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hello! i'm back!! well i'm gone about 5-6 days but now here i am!! with a new wallie for everyone!!

questions??? yep yep! i know what is your questions!
your question is "what does the garden doing inside the room or a house?"----sorry for my wrong grammar ^_^'
well my answer in that question is "i dunno" hehe
i just do it for fun! putting those grass, flowers, and the viens looky thing with flower thingys..
and sorry bout the blurriness of the scan i really tried my best to enhance it but i guess this is only i can do ^_^'

Place: in my clean room XD
Atmosphere: mild wild!
Currently Music: White Heat (UG-Ultimate Girls)
Snack: Tamarind "sampaloc"
Mood: m..... can't explain
Time: more than 2-3 hours
mistakes: whole wall!

well that's it for now!! hope you guys like it!!

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  1. Yina May 16, 2005

    o__________________o XD XD XD such a beautiful wallie... *huuugs* thank you!!! the effects are so amazing!! and the bg fits perfectly< to the girl... the girl looks really strong.. is she a shinigami?? never mind.. +fav ^^

  2. crewcifix May 16, 2005

    i think its a very surreal work. i love it. hheehe.. meron din akong ganyang idea.. pero medyo iba.. XDD
    Pero alam mo yon, yung work na, bakit may garden sa loob ng room??

    This is major improvement Zai! keep up your good work+fav!!

  3. cygnus May 16, 2005

    A girl with s scythe...suitabe for a garden guardian ...^^... nice blue color, but instead of cold it spread out warm feeling, with those flowers around... :D

  4. exentric May 16, 2005

    haha yeah! why is there a garden inside a room! >_<
    i know a friend of my mine who actually have a garden inside his house, but not inside a room! >_<
    anyway, this is a really interesting wallpaper. if only the garden is not in the house >_<
    very very weird >_<
    if its a rundown house, that much I can understand, but this... @_@

  5. ShiNN May 16, 2005

    the idea looks good, but there quite a number of flaws and discrepancies.

    - The scan is damn blurry, you don't wanna ruin people's eyesight right? ;d
    - The grass with the "flowers" on top is unreal... the flowers look like they're barely attached to the blades, like they're almost about to fall. That's not good =/
    - I can see a few "smudge" strokes on the upper left part of the wall, near the left side of the window.
    - I can't understand if the background behind the window is real or if it's a reflection on the window itself. IF it is behind the window then I still can't explain how we can see the background on the lefft as well. It doesn't make sense at all. And it wouldn't explain how the whole grass is glowing with the same intensity if the window is supposed to "filter" and distribute the light in a different way... that totally screws the perspective o_o;.
    - You can barely tell the difference between the "fairy dust/snowflakes" (lol) and the stars, you draw them in the same way it almost looks like the stars are overlayed with the girl. =_=
    - The res... 1024x768. That is definetely wrong. By doing this you are excluding all the people who use an higher res than that one. It's always better to make the wallpaper on an higher res as possible, so that at least everybody will be able to eventually set it on a desktop. Doing it on 1024x768 just because that is the res that you use is an act of selfishness, as long as you post it here and share it here you should consider that aspect.

    That's it... this wallpaper is not really bad, but there's a LOT of room for improvement.

  6. kara May 16, 2005

    I agree that the scan's quality isn't very good, but the background is very pretty, gotta love the window xd
    a very lovely wallie^^ +fav

  7. Caiobrz May 16, 2005

    Very pretty indeed. I disliked a little the hanging flowers but they still fit somehow xD so overal a fav ^^v

  8. Susan-chan May 16, 2005

    i very like the style of the wallpaper :) i like the scan and the effects in the background:) and those flowers are ok too:)

  9. Leena May 16, 2005

    I love it. the background is great. the picture is nice too. keep up the good work. going to my favourites.

  10. AnimexXxHolic009 May 16, 2005

    O.O it like gwim weper O.O why is gardon inside of house ?_?dat odd..oh well ^-^ *adds to fav*

  11. lunacrystal May 16, 2005

    theres a garden inside a room! wow, amazing! is that even possible? *clicky*

  12. Idril May 16, 2005

    waaahhh lovely cutie girl as always!! background is sooo nice ans soft and this girl is very pretty too!! me loves it!!! ++++ favs for you!!

  13. Sakura0chan May 16, 2005

    Welcome back zaira!! :) Nice wallpaper.
    I love the scythe of the girl. It looks really nice. :)
    Keep up the good work!

  14. Acuni May 16, 2005

    i like the chara and the background to the stars are nice and the flowers fit
    hope to see more

  15. calisqo May 16, 2005

    the wall looks really nice xd
    i like the bg mostly XD
    Just wish the wall is at larger resolution
    NOtheless i like the presentation ^__^
    good work keep it up

  16. bbls May 16, 2005

    this is a very lovely wall...the background and colors are very nice, as well! but the scan and the moon/stars outside of the window are a bit blurry. overall, a very pretty wall... :)

  17. princechrono May 16, 2005

    wow!!! me like, me like yes yes a lot lol!
    evil girl, cute sexy wow!! i love it great job :)

  18. kotoko May 17, 2005

    ooooo that's really pretty... i wish i knew how to make pretty windows like that~

  19. RainHybrid May 17, 2005

    i gotta say its different...........
    but thats why i like it...it looks cool
    and i like the scythe....................
    keep it up its awsome!

  20. BossMac May 17, 2005

    I like girls with scythes.... chilly.

    I get it, she's holding a scythe because she's gardening not killing people with a weapon designed for slashing necks and is precisely shaped to ease the pain of death.

    Hoy, Zai!!! Engeng sampalok!!!

  21. angelrhea May 17, 2005

    hello kababayan ko. i guess you're loaded with the english thing so im speaking our language then.

    maganda sya napakagaling mo naman. grabe 15 kaba talaga? parang 20 ka na ah. wala akong masabi kundi nagustuhan ko ang lahat ng ginawa simula sa kulay pati na sa mga detalye. walang mintis. maganda.

    sana ipagpatuloy mo yan at turuan mo akong gumawa nyan. ok?

    congratulations and im very very happy to have you as my friend(teka english to! hehehe)

  22. chibi-lizard May 17, 2005

    ~hee~ very sweet and cute :D
    lizzie wubbss those flowers hanging down
    but it's kinda funnie to see a garden inside a building ^_^'
    and she's holding a scythe ? O.O scary XD

  23. Akaiken May 17, 2005

    Okairinasai zaira!!! And you got a nice wall with you.

    I like the schyte and the girl!!! ^_^

  24. rythem May 17, 2005

    its so pretty~~~*0*
    the scan is blurry..but I think it fits nicely enough .. >.>
    n it might be better if u remove the font..the flowers could do with a lil curved perspective..since the window is not in a 'straight' position.
    n I think u should fix the stars outside the window..too bright n noisy..
    but I like the concept of the wall n the colours u chose fits very nicely ^-^
    great work zaira! XD

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