Trinity Blood Wallpaper: Snow Devil

Gonzo, Trinity Blood, Esther Blanchett Wallpaper
Gonzo Studio Trinity Blood Series Esther Blanchett Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

yay~ i'm done with my next wallpaper of esther from trinity blood! i just love this new anime!!! it took me quite a while to extract the character... i used the same stock picture for "my broken wings" wallpaper... so it might look familiar.. except it's blue and different this time!!! ^_~... i found da scan here http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/105739/ thanks Hix... please go easy on me cause i didn't know what to do with the wallpaper at first... >-<!!!!

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  1. zephyrsky May 16, 2005

    Wow....just... wow...

    That is absolutely gorgeous! You did an absolutely amazing job of extracting her from the original picture. While I typically don't like reallyl busy backgrounds (I'm more of a sucker for simplicity ) they way you did it works well! ITs busy without being distracting or drawing attention away from the main image too much. I love it!

    If I had to find one thing wrong with it, it would have to be your little swirlies down the bottom. You can kinda see where the image cuts off at the top of the swirlies from wher eyou copied them on or whatever. It really isn't even that noticable unless you're looking for something to nitpick about.

    I absolutely love it *_*

    (and yes, I too have fallen in love with Trinity Blood!)

  2. 32061 May 16, 2005

    you made a wonderful wall!the backgroud and the charator get together well,so the wall gives me a fantasic shock.I like it :)
    but this is still one problem:can meteors fly into the sky?I mean they went the oppzite direction :x

  3. volrath77 May 16, 2005

    This is really awesome. I haven't seen this anime/manga (?) yet so I must say I'm looking forward to know this series better. Good one.

  4. soujiokita May 16, 2005

    This wall is so beautiful! The colors look really nice and the background looks pretty too. I'll fav it!

  5. Vinitachi May 16, 2005

    Woo, very neat wall. Extraction is nicely done. Excellent scan choice. (The detail is awesome)
    The only things I going to pick on is the repition of the bird and comets. Other than that, it a really awesome wall.

  6. bbls May 16, 2005

    absolutely beautiful wall...and the scan is amazing! your background and scan compliment each other perfectly...and i luv your color choices...they're very appropriate to the mood and theme of your wall.
    *adds to fave*

  7. Okami May 16, 2005

    Incredible, great quality to the scan, the background is wonderful. I love the work, keep it up!

  8. tecnophreak May 16, 2005

    yesh! another person that uses the brysh "sphere grunge"! and you actually used it well, thats kinda hard to do >_<.

  9. seta_chan May 16, 2005

    ooh.. beautiful. great extraction of the character and great bg ^^
    good job!

  10. Nitengouki May 16, 2005

    The extraction as has been said many times is really well done, except for that side of the barrel towards her. The concept is also excellent, radiant and ethereal.

    But there are several places where it is noticeable that the background was a mix-and-match cut-and-paste affair. The swirls at the bottom have been cut off at the top in the bottom right corner and just on the left next to her dress. There is a clear horizontal separation on the right side of the wallie, just above her knee. The tombstone crosses are simply too big against the rooftops. Perhaps making the crosses fainter, more ethereal would diffuse this effect.

    Also the main background is evidently an enlarged (resized) image. The evidence is in the top left quadrant where artifact blocks can be clearly seen.

    The birds are flying too orderly. All flying at the same angle and of the same shape!? A few might be okay but you might want to consider various motion (drawing wings closer in) to make it less obvious of using a brush.

  11. kotoko May 16, 2005

    aww.... you make me sad.... ok.. i fixed it.. it's better now... happy?

  12. whisper May 16, 2005

    hehe wow i love trinity blood hahah u even made it like the ending scene with the snow and the graveyard. i like it alot add to favs!

  13. Leena May 16, 2005

    I like it. the background is amazing. I like the picture too. Keep up the good work. Going to my favourites.

  14. zaira May 16, 2005

    heya!!! weeee i'm back!! well you see i'm gone about 5-6 days bec. of my loptop gone wild!
    well enough for that! time to comment your wall!!

    wooo! awesome bg!! me like the scan as well!! me like the snowy scene!+fav! XD

  15. Yina May 16, 2005

    aww.. excellent effects on the bg!! and the bg fits great to the girl!!! XD I just love the colours you've chosen for this wallie.. overall a great work, +fav ^^

  16. ProfMembrane May 16, 2005

    Elegance once more called my attention this is one fine wallpaper, the snow is nice, I will give it a 10 out of ten.

  17. Idril May 16, 2005

    waaahhh!!! sooo lovely Kotoko-chan!!!! me loves it!!!
    background is amazing and effects are really good!!
    ++++favs for you!!

  18. LordStyphon May 16, 2005

    Winter walls must be in fashion this summer.

    Very nice wallpaper here. It has a really nice wintry feel to it, with the snow, white and ice blue and everything, and the background tombstones add still another chilling element, if you will. The stuff beyond that looks very interesting. The scan looks great, too, both in itself and with this background. It also adds a nice dash of color. Very nice. Outstanding work.

  19. irisauau May 17, 2005

    great wall!!!The background matches Esther alot!! It really looks very nice!!!

  20. Kazeki May 18, 2005

    I love TB!! XD
    this wallpaper reminds me of the ending XD

  21. LucyXlostangelwings May 19, 2005

    Whao...omigosh.......it is just awesome!! I love this character, she stands out, with her clothing and attitude! XD
    Then, you did a perfectly ingenious background....snow usually represents peace, innocence and purity yet you placed a cemetery there! It's a bit ironic, but that's what makes it so awesome!
    Fantastic work, definitely!! ;)
    It is truly a fav for me!

  22. magicalspider May 19, 2005

    *stares* unbelievable.....i'm speechless....do you have some wallies with Abel too? ^^

  23. ramchong May 20, 2005

    Brilliant in using those brushes... overall quite attractive... from the fuul view i think couples of shining or light glowing snow pattern may bring up the scan attraction and the theme title...

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  24. Mia May 20, 2005

    I've never heard of Trinity Blood before, but this wallpaper makes me want to know more about. ^_^

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