Chobits Wallpaper: Summer Embrace

CLAMP, Madhouse, Chobits, Chii, Hideki Motosuwa Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Madhouse Studio Chobits Series Chii Character Hideki Motosuwa Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wall was basically me just fiddeling around with some things. I'm developing concepts for other walls, but first I needed something to experiment with. So, I sought to improve upon the things needed for my other idea - my sky backgrounds, ocean BGs, and lighting effects. While I am happy with the wall, I feel as though something is missing XD . Keep in mind this wall was an experiment ... and that I have a tendancy to be a perfectionist, so excuse the ramblings about what I dislike XD .

Anyway, the scene is between Chi and Hedeki having another cute moment together. The setting is at a guardrail less balcony overlooking the ocean. I've got a thing for lighthouses and to better balance off that side, I've placed a little island and a, well lighthouse. Little light particles and particles from the ocean float through the scene to add more warmth and a peaceful glow. Various spots as you may have noticed are brighter than others due to the beams of light shining in from the side. Little seagulls are also in the BG to enhance the effect of the overall oceanic feel.

Bleh, I've overtextured the pillars and made the shadow side too dark XD . Besides that, I'm happy with the pillar modifications, as well as the floor angle. Floor could probably use more texturing XD .

The original scan had writing, text, advertisements, you name it all over it. I had to re-do some of the areas, as well as patch up some spots. Anoying little bugger in some spots, but well worth it for the final effect.

The "motif" was placed in the left corner as to not disrupt the flow of the wall. I've been trying to think of ways to prevent rippers from thier evil deeds and placing a hard to modify "motif" on walls seems to help, as well as signing the bottom. Bleh, I hate rippers had to deal with one today. Sometimes, its good to just throw some people into lakes and never return.

Simple wall really. I've seen a lot of ocean walls lately though ... oh well XD . Anyway, other stuff:

Specs for You:
Time Taken: 5 Hours
Layers: 35 Layers
Created With: Adobe Photoshop
Techniques Used: Re-CGing, CGing, Light Effects, Stock (floor & pillars)
Scan Source: Anime Project Alliance
Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: SharinganKnight
Wall: Punishment Devine
Reason:This wall definately deserves more looking into ... good concept design and mood. The dark ambience really is something to be seen.

And now for a nice warm fuzzy feeling :) .

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  1. shyxsakura Retired Moderator May 13, 2005

    oh my holiiee .. *-* tantiiee .. >.< yu did it again .. x3 no really, me reallly trully really wubs this~ xD

    the one thing me doesnt like, ish the tiny font in the left .. >.< it's like .. ' aww ... how cute .. ' then BAM! there's font .. xD i think it mite look better without it ..

    it looks good, and i dont think it's missing anything ... maybe a little empty at the top though .. x] but everything else rocks~

    the top of chii's head looks a little too bright for mee .. >.< but great job~

    ==;; and yu gots to teach me how to make an island .. >.< ive been trying foreevver .. xD XD

  2. SharinganKnight May 13, 2005

    wow...very very cool man, I love the background, it actually feels as if I were in a beach!

    hey thats my wall!! haha :) thanks for the advertisment...I guess it does deserve a little more looking into.. thanks again! :D

  3. Haia May 13, 2005

    Awwwwwwwww.....this is such a sweet wallie!!! I love the atmosphere and the scan you used just fits right in!!! I love the colors................damn........why do I feel summer behind my back?! Anyway, fantastic job here!!! Tahnkie so much for sharing such an excellent wallie with us!!! Flawless work! +favie

  4. ramchong May 13, 2005

    Sweet and comfort my dear... juz addicted looking at this wallie!!!

    I luv it sooooo much......

    Thanks for sharing sucha great artwork!!!

  5. hidekeitaro May 13, 2005

    Great job :nya:
    I love your bg :D
    Hideki and Chii is very nice XD

  6. macky May 13, 2005

    Very cool....
    I like the background... it works really well.. chii does rock...

  7. agneslee May 13, 2005

    :D Very sweet.
    I love it .
    add to my fav.
    Thanks for sharing.
    you made a great wallpaper.+_+

  8. kara May 13, 2005

    Wows!! Looks really lovely! The background is very well done and ooo I love the pillars! Really awesome job!!

  9. ElfLord2000 May 13, 2005

    wow, this is nice...i think the wallpaper may be a little too bright overall but then again, it's a sunny day...great job by the way!!

  10. Asahi May 13, 2005

    i only dont like the font in the wall - the font for the credit is okay.. but for the mainly wall you need a font which is romatically ;) nice wall - fav =)

  11. Rella May 13, 2005

    Ooh, that looks really nice. The scan matches the background a LOT but...the font doesn't match it at all. Other than the font, though, everything looks really nice. ^_^

  12. kai81220 May 15, 2005

    hey hey tantaga ^^ new wall!! sorry im commenting so late

    really like the balance between amount of scan and amount of bg showing on the wall. great work with ocean. shading on the pillars are also very well done. i like the light summer feeling about the whole wall. its nice ^^ great work. +fav

  13. Auralis May 15, 2005

    Aww how cute. I really dun like Hideki (however you spell his name) but Chi is so cute! ^_^ Background is prettyful and its in a nice 1280x1024 res.

  14. cerena May 16, 2005

    i like it so much ^^ i seldom see this scan. great job for the bg too, tantaga. ^^ +fav

  15. ShiNN May 16, 2005

    Overall it's cute, there are still a few things that can be improved:

    - The isle in the background: it's very far so how come that you can see clearly the grass blades? They're incredibly tall for the perspective, don't you think? ;) . I'd suggest redoing the isle with a simple round brush and different layers of shading, and a smudge tool. Using the grass blades brush for things that are this far in the perspective doesn't work convincingly ;)

    - The columns: ok smart blurring is a good way to flatten colours, but maybe you overdid it because there are different areas that look pixelated. Blur them a bit to get the trick ;)

    - Sea: same issue just like the columns.

    Other than those points the concept is ok, and it shows effort and planning. Well done.

  16. Xime May 18, 2005

    I like it , I love Chobits is very romantic^_^
    The wallie is so sweet , good work!!!

    Have a nice day:D

  17. Caya Jun 01, 2005

    Ah, this wallie instantly gives me a nice summer feeling^^ Chii looks even more innocent and vulnerable in this picture, since she appears (!) so small in comparison to Hideki. Good work!

  18. ThuyVan Jun 02, 2005

    I LOVE chobits!...and WELL Chii and Hideki makes a really cute couple...but behind it all I have a sad story that makes me cry sighs** but still this wallpaper is very kawaii...^_^

  19. danslasher Jun 02, 2005

    nice scan. ^_^

  20. Veronika Jun 30, 2005

    Oh, this one is sooooo beautiful ^_^ I want an embrace too :) I really like the way sunrays goes through the picture =)

  21. ania70 Jul 30, 2005

    that a wonderful manga
    moi j'adore chobits j'y fais plein de cosplay avec et ej trouve que les dessin sont super beau seul bémole c'est que tchii est vraiment cruche mais bon on n'y peut rien c'est dommage

  22. Delphinus Oct 08, 2005

    Hidiki AND Chobits
    Maybe they will get married~bucause I think he very love "her"

  23. uffy-chan Apr 11, 2006

    Your wallie is so cute and tender that is currently on my desktop he he really good and beautiful work... Thanks for sharing ;)

  24. currymuttonpizza Jul 05, 2006

    Gorgeous... *w*

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