitted a wall in similar style before.

  13. charaznableamurorei May 22, 2005

    Can I just enjoy your wall, DernierCri, and not reflect on it? The latter would only make me think more of SelectYourChoice, and what it would mean (and what would happen) when I post my special comment and 'choice' for that wall...

    Quote by DREAMi agree "A beautfiul little girl" really strikes me as artwork that chara-friend would like. her taste in art is very discriminating and unique. :)

    Ummm, looking at the comments here makes me feel so embarassed to the max... especially this one (paraphrased) by:

    Quote by Holt(She) is pretty hard to read ...

    That comment makes me smile. You figuratively caught me again in another wallpaper art, DernierCri! I adore you! ^^^^^^

    Ok, back to enjoying your art!

    Quote by markjoI'd partly agree with Dream - I don't thik the style suits this particular piece of art...

    Ummm, I just feel 'context' comes into play here, markjo. I feel where DernierCri is going with this wallpaper. It's me! The wall is me! I so adore you.

    Oooo, this gets me into writing a quick caption/story comment! Something about a point/discussion whether wallpaper artists actually destroy or 'commit a sin' when they 're-appropriate' or use another artist's work into their art and weave their own visions onto said art via applying digital techniques and stuffs... (Sorry to the doujinshi artists and other wallers if this wall distracted me!)

    "... and so they finally broke thru the wall. This antiquated fresco assaults their eyes. Ahh, how surprised the owners of those eyes are!

    'a sacrilege! Blasphemy! A desecration of the highest order!' the excavators remarked silently in their minds. No one among the excavating team of pilgrims has expected the kind of dirtied, soiled artwork muraled on the hidden walls of the Temple of Amano.

    'This is disgraceful. We must quickly find out who destroyed this Amano fresco and quickly humiliate that person's name on our books and scrolls!' they fumed.

    Ahhh, but the excavators, in their hurry to discover the 'heretic', overlooked something, a word not printed on the antiquated wall but found in the artwork itself: Share."


    Lol, I'm supposed to be doing something else, so I'll try to edit this sometime this week, ok? But I hope somebody gets where I'm getting at... unlikely?

  14. Makhan May 24, 2005

    In terms of pure aesthetics, I'm going to have to agree with dream, insofar as the fact that I just don't think the kind of grunge popular in Minitokyo works well on top of Amano scans. That said, this is of course another very nice wallpaper.

    As for what you're saying, charaznableamurorei... can I call you something shorter? ^_^' I have to agree on some level. Personally, I prefer to make wallpapers that have a some kind of personal meaning, and I know my brother always does just that. If you think about it, it's a form of allusion to incorporate another's art into your own digital medium, and good art isn't much different from good literature. A good allusion--especially one that forms a centerpiece for the work--can enhance a piece ten thousand fold.

    As to the wall itself: There's some interesting contrasts going on here--first you've got the subject of the wallpaper, which in some manner embodies innocence... then you've got Amano's unique art style giving life to the subject. And finally, you have the darkness and grunge that you've injected into it. I could go on a huge tirade here, but I think I'll spare everybody who wants to post later the pain of seeing that. >>;

    Anyway, though not exactly pleasing to the eyes, it does rather please the mind. Good work.

  15. Skillzpay May 26, 2005

    I'll have to agree with some of the others on the grunge not really fitting with the scan that well. But still, the grunge work itself is wickedly good....real dark and it's got that vengeful feel to it. I'd love to see something with this grunge style as more of a background than the focus, with a character on top of it, providing some nice contrast.

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