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Total hours i put into this was around 6 or more... lost count.
I Changed every color on her body 'and did some vector on her dress... can't tell though'.
Faded her dress into water that i created using alot of brushes and colors similar to what i used on her clothes. Then done alot of reflections in the water... After making the scenery in the back... from a picture i took at home then edited...
"She alone wait's in the darkness for her true love's return..."
I hope everyone enjoy's my wall... But if not that's ok too.

As alway's Please comment & enjoy.

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  1. FALH May 11, 2005

    like the light effect and the color u choose for the bg,pretty stars in the sky
    u did a great job for this wall,very good job ^^

    really like your wall,so going to add to my fav :p

  2. knightstar3 May 11, 2005

    oooh!!! very beautiful wall!!! the girl looks cute and the effects and colors and everything in the background look great! ^ - ^

  3. nanou1 May 11, 2005

    you make a nice wall!
    the effect a re great and the atmosphere is for me a little fairy...^^
    good job

  4. Samanosuke89 May 11, 2005

    great wall ^^ love the composition and the color.. the scan is lovely too ** well.. u surely deserve a fav ^^ keep it up

  5. faiz138 May 11, 2005

    i like this one alot. hay thank you so much for sharing it.
    the chara is realy cute .. no nooo toooo cute. the effect that you use is realy great. it fit perfectly. sorry but this one will go to my +Fav.

    keep up. ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) :)

  6. WWLAOS May 11, 2005

    No. No it is NOT ok if someone doesn't like this wallpaper. This thing is beautiful. I love all the colors, and the water looks great. The grass looks nifty too, and those trees are awesome! I also love the fog and the gas clouds. I only have one thing to say...you shouldn't be able to see stars...or anything...behind where the moon is (it is a full sphere, even when only a crescent-shaped section is illuminated). Other than that, though, this wall is amazing.

  7. selimangagirl May 11, 2005

    So beautiful. Very nice work.

  8. shiwei May 12, 2005

    a beautiful wallpaper...
    background is great, nice effect u did, nice colors u use...
    cresent moon is great, scan is good too... ^^ i like it
    keep it up, a fav from me

  9. Lana3007 May 12, 2005

    Wow! Amazing! What a great wallpaper! It's flawless! I think I found my new desktop!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 12, 2005

    Hmm its a nifty wall Jaderabbit! i like the atmosphere and bg all around but i wish the colors was put on a 2 tone average instead of 3-4 but noentheless youre gtting where you are right so anyway great job! :)

  11. aceman67 May 20, 2005

    The smooth bended colors on the character don't really blend well with the background, especially around the hair, where the branches look too real and it makes the character look 2-d. While you did a good job on the color replacement, if you blured the background to make it match the character, it would be alot better.

    good job none the less.

  12. jaderabbit May 27, 2005

    ye her hair really did make that porton of her body 2d... though i still wouldnt've blurred the whole thing... to much intricate work to do that... plus u want a sense of open air behind her... add's to the 3d and makes the character stand out alot better.

  13. angeloflove Jul 03, 2005

    i reconise that girl, she was from the quiz i found!!!!! cool! ^_^' i know, crazy, but check.. kay? +fave anyway...

  14. SealedSword Jul 17, 2005

    I love the background, looks like alot of work went into it
    Welldone, Adding to my favs = )

  15. Agat Jul 19, 2005

    Good background, and the girl is pretty nice too. Keep up the good work ^_________^

  16. rmuyo Jul 24, 2005

    Simply beautiful, the background is awesome, I love the coloration of the sky and the trees in front of the sky. Reminds me of places I use to know, also the girl is very beautiful, even if she has this whole hidden sadness about her. I like this wallpaper a lot.

  17. leosama84 Aug 04, 2005

    Okay...lovely effects!!! great editing, but the part with her hand prolly showed that this girl doesn't belong to this wallie, but u fixed it with the bottom part where she and the lake water intersect, u did a great job down there!!! however...the moon.....shouldn't have been there!!!or maybe showing just a small part of it would've been better!!! the fireflies are lovely...the white ones and the yellow ones...i really like this wallie, not only to favs....its an A+, and goes to my desktop background for today :)........thanx for sharing......

  18. Phoegon Aug 20, 2005

    Absolutely love it. The textures clash and contrast in intricate and intriguing ways. And the glare works wonders.

  19. Sazriel Aug 23, 2005

    Truly Amazing! I just found out about minitokyo a few days ago and I'm just blown away by all of the excellent art. Your "Lovely Dark" wallpaper it just awesome. Thanks for posting it.

  20. OtakuHanzo Sep 08, 2005

    Holy jiminy christmas! How'd I ever miss this wallpaper! :o My god this is absolutely gorgeous!!! Definitely bookmarking this so I can fave next week. Wow. :D

  21. Blaze016 Oct 09, 2005

    This is a great wall you got here. Everything looks so smooth and fantasy like. And the lighting affects a real nice. And the girl totaly matches the picture. Keep up the increadable work.

  22. Lirael Oct 10, 2005

    wow this is gorgeous!! especially the background!! i love the colors and the lighting.... thanks so much!!!

  23. AFCommando Oct 25, 2005

    Very nice work, I really like the style in this. Keep up the great work :D (Adds to favorite)

  24. Zekion Nov 19, 2005

    Well i got to say i like it alot, thanks for sharing & keepit up. :)

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