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She flies like the others
tempting the fate given to her
never willing but dead
throughout the new movement
defying the words of a broken heart
shattered to gether like a puzzle
With love and readon she looks up
"See the stars!" she says...
now that the whole world will change

Dedicated to Crash-Kun and Chaza.

So basically i did this for Minitokyo and one of my inspiring Doujinshi-Support-Club and its all kudos to Chaza for making this wall even possible. Props goes to Crash-Kun for making and cging the chracter which is almost as beautiful than i could have imagined. Long story short I did the whole bg all from scratch....I added noise to have that old artsy type feel to it; Gridline to make it seem like a screen of some sort of picture; I faceted mos tof the bg image to make it seem it wasnt done by most brushes... ^_^' ; Lastly i made the whole bg seem like it was either a screen-0-Vision or it was a diagonal turned picture. I had so much time contemplating on this more that making the whole wall, pooped my vision and movement of the bg i guess.... >_>

Anyway theres like 68 layers and 8 - 81/2 hours working on it bit by bit but im happy that the whole wall is all together in all of this! ^___^ *bop*
Hope you like it!

P.S. No resolutions for IM this time cos this is for the Doujinshi-Support Club!

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  1. Dufoe88 May 17, 2005

    nice wallpaper.. she is cute :)
    the bg suits her alot!!
    keep up the good work :) cyaa

  2. UndyingShadow May 17, 2005

    wow Oracle, you did an amazing job with the bg! I like the style of it, and the colors you used! great layout for this wall too. good job!

  3. Celessa Retired Moderator May 17, 2005

    This wallpaper is pretty good, and that's a lot of hours you spend on designing one from scratch, of course. Very neat, OracleAngel.

    Let's see. **Checks up the entire picture up close** Pratty decent. I like the way you designed the ground and put it into a photo that seems somewhat tilted in an angle. Interesting effect, of course, and a neat approach to your wallpaper here.

    The car though - err... not bad, but not the best either here. I'm not quite fond of the gate made in the center, but considering it looks like it was drawn well from scratch, I don't mind it that much, though it sometimes makes me look back at it from time to time. Aside from that, I do like the way you brushed the pink leaves on the side, and the character does look stunning, I would have to admit. The font blends in well, by the way. Nice work.

  4. Ying May 17, 2005

    Waaay, So it's finally done! ^0^
    i like the entire composition with her standing on higher ground.
    The colors suits the character very well and it's nice that you made the wallie look like a photo! I just find one thing looking a little strange. It look like the sakura trees are disolving.....^_^'
    Thumbs up! -^_^-

  5. kenzuke May 17, 2005

    kawaii! ...wow, crash draws well... ^^

    Kewl, ..bg done from scratch too eh... and it suits her well!
    That angled effect is also interesting.
    Different style but I like it! ^__^

  6. chibicow May 17, 2005

    Hehe, cute!
    Great Perspective! I love the character but
    the bg is not as good as i thought it would be... ^^' (sorry...)
    The two combined though suit well but
    i think you could make it better! (!*thats encouragement*!)
    very nice overall - well done!

  7. Liz May 17, 2005

    That is really cute!! I love the character, and the background is really cool too. The combination is amazing excellent work really thanks a lot for an amazing wallpaper :D

  8. Aa-chan May 17, 2005

    I really like the character shot and the background seems to work really well with it. Good work.

  9. belmikry Retired Moderator May 17, 2005

    this is cute :) the only thing that strikes me is the right side where the tree is- looking closer downloading the wallie you can tell if you look for it, but the thumbnail especially makes the tree look 'cut off' at the beginning of the railing... i think putting some, maybe even just a tad coming through the posts would make it seem more 3-d on that side, since the rest of the walls perspective is done so well :) and especially since the other tree goes to the edge of the house :\ ...

    i really never thought of such a bright scene for this image, ermmm not 'bright' i mean high values of colour- but I think it works :) especially with her piercing green eyes :) >_<

  10. Kiako May 17, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the background looks good even if there are a fev things that bother me on it, and one of them would be the fence there by the girl because it looks like it would only have one side.
    well anyway, keep it up^^

  11. fabismine May 17, 2005

    I like the way you disposed the colors on the background. Wonderful job!!!!

  12. Chizuku May 17, 2005

    waa~ this wallie is really cute... the bg is pretty... the colors are wonderful.... wow.. minitokyo really is full of great wallpaper-makers (is this the right word?). including you... keep up the good work... hope to see more of them... theyre really beautiful... bye-bye~ jaa-ne~! XP :pacman: ;)

  13. Eve May 17, 2005

    You made the background from scratch?! That's amazing! Geh, you woulda thought by now I'd be used to you being so creative. x_X

    It's such a hot wall, OA! Keep it up. ^^

  14. viper2039 May 17, 2005

    cool wall

  15. StarCentury May 17, 2005

    0___0;; Uber cool, OA-san! The scenery you made from scratch looks so amazing, kinda expected from a talented waller like yourself! It sorta looks to hav a stained glass feel and the character is very pretty when standing like that! Dunno if it's a he or a she, can't tell but it dun matter to me at all! A must fav, OA-san! :D

  16. tAtEkAnE May 17, 2005

    @_@ hahaha so crash's artwork now has been walled...haha OA, fragment's webmaster must be happy XD nice work by the way ;)
    i should fave it or crash will cry wahahaha! XD

  17. bromithia Retired Moderator May 17, 2005

    I love the character, but the backround is meh. I don't think the art style really blends with the character, and it would help a lot more if she did. Anyway, you did a good job making this! Keep up the good work Oracle.

  18. miraku-spike May 17, 2005

    Wow. I really like the way you did the backgorund!! And of course the girl on top of the roof also. Ha, great job!!

  19. Acuni May 17, 2005

    nice wallpaper the girl is cute and the background is lovely to
    the colours fit and the things go together
    hope to see more

  20. calisqo May 17, 2005

    nice work on the grass etc.
    It has that patchy kinda color i like it.
    Nice choice of scan , a bit surprised witht the theme ^_^.
    It has a pretty close integration from bg to the scan .
    Nonetheless an interesting work ^_^

  21. HailStoRm May 17, 2005

    Very nice! I love the impressionist style of the background. Well done! +Fav

  22. GintheTwilightswords May 17, 2005

    When did they create a section for this typ of artwork o_0 ? Hmm, it looks excellent though, the bg looks like it has a painted feel to it (abit jaggy by the tress though, don't know why) . The girl is uber cute, very well drawn and the cging is great ^^. I so do adore the smile on her face, so calming :). You and crash-kun both did a fantastci job, very impressive Oracle.

  23. zaira May 17, 2005

    wow!! sooo cool! me like the bg and the scan!! pwettie cherry blossom!!
    i like the floor too! where she was standing!! me like this wall very much!++fav! XD

  24. Rebel-Soul-Kaze May 17, 2005

    Hail King !.

    Great work this time,i knew that u will pick the colored Mod by Crash kun.

    Awesome background as usual,but also is different in some ways of your latest work,with this kind of submissions for the MT Character classes,i have to work the twice as hard for my two works >.<.

    i think all the ppl above says all that i wanna say,so,great work.

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