Phantom Brave Wallpaper: At the Forest's Border

Takehito Harada, Phantom Brave, Pati, Marrone Wallpaper
Takehito Harada Mangaka Phantom Brave Game Pati Character Marrone Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Oh well...after something like 13 weeks of hiatus I come back with a wall I'm not even happy with. Everytime I asked for comments pple pointed out different things to be changed. In the end if I did change all of that stuff, the wall wouldn't even exist ~_~

So yeah, the original scan is only the big tree plus the trunk on the bottom right corner. I recreated most of the big branches and made from scratch the trees in the back.
I finally decided to go with the no-text version, but since some guys always want text no matterwhat, im offering you the 2 versions~ enjoy
I'll consider making a walkthrought if I see newbs can afford to use it wisely...
Version with text: here

EDIT: wall update Feb 2006

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  1. Osiris Retired Moderator May 09, 2005

    candie candie, i wub it ^__^

    im using it now *.*

    /me eats candy

  2. demonstarlight May 09, 2005

    As usual, really nice wall. Cute character you used :) Keep them coming!

  3. sword May 09, 2005

    i wub u candy -- u took my suggestion to heart ;)

  4. krnxaja May 09, 2005

    I dunno, I kinda like it. I'm kinda stuck in the game and everything though. Good wallie.

  5. zaira May 09, 2005

    waaah!! me like this game!! marona and the putty is soo cute!!! nice bg as well like it is a painting!!+fav for everythying!! XD

  6. Kev Retired Moderator May 09, 2005

    forcing me to see this, BLEH

    but its good, its that

    BLAH, now have ur comments and fave, stupid candy :P

  7. Aa-chan May 09, 2005

    Love the character and the background is simple, yet fitting ^__^ . Good work.

  8. LoneTenchi May 09, 2005

    This is very cute and I really like the background. Well done!!!

  9. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator May 09, 2005

    Of course you said to comment on it and being that I've failed to keep up with some of your last submissions, I decided to. Though after I saw the wall, I knew that I was going to no matter what. Not just cause its Phantom Brave, but because you did this and holy toledo @_@. I can't believe this. (You know how I comment, though I'll do my best to point out something(s), though I can't guarentee =/ @_@ Hope you won't be very dissapointed with my comment)

    Well first off let me start off by stating that the background looks remarkable. Not only is it visually pleasing, but it looks so very natural with the scan and looks like its from the game, just the way its been done and the colors @_@ One could look at this and think it was a scan, but of course this is Candy's work were talking about. Well the scenery isn't anything short of remarkable. As I stated before, visually pleasing to the eye and so very lush and the lighting :_:. The texture is just simply amazing. I mean, it knocks my socks off, literally, just so very fitting. The only thing I can see is the leaves that look golden =S Assuming that is sunlight, though I don't mind it myself, really just fits in with the style of art thats used in the game, though I suppose you could lessen on that a little, it wouldn't be necessary, but =S More of just a small suggestion =3. Personally I think everything in here is so fitting to the games art that its just crazy.

    Another thing I really love is the atmosphere that this bg brings, just such a gorgeous view and the lighting is nicely done, not to mention on what you used for the scenery. I'm rather fond of the funky mountain in the background. Though I really, honestly cannot point out anything to change around =/, though I personally don't think I have the experience to be able to, I mean, I just look at this wallpaper and just stare and marvel at it. @_@ I have to say that the scan you used is such an adorable one, the expression she uses and the little doll in there as well. It looks very natrual where shes positioned and everything just fits..well perfectly.

    Overall, I honestly cannot say anything negative about this, because there isn't anything I can say. I love this background, it knocks me out of my chair and throws me against the wall with such momentum cause its so damn good. Favorite of the month(change to month cause, well its that damn good) for me. You never fail to amaze me, Candy. This is truly marvelous, I cannot think of anything else to describe it other than staring at it in awe =S.

