Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper: Frozen Dreams

Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper
Yoshitaka Amano Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

he he... the Amano waller is back and alive...
the first wall with much colder colors i am submitting in this category...

Dedicated to DREAM! maybe this will turn him back to his true Amano-nature.. lol!!!

scan: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/92222/

Enjoy and reflect...

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  1. Aa-chan May 14, 2005

    Wow, I love the scene and I love how you've tranformed the scan into a vibrant, almost mystical setting. Excellent work and a favourite from me.

  2. Susan-chan May 14, 2005

    omg! it's beautiful!i like this tpye! i like the cool colors too! and that scene is so fairy XD..i know..my english is poor^^" sorry for that----> i like your works:D

  3. RaXiv May 14, 2005

    woa... just how You cant love the background here? You can post it alone... such maginificent... // RaXiv

  4. Idril May 14, 2005

    woww just amzing!! blue colors give a nice effects on background and the scan is good too!!
    Great effects!! I love it!!

  5. Okami May 14, 2005

    Great wall, I love the scenery created here. Has that nice ethereal feel to the wall. Keep up the great work!

  6. Ichiru May 14, 2005

    At first I didn't know where the characters were until I looked at the original scan, the texture overlaying is great and the colors are beautiful. The text is just a little hard to read, but that doesn't bother me. Awesome job on the wall.

  7. sukie May 14, 2005

    the bg is great...you rocked my socs off...

  8. Dufoe88 May 14, 2005

    hey thats a cool wallie.. i like it :)
    a fav for it ofcorse..
    but you have to keep up the good work :P

  9. Athrun May 14, 2005

    Yeah, that's pretty cool alright.

    Altho... I'm having trouble understanding what's in it. Is that a woman I see in there next to that big white thingy? o_O

    GJ, tho, I'm pretty much stunned at the effects.

  10. ryannzha May 14, 2005

    cool!! yoshitaka amano is surely a great artist!!

  11. shyxsakura Retired Moderator May 14, 2005


    the effects rocckkkk derriieeee~ the col0rs are sho pwetty .. >.< and they all match ....

    ish that a person on the right? o.o

  12. DREAM May 14, 2005

    Quote by DernierCri he he... the Amano waller is back and alive...
    the first wall with much colder colors i am submitting in this category...
    Dedicated to dream! maybe this will turn him back to his true Amano-nature.. lol!!!

    yes, DernierCri-san is back making kickass Amano wallpapers. ;)
    haha Amano will always be my favorite artist. as penance for "turning" to Murata-san [temporarily] i will post some new Amano scans later tonight. ^_^ DernierCri, markjo's gonna love this as well, as the original scan is one of her favourites.

    Amano painting: when i first saw this painting in "Maten" I was really impressed. it is a really peaceful work almost reminescient [to me] of an ancient, prior - yet long forgotten world which has just been remembered. like Atlantis..

    DernierCri's work: first off great choice of scan, i never know what artwork you will choose next and i love that. the background is really something special here. i love how the bg reflects the weather change. whereas it was say warm weather; is now icy cold or perhaps freezing even. what really grabs my eye is how beautiful the bg environment is around the trees. the choices of colors are astounding and the reflection[s] on the lake is virtually perfect. simply amazing wallpaper.. i hope the Fairy has some clothing as she may be cold.

    absolute positive favourite.
    you don't joke around when you say "enjoy and reflect".
    thanks so much DernierCri, i wish i could fav this twice. ;)

  13. markjo May 15, 2005

    The 'L'Atlantide au-dessus' scan has been my favourite for a long time, so I guess there's no need to explain the favourite. An excellent idea with the frost brush - very original.

  14. StarCentury May 16, 2005

    Alright, DC has returned with his patented Amano wallies! The textures and designs look pretty amazing and I see your artistic niche is still in tact as always! :D Your wallie also has this cold fusion feeling it's emitting in a cool way, pun intended! ^_^'

  15. Devilet May 16, 2005

    Scan was lovely to start with, but you have heighten the colours and defined it to your own eyes. The style is very nice, I like it, only the pattern is too repetitive throughout the whole wallpaper.

  16. Makhan May 17, 2005

    Great work with the textures and colors. I don't know how you were able to put so much color into the original scan, but it really works well. I don't know what else to say... just really nice job. +fav.

  17. Skillzpay May 18, 2005

    Nifty scan, while the texture looks good in some places, it seems overdone and overwhelming. Imo would've been better to see the texture in more of the lighter color areas of the wall than being prevalent throughout the entire thing.

  18. Holt May 18, 2005

    I can't really tell what's going on in there but nice effects nevertheless. Very mystical indeed.
    Great work!

  19. bundit Oct 20, 2005

    T_T It perfect picture . it feel the dream . you scan is perfect.

  20. Iga Dec 19, 2006

    This wall is like a dream come true. The oryginal scan is my all time favourite of Amanos' and the way you changed the atmosphere is briliant.

    DREAM shure is a lucky guy to have this art dedicated to.

    Thank you. A fav of course.

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