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Kouji Ogata Wallpaper
Kouji Ogata Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

"Amidst all else....the time spent will be on memories..."

Hello all you crazy people! Ive made a new wall and kudos to Nuriko for porviding the scan right here : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/15069/ and yeah i had to re-cg the whole scan, none of this vector crap cos i dont know how to be professional with the pen tool! >_< But nonetheless the whole wall was done with the pattern tool using the real textured scan made into a pattern and applied on the image. I wanted to show a misty type of wall portraying a feeling of lost and regained memories thus showing the almost dead buildings. Lots of works done here with Gaussian blurs, duplicate and experimental layers.

All in all theres about 56 layers and 6 hours of work especially on the bloody image.
I wont yet be showing this in Imanimetions but i will soon put it up on the next update i think o_o
Hope you like it cos its a personal wall for me... ^_^

Personal intent :
Ive always had a big nostalgic hassle with my myself and my own memories, for some reason ive been having dreams that its a part of me and thate imaginary side is saying it will be the death of me for some reason...finding the answer to my question with why does this have to be, should i shut back my bad memories, start a new life for myself or do i ave to make necessary arrangements and make it seem that everything is alright thus hiding the darkest demons that eventually will haunt me an dmake me a mishapened fool? I think the past memories are coming back and i dont want them to burden my life than it already is, maybe i need someone to replace that or someone who can lift me up from my enclosed doors and windows and take me far away...

Maybe its something wrong to say but my life is almost hanging by a .38 calibur gun and a small piece of hope that life will pulll through for me....Blah im so out of here! >_>

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  1. Aa-chan May 10, 2005

    It's just such a cool scene. The characters' poses and the way they're chilling looks excellent. The background just adds to it all :) .

  2. kai81220 May 10, 2005

    amazing concept for the wall ^^ amazing work with the cging, cause it works really well with the grungey sky. good work =D

  3. Samanosuke89 May 10, 2005

    o_o awesome.. really.. awesome.. like very much the scan ^^ and the bg too.. i think that all fits perfectly.. >.< the grunge sky its beautiful ^^ fav from me

  4. Nuriko Retired Moderator May 10, 2005

    This wall is great! I know the scan was a hard one to work with, it was printed poorly and I'm a terrible scanner! :D :D I think you conveyed your message clearly and the effort really shows. Good job!

  5. jaderabbit May 10, 2005

    extremly awesome... How u do it oracle... HOW!!?
    WEll, though i don't expect u to give me ur trade secrets... awesomeness on the wall!

  6. Haia May 10, 2005

    Aaaaaaaaa......A very interesting looking wallie!!! I love the texture of this one!!! The colors looks great too!!! The backgrouns looks fantastic with the scan.........everything just looks so fantastic!!! Thankie so much for sharing this with us!!! Your works are just awesome!!! +favie

  7. Rebel-Soul-Kaze May 10, 2005

    Today is kinda grunge day i see a lot of grunge walls this day.

    Great work with the scan,amazing look of the sky,and the cging is just great i hate to made a so simple comment(almost like a spam)but i dont see anything wrong with this.

  8. candy-chan Retired Moderator May 10, 2005

    zomg great~ I love the bright pure colors, and the scan is really nice art
    love the style~ *sets as desktop*

  9. ayaki May 10, 2005

    woo +_+ pretty cool!~
    great job @ repairing the scan @@
    i think the texture looks awesome..it helped create the atmosphere of " feeling of lost "....
    i especially luv what u did to the sky...^^ it matches really well with the scan
    +fav for me ^^

    heeh..everybody has bad memories, and most of us would try very hard to forget about them. But i think these memories will just help a person to become stronger....
    It's better to have memories, then to have none @ all ^^ either if it's bad or good....
    believe in yourself, and in some day, u won't be afraid to look back to those memories....

    ...these thoughts just came to my mind after reading your "personal intent" ;)

  10. rocknroll-isgo May 11, 2005

    O_O Can I please borrow your scan-fixer-upper skills? Just for a little while?

    Anyhoo! The effort you put into this certainly paid off. It's gorgeous; very... peaceful. Definite Fav, OA. Great job!

    ps - Loving the title...

  11. Liz May 11, 2005

    Quote by kai81220amazing concept for the wall ^^ amazing work with the cging, cause it works really well with the grungey sky. good work =D

    i couldn't have said better myself excellent job :)

  12. kanoko-witch Mute Member May 11, 2005

    WoW really cool wall... is too artistic and the colors rocks!... :) thanks

  13. Rella May 11, 2005

    Ahh...it looks really nice!! Great colors and nice effects. I really like it, great job! ^^

  14. ded113 May 11, 2005

    sheesh! I saw the scan and it was bad but somehow, you pulled it off like a pro. Anyways, the background is greta as usual and I like the use of the texture as well. Great job OA.

  15. p0ly May 11, 2005

    incredible, it looks great. the time you spent totally shows. great concept, great art. keep it up

  16. zaira May 11, 2005

    woooh! me like it!! this wall is awesome!! the scene or view is soo pwettie!! +fav!!! XD

  17. kenzuke May 11, 2005

    KEWL kewl!! VERY nice!! ....man, and I have to fav this as well,... XD just keep em coming!!

  18. jingjing1208 May 11, 2005

    Love this wall,very cool feeling!!And the bg is cool too!^_^ +fav!

  19. Yumi-Chan May 11, 2005

    really good.. i like the outer texture =) awesome
    i just dont like kouji ogata's arts ^^;;
    neways, great job on the re-cg..seems like a lotta work there!
    lovin the colours.

  20. Yina May 11, 2005

    what a amazing composition!! O__O and the sky is so beautiful... XD XD *speechless* *fav*

  21. Skillzpay May 12, 2005

    How do you find the time to keep churning out walls at this rate as a college student???

    Putting my jealousy aside, you did another astounding wall OA. Loving the texture for this and you did well in fixing up that awesome scan. Splendid stuff as expected from you bud :D

  22. euna Retired Moderator May 12, 2005

    wow... O___O
    go OA!
    stunning new wallpaper!!
    i luv the textures and the bg...
    the blue sky is quite pretty despite all the roughness from the textures...
    i luv it. *fav*

  23. Saikusa Retired Moderator May 12, 2005

    That's such a tranquil scene. Despite the urban chaos of reinforced concrete and rusted railings, it's the brightness and rich quality of the colours with that dream-like texture that the water colour (is it?) paint which gives it a serene feeling... Really nice work! :D

  24. DarkEVO May 12, 2005

    <staring in awe and drooling>
    A totally kick @$$ wallpaper.
    Love the detail of this wallpaper. You've got it made.
    Keep up the beautiful work. +Fav.

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