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Oh! Great, Tenjou Tenge, Aya Natsume, Maya Natsume Wallpaper
Oh! Great Mangaka Tenjou Tenge Series Aya Natsume Character Maya Natsume Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello everyone... ^^
I have just manage to clean out my message on my box... well not entirely yet but almost... so I'm going to take this opportunity to fill it all up again by submitting something new I been goofing off while I am suppose to be studying for my bio chem exam on this coming Tuesday... ROFLx... XD

I got the image from here... Mad thx to Safiyya for the scan. ^^

This took me a long time to clean it up for I was making my *2nd* little attempt to Vector a picture ... XP I fought it turn out really good *it took me 2 days to do it so it better be* lol.. :D
Overall I think I have 29 layers just to have this image nice and clean.
Image bg etc brushes effects etc etc... blah blah blah end up to have about 50 ish layers I think... been merging layers as I goes along... *something I got to stop doing cause it really makes it hard to go back to fix stuff* X_x

Okay anyway, if I left out anything let me know...

Update: I remove one of the light paper layer on the bg... I use that effect before and I dont think I wana repeat myself here.

Update2: I remove word layer on the bg... since nobady seems to like it... XP

Update3: Got schooled.. by candy-chan XD so I tries to fix some stuff... ^^

Quote by candy-chan...the
background is a bit desastrous. The smudging is quite ugly and did not
need to be there. I really don't like the water, it looks overcharged
and doesnt seem to fit with the deamy-ish feel.

.. okay to answer that I make the bg alittle more nicer, but I aint about to change it, too me too long to draw it. ^^;

Quote by candy-chan...
the tree is by far the
worst element, I mean look at it, it's so blurry I'm shocked you even
thought about putting it in your wall :/

okay no tree.. . I fought it was a nice brush. ^^

Quote by candy-chan...
the dots were a good idea but, were exploited really bad, and I really
don't understand what that pink spot of texture is doing in the top
right corner

took out the texture *just another brush too* as you can see I love using brushes. gotta try to change that habbit. X_x but I'm leaving the dots alone. XP

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  1. Hix May 14, 2005

    I like Tenjho Tenge : )
    Scan you used look so sweet I like Aya and Maya :)
    the bg look amazing also :)
    Great job + fav :)

  2. DarkCrimson May 14, 2005

    Oh wow very stylish Wallie from you.
    I just love the two sexy Girls from Tenjo Tenge.Also ver nice Background.^^
    I add it to my Favs.Thanks a lot for sharing.Keep it up^^

  3. gadgetgirl16 May 14, 2005

    wow! i love the way u made the background! so nature like, me like it....+fav

  4. Sugasuga May 14, 2005

    nooooooooooo~! nutty vector betta than me >> or mebbie cuz he noes how ta color good, ya dats it xD lol, anyhows, great vector, nutty, but i dun get da right part of the bg X_x wat is it? anyways, nice work. u must want lotsa noficiations, nutty, ta want ta submit anotha wallie xD

  5. belmikry Retired Moderator May 15, 2005

    ohhhh- frosty- belly likes this one >_<

    great nature effects- so very clean and crisp- matches the scan very well >_<

  6. Tatsuya May 15, 2005

    nice background! and nice vector! thank for sharing and keep it up

  7. terraxdarkangel May 15, 2005

    Woweh, Frosty! This wallie looks really purdy=D The girl in the kimono looks sooo cute!

  8. slivermoon May 15, 2005

    quite dotty at the bottom @_@
    all those little dots @________________@
    anyways the top part of the water and sky look good
    but the part where the green stuff is (i don't exactly know what it is)
    doesn't really blend together w/ the water (i think its a waterfall?)
    pretty wally :) :)

  9. dans May 15, 2005

    the wall looks good. only the text need to be change. i don't like that text. :D
    keep up the good work. XD

  10. miharu- May 15, 2005

    Frosty! I love this, the background is cool, and I think you did a great job vectoring! The little girl is so Kawaii! Anyway, I really love this one. Keep up the good work, Favs! :)

  11. volrath77 May 15, 2005

    Very, very nice indeed. Good work here.

  12. blue-chan May 15, 2005

    wonderful job on your latest wallpaper frosty-sama. it looks really bright and happy. the vector is really lovely and you did a wonderful work on it, thanks for sharing your work~ =^___^= adds to favs.

  13. DarkEVO May 15, 2005

    Nice job on the background. Stylish and beautiful but it's a bit bright for me. But good job on it.

  14. jingjing1208 May 15, 2005

    Pretty!!!Hehe,very nice background you're made,fro!XD ANd haha,another nice job! +fav!

  15. chisana May 15, 2005

    Wow, awesome job Frosty, as always ;)
    The scan looks really clear and kawaii too ^^ The bg is great too :) I love those pretty effects ^^
    Keep it up!!! -->fav ;)

  16. Aa-chan May 15, 2005

    Added it to my favourites because it's bright and fun. Also, I think it'll look excellent on my desktop ^__^ .

  17. ShiroiLina May 15, 2005

    very nice scan u used and its very clear and clean! the bg is awesome! O.O amazing i love it! :D beautiful! :D keep it up! absolutely a +fav!

  18. Yina May 15, 2005

    the bg is sooo amazing!!! XD XD XD and it fits great to the two girls^^ *10 and AA* for this wallie +fav ^^

  19. Kiako May 15, 2005

    nice wallpaper, i like the position of the charas, they look very pretty too, and the background is good too.

  20. AnimexXxHolic009 May 15, 2005

    yay! another bg fwom fwosty! me like tenjho tenge! me add to fav!

  21. ElementValkyrie May 15, 2005

    Very, very nice. Good work here. :)

  22. Nona May 15, 2005

    Nice scan!!!!
    I like Aya in chibi form!!!!! :)
    The bg is also great!!!!
    Good luck to you chem exam!!!! :)
    (i will have 5 exams on the next week....bleehhhh)

  23. ultimaslair May 15, 2005

    Wow! Nice vector Frosty, really clean and the detail is perfect. Great job on the background too. Feels very scenic, yet abstract at the same time. Works well, great one!

  24. pegassuss May 15, 2005

    This is lovely Frosty!^^ I like the scan you chose and the background is very elegant and pretty. I like the branches of the tree and the effects you used on the scan, you did a very good job^^ The overall is great! Keep it up!

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