.hack//Infection Wallpaper: .hack - Balmung of the Azure Sky

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, .hack//Infection, Balmung Wallpaper
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Mangaka .hack//Infection Game Balmung Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Balmung from the .hack series / games. I know the pic is a little fuzzy.. sorry about that >_<

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  1. TaMa Mar 16, 2004

    w00t the abstract thing looks awesome :D

  2. Noctum Mar 16, 2004

    I was cut off right the moment I was sending my comment.
    I remember about two things I wanted to point out. Here the short version before I forget everything:
    1. The character picture is rather blurry, but also looks grainy at the same time.
    2. There should be something reaching from the character to the lower left corner (something similar to the stuff in the upper right corner). Right now the left side is just too empty.
    The overall colour theme is very nice.
    I guess that was the most important. I will edit, if anything else comes to my mind.

  3. DJOriental Banned Member Mar 16, 2004

    love the 3d, didnt like the guy though, hes too cocky, >_>

  4. Spriggan May 29, 2004

    dark..simple but cool!!

  5. youkokoryuu Jul 11, 2004

    Very unique!!! I love Barumonk!

  6. Rage Jul 20, 2004

    i really like this one, its simple, has abstract, and has a great character.

    i love the colors you chose for this piece, it seems to fit balmung very well

  7. RahXephon Sep 19, 2004

    What Noctum said was right, the guy is too blurry and grainy at the same time. That is not a problem itself, but that thingie at the upper right is too sharp, it makes a big contrast. Overally I like the mood though. It is a good wallpaper overally.

  8. AtomskDTO Sep 20, 2004

    very nice work i like the effects

  9. RockHoward Sep 30, 2004

    I like how this is a different wallpaper. You did a good job with the dark colors.

  10. Blackmetal Banned Member Dec 02, 2004

    Very good!

    Congratulations ^^
    This work are very impressive, and goes direct to my desktop. I like that, now at the end of day ... ak.a... nightfall smiley

    Anyway,,, good work.-

  11. ChemNerd Dec 16, 2004

    The fuzzyness actually looks kinda cool since it's an online/digital world.

    I'm very impressed. Keep it up. Thanks!

  12. sanjirou Banned Member Jan 01, 2005

    NICE I LIKE IT happy NEW year!!

  13. soc Jan 11, 2005

    it's really beautiful, and it even has the symbols of the servers on it! =) nice color usage and 3D effects, but i think that the picture of balmung kneeling down is a bit blurry. sorry

  14. dud3rus Aug 04, 2005

    Very nice... i'm a Huge fan of black... and that blue is just amazing.

  15. AlterGhost Sep 13, 2005

    finally, a great and simple wall of Balmung. The fuzziness of the pic reminds me of the series and how weird and crazy it was. a nostalgic pic indded. great work.

  16. eonir Nov 14, 2005

    Nice wall.
    The favourite male character from .HACK// in a fine pic :D

  17. kyuzoshomie Mar 19, 2006

    This captures Balmungs personality perfectly. Good job!

  18. STX12 Mar 14, 2011

    w00t the abstract thing looks /////1

    merged: 03-14-2011 ~ 08:12pm
    w00t the abstract thing looks ^_^thanks very much!1!

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