Lagoon Engine Wallpaper: Red Moon

Yukiru Sugisaki, Lagoon Engine, Sakis Snow Herzgil Lagoonaria Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Another one of my favs. This was gonna be my last wallpaper to DeviantArt before they booted all the anime wallpaper designers out >_<

Pic of girl is by Furea

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  1. PANDAgirl Feb 27, 2004

    Waahhh...stop it with the nice walls!!! O_o I'm gonna have a fav overload!!! :)

  2. dreamers Mar 11, 2004

    this one is really sweet. i love te red, makes it appear as if on mars.

  3. Cloudnine Apr 02, 2004

    Aye, I remember this wall a while back ^^ Definitely one of my favorites ^^b

  4. david2331 Apr 05, 2004

    Awsome! I need to learn how to make walls as great as this one.

  5. The-Specialist Apr 08, 2004

    Very nice. My favorite color

  6. crazypanda Banned Member Apr 18, 2004

    Another stunning wallpaper, I wonder what anime is that girl from?

  7. Jondro May 03, 2004

    This wallie is simply beautiful. Along with the Blue version they are my favorite wallies currently.

    It also holds the extra plus of leading me to this site. I was looking all over for it on DevianArt (where I got the Blue version) and eventually found out you moved them here.

  8. BakaDaime May 08, 2004

    simply beautiful

  9. Foolish-ishness May 08, 2004

    Wow, red moons make such a nice effect.

  10. Demonchild May 17, 2004

    Very pretty i like it.^_^

  11. chase May 19, 2004

    Beautifully done, I really like the atmosphere created in the wall. I was in search of a new wall and thought I was gonna have to jsut give up...but you saved me! Keep up the great work...cheers

  12. Seran May 23, 2004

    just as I love red color I love this wallpaper too. The planets are cool!

  13. MuZ0NaZ Jun 06, 2004

    just beautiful...

  14. WGate Jun 11, 2004


  15. Sh0rT0nE Jun 19, 2004

    u and ur amazingly good wallpapers!! nice job! ^_^

  16. antflash22 Jun 23, 2004

    sweet job with the red tint, it works well with her

  17. Karyuu Jul 11, 2004

    I should have faved this a long time ago... Looks awesome! You do great work with CG

  18. Nikimi Jul 18, 2004

    Definitely one of the best. Along with the blue version it'll be joining my regular rotation of wallpapers. Thanks for an awesome job!

  19. DeusIth Jul 18, 2004

    nice one; a pro wp!

  20. Kitti Jul 22, 2004

    i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally like this one. its better than the blue one

  21. tyohn Aug 07, 2004

    nice effect.

  22. zyan Sep 05, 2004

    Great wallpaper. Looking at the title, I thought it was about that Korean mmorpg. Realised it was not after downloading it.

  23. walhalla Sep 18, 2004

    very nice !

  24. BIOSasahi Sep 27, 2004

    cette image laisse r

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