Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: Queen of the world

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Torii (Gundam SEED), Haro, Lacus Clyne Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series Torii (Gundam SEED) Character Haro Character Lacus Clyne Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Another Lacus wall. Hehe. I kinda like the way it turned out, even though the trees look fake.
Credits goes to:
Imanimetions.net for the tree brush
Endlessrain.org for the sakura petals and e taliman thinggie
Last but not least, my bro hu suggested lots of things...

Comments, suggestions, critics are welcome!

Edit: I got e scan from my artbk. Gundam Seed official guide book 2. I can post it up if ppl want it. It's rather difficult clearing it up though. Words overlapping most part of e skirt
Edit: I added more trees. Hopefully it's not that crowded. Thanks for the comments people ^^

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  1. Dufoe88 May 18, 2005

    Lacusssss...shes one of my hottiest chara :P..
    i liked it.. keep it up
    +fav :)

  2. Kiako May 18, 2005

    nice wallpaper,
    the background looks good, i like the grass and the trees, but it has this strange feeling of emptyness.

  3. liana May 18, 2005

    oo cute............. trees are nice n so are the petals ^^ .........

  4. yo-chanbokura May 18, 2005

    Perfect bg!
    everything looks so nice and the scan really fit with the bg.

  5. Leena May 18, 2005

    I like it. Keep up the good work. Gundam Seed is great but not gundam seed destiny. Going to my favourites.

  6. chou May 18, 2005

    ooooh >o< such a cutiee wuttie bg ... so lovely image u used. lacus is sooo cute. me loves it ^_^ ... thx for sharing!!!!

  7. tareren May 18, 2005

    Wah, nice grasses and trees ^^ I like the color u used, so bright and nice :) keep up the good work XD

  8. baaakurama May 18, 2005

    Great! I love it! Out of curiousity, where did you get the scan? I haven't seen it before! But, great job, and thanks for sharing. Everything just fit perfectly!

  9. Megn May 18, 2005

    Very sweet ... so cute I love it :) every thing fits perfectly ^^ .... one question where did you get the scan? as baaakurama said haven't seen before ... Indeed very nice wallpaper

  10. ramchong May 18, 2005

    wah!!!!!!!! Colorful, Wonderful and Delightful!!! Nothing purposely mads off... whole pictures juz that simple but impressive!!! Thanks for sharing this nive artwork!

  11. ryannzha May 18, 2005

    keren banget ..!! all of 'em..truly termendouz work my fren!!

  12. EevaLeena May 18, 2005

    Wonderful background! And we get to see a rare Lacus. I've never seen this image before. That's a PLUS for you... +Favs

  13. royaldarkness May 18, 2005

    ooh lacus, yay!! ^^ that is an awesome wall!
    i love the background, it screams peaceful and sweet to me ^^ luv it!!

  14. tian82 May 18, 2005

    The background is so nice and beautiful !! I love it !! Along with pretty and cute Lacus , so marvelous !!! I love it !!! Great work !! Thank for sharing !!!

  15. Rai1e May 18, 2005

    Whoa, cool! love the BG, it really matches with the scan. great job!

  16. audeaya May 18, 2005

    lacus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OX XD
    i like this girl in gundam seed!!!! she's so peaceful and so kind!!!!
    thanks very much for thids wall!!! T_T
    (do you like sakura in naruto?)

  17. kai May 18, 2005

    Hey.......thats pretty good. Lacus looks really nice too, never seen that picture before. :D

  18. akari-chan May 18, 2005

    Oh, such a nice wallie! I love it! The cherry blossoms are very beautiful. The scan is pretty good too. +favs

  19. soujiokita May 18, 2005

    It looks nice. The sakura trees are very pretty. Thanks for sharing this nice wall. Adding to favs

  20. kilalamiko06 May 19, 2005

    This is a very beautiful wall!! :) I love the freedom it gives off as the wind blows all around her! The bright colors really bring it to life! Making the background standout in great detail, but it compliments and helps define Lacus perfectly! You did a wonderful job! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely work! :D Please make more!! XP

  21. ded113 May 19, 2005

    This looks nice but I agree with kaiko, the background distance should be covered up with more trees or something else like shilthouse of buildings. Still it looks nice.

  22. chibi-lizard May 19, 2005

    official guide book 2 ?? lizzie didn't know of it !!! aaaahhhh !!!
    very pwettie :D especially the colors :)
    hmm ... i agwee with ded too .. should have more twees in the bg :D
    but your twees are definitely better than mine XD

  23. GolgoXIII May 19, 2005

    Great wallpaper there she looks beautiful in it. Very sweet. I certainly wouldn't mind if you were to post this image up here on MT thank you if you can.

    p.s If you have anyother scans that aren't up here of Lacus I wouldn't mind seeing them. ;)

  24. hykyit May 19, 2005

    Niceee~ Good job for using a scan nobody used before~!! The color of the sky is quite nice~!! I like it~!! The grass looks a bit messy but the colors are certainly nice~!! The tree textures need more work!! And Haro and Tori dont really fit nicely in the scan... However! You're really improving~!! Keep up the good work~!! ^^

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