Utawarerumono Wallpaper: A Starry Night

AQUAPLUS, Utawarerumono, Kamyu Wallpaper
AQUAPLUS Studio Utawarerumono Series,Visual Novel Kamyu Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First thing is first^^ I would like to thank StarCentury for giving
me soem guides to follow and for telling me what i was doing wrong
on this wall^^' lol Second thing is that this wall is for Chopsticks
lol so you better like it Chops ><

OK this wall took me, believe it r not, like 6 hours... well i made most
of it then PS shut off and i hadnt saved it so I had to redo it, needless
to say I was pissed... anyway... I found the scan.. i think on 4chan or
maybe here... well thats not that important... i did the other stuff with
the help of soem guides and stuff... teh clouds i just bullshited if you
couldnt already tell lol um.. I dont feel like explaining my self anymore
so I hope you like it I know i never do walls... too much effort lol

Thanks and comments are welcome lol

BTW- it looks really bad in the small view so please look at it in full view ><
thanks again

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Browse Utawarerumono Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Angel-on-Dragon May 09, 2005

    Wow, Liz, that's really beautiful.
    You did a really good job with the stars in the bg. And the scan you used is cool as well.
    With your words: It's a kick ass wallie ^^
    *adds to fav*

  2. Chopstickz May 09, 2005

    aww kitty T__T
    you make me soo happy *hugs and kisses*
    i luv this wall!!
    the stars look so nice
    but the girl isnt the best
    you're way cuter ^_~ *hugs and kisses again*
    the sky is soo pretty and you used nice colors too
    its such a great job ^^
    *hugs and kisses kitty some more * XD
    hehe such a darling kitty
    i'll have to find a way to pay you back later ^^

  3. StarCentury May 09, 2005

    Lizzy's wallie kicks ass! XD The starfield tutorial I gave U seemed to pay off real well since it looks marvelous, and I dig the blue orb she's magically making! Plus, the clouds I think packs a neat atmosphere and shows that the character is floating on air! Horray for Liz, I'm glad my help was of use to U and I bet Choppy will love your wallie for him! ;)

  4. Sugasuga May 09, 2005

    wow, nice wallie, i c u've improved since ur last wallie, lizzi ^^ everything looks good here, thou the scan could b a bit more cleaner and da text in da bottom is a bit bothersome, but overall, i think its ur best wall so far. good job ^^

  5. Kitaan Retired Moderator May 09, 2005

    ok you wanted a comment so here I go ^_^ *looks closer* ok the space bg if thats what it is
    I think it's very well done I'm not really fond of the magic symbol behind her I dunno if its just me but I think it messes up the wallie oh and maybe the wallie could have more color....hmmm well thats my opinion the extraxtion on the girl is very well needs work but it's good ^_^ and the fog is a good choice ^_^ anyway to sum it up great job on it ^_^ I like it very much :)

  6. SilentMasamune May 09, 2005

    This wallpaper is really great. Everything blends well together, and I definitely like the blue and purple tones you used. Keep up the excellent work! :)

  7. cyberclaw May 10, 2005

    really cool graphics. the magic circle in background look great also.

  8. DarkCrimson May 10, 2005

    Hm...well sorry for being so late ....(pokes herself)

    Oh wow you did a very great Job with your new Wallie.I just love the cool looking Background and the cute Girl in the Front.Also smoth looking Colors.They fit in well.
    Sure thing I add this wonderfull Piece of Work from you to my Favorites^^
    Thanks a lot for sharing dear^^

  9. toujin1 May 10, 2005

    i faved this 2.3 sec after i saw it....this is just gorgeous...its actually something i would love to draw in the future an i think u did an awesome job of making it stand out so well....i gotta go look at it again...

  10. calisqo May 10, 2005

    nice work witht the scan really smooth and sharp.
    The bg is nice, but it feels that the stars are over contrasted?
    But it still great especially in the color composition i kind alike it.
    Overall awesome work keep it up

  11. Caiobrz May 10, 2005

    Great work ^^ I really liked the background effects ^^v +fav

    The clouds below are a little weird thouigh IMHO oO

  12. Hideki313 May 10, 2005

    the pose of the girl is cool! and the BG and the fog are really great! it looks really great, thx for this share ^^

  13. ventures May 10, 2005

    wow ...darkmaiden-san ~~ this looks cool
    the bg u made is beautiful ..
    n it goes well with the scan.
    u've already pointed out the clouds..
    so I won't say much about that
    but I think it looks too thick
    overall , a nice job

  14. rythem May 10, 2005

    oooh~~looks great darkmaiden ^-^
    the scan is very fitting with the bg ~~XD
    though yeah,the clouds need to be changed its colour...~__~
    but I think its a cool wallie n u've done a nice job at making it ^-^
    lol, it really stinks when PS7 shut down before u could save it..0_o

  15. acid-awakening May 10, 2005

    Looks Awesome... Like The Smoke And The BackGround... Awesome Azz
    Nice Scan... And Creative

  16. Siri May 10, 2005

    wow you get better and better ^_^ i love the stars and the wings and
    well i love the effect its looks really good
    but yeah i agree the clouds intrude a little bit
    but yeah its not a big problem ^_^ i think this is great

  17. Tirdaelyn May 10, 2005

    This is a very cool wallpaper. You are really good at making them. I like the effects, very nice. Good job. Keep it up. :)

  18. Kiako May 10, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is very pretty and her pose is good too.
    and the background is well done too.

  19. Athrun May 10, 2005

    OMFG O_O

    That's really nice. I always wanted to make space dust like but can't figure out how. >_<

    The circle is pretty nice, but I love the space BG part more.

  20. kaolla-kake May 10, 2005

    prettiful DarkMaiden-san! I could get lost in the bg...it's so awesome and I love the stars. I also thing the girl in the piccie is so cute...she reminds me of a character, I forgot who XD. Anywayz, sweeeet. Favin it~

  21. UndyingShadow May 10, 2005

    your walling skills have improved greatly DarkMaiden! I like the effects you used, you chose a great scan. good job on the bg too!

  22. thegunblademaster May 10, 2005

    oh wow this is a very nice lookin wall ^_^ love the girl and i definitely love the dark background. a kick ass wall made by a kick ass person XD nicely done *faves*

  23. camacho May 10, 2005

    them ............................. the only think i can say is........ esta bien locochon ^_^
    + fav

  24. broken-dreamz May 10, 2005

    kyaaaa it looks uber prettiful @o@''!!!
    I like the dark theme colours ^o^

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