Ghost in the Shell Wallpaper: Living Inside The S.H.E.L.L

Masamune Shirow, Ghost in the Shell, Motoko Kusanagi Wallpaper
Masamune Shirow Mangaka Ghost in the Shell Series,OVA Motoko Kusanagi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Oh my, my first real attempt at a tech wallpaper.
Time Spent Vectoring - an hour
Time Spent Walling - around 5-6 hours
Layers - 53

First, I vectored an image of Motoko I found on the net, I think the original size was 640x480.
I decided to vector a lot of the original background and change some stuff.
I hope this deosn't look too bad. :nya:
In case you don't like the text, the textless version is here.
I'm going to bed now, making this wall has made me tired. XD
More resolutions coming soon at DiGiKiwibird.
This wall is dedicated to all the Ghost In The Shell lovers over in the Section 9 group. :)

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  1. walkure245 May 19, 2005

    Yeahh~ I love the blue in the wallies. The emotion is the wallie is solemn and desolate but the light effects coming from the center gives a hopeful feel. There is amazing effects and that's simply an amazing bg. It appears as though she's in a tube and collecting data from her surroundings. The wording matches well with her computer-like bg. The lights and the blending of your vector. This is really a amazing work. ^_^

  2. candy-chan Retired Moderator May 19, 2005

    great attempt, I love the colors.
    the bg is quite cool and I really like what you did with motoko's vector. The white swirly thing is nice, but maybe it looks a bit too flat. And I don't really think the dark blue lines look any good. fontage ish nice but maqybb a tiny bit too squished
    great job overall, deserves a fav~

  3. ded113 May 19, 2005

    This looks cool! This came from when Mokoto surfed the web, that's cool! Good vectoring but I may have to agree with candy. The dark blue lines are unessesary. But good job!

  4. rocknroll-isgo May 19, 2005

    For your first tech wall, this is fantastic. I'm impressed because I know how hard they can be (I don't even really attempt them anymore... >_> ). Great vector and overall wall. ^_^

  5. GolgoXIII May 19, 2005

    Amazing wallpaper there it looks very cool I love the effects you have used for the wallie. It looks like when she goes diving into the net. (I guess that is what you were aiming for :D )

  6. ventures May 19, 2005

    nice first attempt zephi~~
    the bg u made is very nice n the colour choice suits well
    with the scan.
    the effects u made is very good
    good job zephi

  7. zaira May 19, 2005

    awesome! nice vector!! me like the bg~! the blue color fits the scan!! and cool effects too!+fav!

  8. calisqo May 19, 2005

    wow nice design on the bg.
    I like the blue color.
    It looks rather nice for tge scan.
    NIce cleaneess too .
    Overall nice wall keep it up ^_^

  9. semanga May 19, 2005

    that is definitive the best wall what i have see from ghost in the shell
    u make the vector and make a exellent wall babe it looks amazing

  10. Aa-chan May 19, 2005

    This does the vector so much justice and is sitting pretty on my desktop at the moment. Awesome work :) .

  11. DarkCrimson May 19, 2005

    And here we go with the Wall from the cool Scan^^
    Well done zephy,.....well done.
    It looks really nice and you did a great Job with the Background.It goes well with Motoko.I add this wonderfull Piece
    pf Work to my Favs.Keep it up ok^^

  12. Taurec May 19, 2005

    kudos on the vector .
    Love the tech.

  13. anji May 19, 2005

    Pretty difficult to create a great setting with a good balance in a tech wall.
    And I think you did great on this one.
    The caracter has a really nice pose and the flashy colors are great.
    Monochrome walls are always my favorite.
    Keep it up, add this to my fav!

  14. halcyonTwilight May 19, 2005

    Wooo....really nice tech. It's really nice how you vectored everything. I was looking for a nice tech wall for my desktop :) Really, really sweet work....+fav ^__^

  15. Athrun May 20, 2005

    Oh, wow. That's pretty amazing work. Love the techyness of the wall. Tech is my absolute favorite!

  16. irix May 20, 2005

    looks so very nice well done!!! wow! looks great!!! ^^

  17. Yumi-Chan May 20, 2005

    really blue and techy ^__^ seems like i have a lot to update next week then XD
    great job on the vector btw!!
    i like the light effects you've added a lot! ^^
    keep up the great work, zephie :3

  18. meteorcloud May 20, 2005

    waah nice wall =O....
    the colours are matching very well, the vector is really nice as usual.
    nice wallpaper, great job, keep it up =)

  19. Odysseus May 20, 2005

    Wow..... just wow. Great job! Everything being vectored makes it look great. I got to go change my wall right now. You pulled off tech perfectly. Excellent job!

  20. ramchong May 21, 2005

    Coool vectoring!!! I always admire people who can make vectoring...
    ( Cos i'm can't do that!!! /(-_-)\~~~~~Grrrrrrrh!!

    Thanks for sharing such a nice artwork!!!

  21. Dragus May 21, 2005

    Great job on the vector the colors used is smooth and placed well

    Keep it up.

  22. mewmeow May 21, 2005

    Awesome Motoko wallpaper! One of the few that doesn't have her scantily dressed (or maybe she is but we can't see). Fav :)

  23. sukie May 21, 2005

    pretty...your wall skills are soooo cool!!!!!
    i love it...

  24. Devilet May 22, 2005

    Ohh, I love this series, and this wallpaper, awesome work!
    You did the tech effects perfectly. Adding to favs.

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