Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: We swore to build the future.

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

_ concept design by: Justin Cunanan
_ created on: December 9, 2003
_ time logged: ~ 250 min
_ created with: Adobe Photoshop CS

_ comments /

I managed to get a download of November 2003â?s Newtype and this Meteor poster was included as an insert! However, I wasnâ?t able to pick this up in the store, cause of availability :*(. Keeping in mind I was well over a month past this issueâ?s release when I checked out the local Japanese book store I frequent. So with that, I had an already scanned poster, that wasnâ?t complete, cause of breaks in the scanning, and I was really too lazy to have to undergo another perhaps 12 hour edit-fest like I did with the Gungrave wallpaper I did. So the only solution, the angel and saviour, yet again! Annalee from AbstractAnime.com! I asked if she could help me out, and within a couple hrs, she had it beautifully scanned and put together! *Goes on knees, and bows!* I canâ?t thank her enough for this image! The wallpaper speaks for itself; I had a lot of fun making it! Hopefully you will enjoy it! ^_^;;

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  1. Dahz May 22, 2004

    ok, i have a new wallpaper on ym desktop now.

    this si awsome.

  2. Noctum May 22, 2004

    The character picture is impressive, the bg looks great.

  3. TheRedHairedMonkey May 22, 2004

    Thanks for the comments Yoo06 and Noctum! And thanks for using it Dahz! ^-^ It's always rewarding when someone uses a desktop that gets made! In this case thanks for using mine! XD

    I tried to edit and add comments, but I couldn't! So here are comments for this wallpaper:

    _ concept design by: Justin Cunanan
    _ created on: December 9, 2003
    _ time logged: ~ 250 min
    _ created with: Adobe Photoshop CS

    _ comments /

    I managed to get a download of November 2003

  4. GundamZZ Retired Moderator May 22, 2004

    oh damn!!!! that looks hot hot hot!!! XD XD this is one of the best METEOR wallpaper i've seen so far....thanks! +fav

  5. Osiris Retired Moderator May 22, 2004

    nicely clean up of the scan and the bg brush work is awesome :)

  6. TheRedHairedMonkey May 22, 2004

    Thanks for the continued comments -=[GundamZZ]=- and -=_Osiris_=-!

    Like the above comments say, the scan was done by Annalee from www.abstractanime.com and she helped even further by piecing it together. I can't thank her enough for that, she did a really great and really fast job of doing that for me. Please do give her site and Sarc59's site a visit, www.abstractanime.com. They do awesome work.

    There were some poster lines on the scan, I think this wallpaper was one of the first time *hides* I used the healing brush let alone realized it was there in the tools palette, man I'm an embarassment! I tend to edit things manually with cutting and pasting certain parts or just doing a little pixel surgery. Editting or cleaning an image is sometimes the biggest challenge, but it can be the most fun! Because once you get that image out of the way, you know you can begin to start work on making a background! But then again you look at the clock and realize its like 2:00am or something!

    But who needs sleep!!! *falls down*

  7. Tantaga May 22, 2004

    Your overall depiction of the image is impressive. The way the colors seem to be generating from behind all the mechness is awsome. Heh, Impressive.

  8. thekellogrooster May 22, 2004

    i like the image you used. you did a good job extracting the image from the poster you had.
    i like the background too!

  9. AE92Truen0 May 22, 2004

    swt man..this is just as nice as the others. like how the bg and text blend

  10. EevaLeena May 22, 2004

    Waaah.... it's Freedom and meteor!!!! Cool.....

  11. recca May 22, 2004

    love your wall :)
    a fav for you ^^

  12. Tam123 May 22, 2004

    The scan is amazing one of the best of Gundam Seed scan that i've seen so far

  13. cyn May 22, 2004

    Very Nice Scan ^^. XD

  14. Maiku May 22, 2004

    Extra wall . I love it it's great .

  15. Asahi May 22, 2004

    the perspective is interesting :)

  16. Yura May 22, 2004

    great scan and bg

  17. Sh0rT0nE May 22, 2004

    damn...ur really good at this wallpapering business...very clean and very well done ^_^ keep it up!

  18. Meierlink May 22, 2004

    This is great. You worked hard and it paid off. Good job. Well done, Well Done Indeed!

  19. UndyingShadow May 22, 2004

    awesome wall, thats a great image

  20. Genmu May 22, 2004

    Great wall, really like the perspective. :)

  21. Tokubetsu May 22, 2004

    OMG! SEX! lol j/k. But it is really awesome.

  22. overt May 22, 2004

    very cool, best gundam seed scan ive seen

  23. Magnade May 23, 2004

    awsome wallpaper
    its nice to see some wallpapers of the mecha that are worth while :)

  24. azndude88 May 23, 2004

    man u kick ass i fav i new wall now ty =) please more

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