Fruits Basket Wallpaper: Zodiac Faerie (Reloaded)

Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket, Yuki Sohma, Kyo Sohma, Tohru Honda Wallpaper
Natsuki Takaya Mangaka Fruits Basket Series Yuki Sohma Character Kyo Sohma Character Tohru Honda Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I'm reloading this upon request. For some reason on the original you can see the thumbnail and the larger thumbnail when you click on the smaller one... but when you try to get the whole picture it just isn't there.

This is one of the first wallpapers I did. Didn't change much on it except for the text and some sparkles around Tohru's hair. I also made it bigger. The original pic can be found here: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/9417/ until I delete it or BotChii does.

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  1. psychoadvanced May 18, 2005

    Ya Man!
    Like your PIC "espacialy" the bg
    nice NICE nice, great job
    thx for sharing

  2. zephiris26 May 18, 2005

    Beautiful wallpaper. I still love the concept, and the added text and sparkles are a really nice touch. Tohru's hair and the overlay effects also look really good.
    Nice job, +fav. :D

  3. Sunira May 18, 2005

    That is very very well done. I love the wings...they're so not overdone. :D Its a beautiful effect...i cant stop staring at them and dissecting them. You deserve a favorite. And a friendslist addition. :)

  4. Hix May 18, 2005

    Wow Really beautiful wallpapers This scan is so sweet and funny and the bg looks amazing but wing efect is so cool I like it. Great wall + fav :)

  5. Haia May 18, 2005

    Ooooooo.....this is just a very very pwetty wallie!!! I love the butterfly wings!!! The colors of the background and the sparkles just all click together!!!! The scan is just beautiful!!! Thankie so much for sharing such a wonderful wallie with us!!! You work just rockz!!! +favie

  6. Aa-chan May 18, 2005

    I very much like the female and the cats, very pretty ^^ .
    I also like the wings a lot and the aura that is around the outside.
    Excellent piece of work :) .

  7. Aoko-chan May 18, 2005

    Woooooooow!!!!! Great job, I love her wings, +fav! XD ~ Keep it up!!!

  8. WWLAOS May 18, 2005

    I know that about a thousand people said it before when it was first uploaded, but those wings look awesome. They're just so detailed! Speaking of which, thank you for re-uploading it.

    The background looks beautiful, I'm a sucker for starscapes. The sparklies around Tohru are great too.

    The scan is beautifull...she's soooo cute! If only I could get rid of the dang rat....

    A beautiful wallpaper for my favorite anime. Thank you.

  9. streamside May 18, 2005

    gaah... it's taking too long to load the real image.... >.<

    anyways.. from what I can see from afar -lol- the font changed -ahahaha gomen-
    and, well... I really can't say anything 'cause I can't see the large image... >_<


    oh now it's loading... sorry, my connection's only dial-up...
    It's a good Tohru scan... and her wings are realistic...
    extraction... so-so... there was her hair under her wings, but I don't think anyone would notice... overall... nice job!

  10. UndyingShadow May 19, 2005

    holy crap you did an amazing job with those wings DarkParagon! Nice job on the bg too, and great scan choice!

  11. Kumi-chan May 19, 2005

    wow this is such a amazing wallpaper! i love it so much the detail is excellent ^^

  12. moonstaru May 21, 2005

    Beautiful wallpaper!!!!!
    The bg looks nice!!!!!
    I love her wings!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing+FAV!!!!!

  13. euna Retired Moderator May 23, 2005

    one of the best furuba walls i've seen and i've always liked the wings and the simple bg...
    well, i must admit that it's good to see it again after some time ^^
    well, fav again ^^

  14. harm May 24, 2005

    :D YAY! great wallie! I have been hanging out to download this one... great job! keep up the good work!

  15. anplosia May 28, 2005

    good picture! pretty... the wing??
    thank you very much for sharing this picture

  16. tenshiblue May 30, 2005

    That's so pretty. I like the wings and the cat the mouse are very cute :)

  17. kuramah Jun 19, 2005

    So Beautiful and sweet! The glow, the colors and the pink butterfly wings are as cute as Tohru!!! Such great wall! Thanks for sharing and reloading! :)

  18. xxvietgrlxx1588 Jun 21, 2005

    That's so major cute, with Tohru and her wings and kyo as a kat.

  19. miharu- Jun 22, 2005

    I love this!! X3 its soooo cute, I love her wings and the BG, and I just love it! I couldn't see it for a long time and I always wanted to, and now I can so thanks for fixing it! +fav

  20. Itami-Chan Jun 24, 2005

    its really nice and the butterfly-like wings are really beautiful

  21. Celessa Retired Moderator Jun 30, 2005

    One of the first, you say? **Giggles** Yes, I can tell compared to many of your other submissions I've looked upon earlier, many many months ago - if I can remember them correctly, of course. lol - In any given reason, I truly enjoy the works you did with the clear sky. It definitely looks great compared to many others who don't shade in the night space so well as you obviously have done in this apporach.

    The way you also made the light glow around her was nice. The sparkles near the character was fine too. However, it always boils down to the main point, and focus of the matter. The wings. As I've realized, the wings definitely look great, through the way it shimmers, of course. The only visual problem I would have noticed under my own perspective is the clarity of it. I was hoping that the wings would be a bit more clear, a little more vibrant, and sharp in detail. I really love objects that follow this kind of criteria, but up close I felt a little lack of emphasis within the wings itself, although it still looks just as good as well. In my opinion, at the end I was hoping that it would look a little more visually attractive. Through it all, you made a fantastic wallpaper anyways and keep up the nice work.

  22. Angel92 Jul 02, 2005

    Wow, Cute picture of Fruit Basket. Thanks for sharing it! :) :D :) :D

  23. sango Jul 02, 2005

    It's so pretty, you did a wonderful job,
    The wings are so awesome, the detail of the wings are really somenthing :D

  24. Angel92 Jul 07, 2005

    wow, Cute picture i really want this picture. Thanks for sharing it :) :D :) :D

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