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Kentaro Miura, OLM Digital Inc, Berserk, Guts Wallpaper
Kentaro Miura Mangaka OLM Digital Inc Studio Berserk Series Guts Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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  1. chase May 21, 2004

    Not sure why posting this when I uploaded is giving me troubles but it is...so I had to post it here again.

    _ design development information /
    _ concept design by: Chase Pitzer
    _ created on: January 4, 2004
    _ time logged: ~ 180 min
    _ created with: Adobe Photoshop CS

    _ comments from designer /
    After watching the Berserk anime series and then reading all the current manga, you could say that I became mildly obsessed with this incredible series. In search of new and unknown images from this series to create wallpapers with, I came across a postcard book that was available through order at Animenation.com. I quickly made the purchase and after an agonizing two month wait it finally arrived. This is one of the images scanned in from that book, in fact probably my favorite image from that book, as I feel it encapsulates Guts

  2. Nuriko Retired Moderator May 21, 2004

    Great! I think the suit of armor is a but much, but the overall composition is fantastic.

  3. kino May 21, 2004

    great! the blending is superb! :D

  4. Guts May 21, 2004

    Awsome, just plain fking awsome. I love the series and you have done something spectacular w/guts.

  5. tele-fragd May 21, 2004

    love the background of the character just as much as the character itself :)

  6. cyn May 21, 2004

    u're really an observer XD Nice wally ^^

  7. lensterknight May 22, 2004

    It's Gatts!

    You rule.

  8. racistnameremoved Banned Member May 22, 2004

    oohhh.. its gatts... the kraziest person in anime... hes juss so damn awesome and this wallpaper too.. i was waiting for a berserk wallpaper to come out.. and u juss did... keep them coming

  9. Bloodlust Jun 01, 2004

    great wall, really fit the pic

  10. jiindok Jul 28, 2004

    damn, berserk is one of the best animes and this is one of the best berserk walls i've ever seen, damn good job

  11. hikarujm Aug 11, 2004

    Berserk is an excelent serie, and this wallpaper honor it.

  12. gatts Sep 23, 2004

    gatts rules! :)

  13. ShingoHibiki Oct 07, 2004

    Excellent. Gatts does indeed rule.

  14. HolyReaper Dec 28, 2004

    young gattsu - very cool

  15. iria98 Apr 25, 2005

    Thanx for Sharing.
    It's for me the best wallpaper of Berserk.

  16. azida May 07, 2005

    Great wallpaper of guts

  17. xomikronx Sep 19, 2005

    I like the just-turned-into-painting look. It's very retro. Keep it up dude. Do something with Guts and his most current sword.

  18. joemighty16 Sep 08, 2006

    Wow! Brilliant! Even though I myself prefer the older, more rugged Guts, this is an exceptional wall! The bg is particularly well done!

    Great Job!

  19. ChaosaD Dec 28, 2007

    love it, but like the guy said above i would have peffered older gutts in there

  20. abelini4 Mute Member Oct 08, 2009

    Excelent Wallpaper ^_^...

  21. spriggex Oct 11, 2009

    I love it. Nice Background and Colors.

  22. shadowinthedark May 09, 2010

    an awersome display of guts character

  23. areizera Mute Member Sep 24, 2010

    WoW, medieval y grandioso =DDDDDDDDD

  24. dasunka Mar 25, 2011

    love the background of the character just as much as the character itself :)

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