  10. KorganoS May 09, 2005

    Candy you sweet little.... <_<
    I've seen this scan at some places, but, yea, I've never seen a good wallpaper out of it.... :)
    i always liked Harada's artworks... they sometimes look very paint-ish like this one....
    really good work in matching the background with the scan, and nice touchups, too.... ;)
    in other words.... I wub it a lot :D

  11. frozenwilderness May 09, 2005

    candy made a wall :o

    It's been a long time.. love the look of the painted tree and her expression. Very cute XD Clouds looks great as well *_* I luff pretty clouds ^^
    The only thing I can say is that maybe the forest doesn't realy look like a forest.. they kinda look more like mountains to me ^^; Or.. did you mean for them to be mountains? *confused* But either way whether it's a forest or a mountain it's fine so long as the wall looks good and it does XD

  12. ayaki May 09, 2005

    hey..this looks nice @@
    soft and pastel color..easy to the eyes!~
    the background fits perfectly with the char :)
    very nice!~ ^^
    +fav for me

  13. xiaku May 09, 2005

    wow, i love how you recreated the branches. looks awesome.
    mmmm, i love itttt. hehe. favefavefavefave!

  14. Tama-Neko May 09, 2005

    Sorry I wasn't able to comment on this in IRC. I love the concept and the pastel color palette you've used - all the blues and greens from the background meld nicely with the character art. The repainted trees look top notch - just like the foreground tree. However, the mountains lack definition, especially compared to the lush detailings on the treebark, and feel really flat. The clouds look good, but perhaps could use a little more darker shading to give it a fuller effect. Also not too fond of the bright sun in the topleft corner, I feel the sun should be higher up than that to give that particular tree lighting - perhaps more sharply angled rays from an off-canvas sun would look good. The fontless version is nice, the font in the other version looks a little too cartoonish for this image - perhaps a more serious serif-font is more fitting?

  15. kenzuke May 09, 2005

    WOW, you're realy good at this "completing the scan, adding details and making it into a wall thing"

    XD ....hmmm, very nicely made!! I'm wubing it! fav!!

  16. darkzlevin May 09, 2005

    *smacks cy -.-"" write such a long comment; why can't you just say good work :P*

    hehehe good work candy chan keep it up

  17. Criox May 09, 2005

    Wah.....my fav game! This wallie is definately going to my fav! The scan of Morona is nicely clean out! The BG is nicely done! *5 star for u making this and thks for sharing it! ^_^ Neenee!

  18. ShiNN May 09, 2005


    I dig this wall. I wish I was able to obtain this painted feeling in my wallpapers :x . I kinda agree with the other people who commented though, the mountains needed more shading just to give them a bit of depth ^_^

    in any case.... zomgcandychanmadeanawesomewallIloveitkthxbye >=3

  19. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 09, 2005

    Candy -chan is this you by any chance? cos this looks like your freespirited self trying to be happy in the way you look at things! Love the atmosphere....the tree re-cging is great plus you never fail to impress!
    Great job! XD

  20. shyxsakura Retired Moderator May 09, 2005


    beats all the n00bs and my wallpapers .. xD

    the branches rockkz .. and i heart the feeling .................

    if this wall doesnt get up to the " faves of mt " ... then yu noe the system ish corrupted .. xD
    butbut it will~ ^-^ cuz it rocks ..


    my head hurts ...


    *SETS AS desktop*

    EDIT: ==;; thought i faved it already .. *KICKERZ SLOW COMPIEE*

  21. ssgohan May 09, 2005

    wow!! great wallpaper, the scenery you created to go with that tree scan is amazing.
    i agree with ShiNN84, that this wallpaper looks like it was created with paints.
    i give it two thumbs, definitely adding this to my favs
    keep up the great work

  22. Bloodlust May 09, 2005

    Really impressive wallpaper, everything is so nice, and the colors seems so alive, +fav

  23. boink May 09, 2005

    I told you I loved it from the start, darling~ it looks excellent. good work~

  24. Electrastar May 10, 2005

    Long time no see. This is really very cute. You did a very nice job on this.

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