Shingetsutan Tsukihime Wallpaper: Tsukihime: Unleash Hell

TYPE-MOON, Shingetsutan Tsukihime Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Shingetsutan Tsukihime Series,Visual Novel

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My entry for MuZ0NaZ's Tsukihime contest. I wasn't originally going to enter (god, isn't that how it usually works? Like Nat's Rahxephon contest a long time ago!) but when I saw the image of Chaos as a posible source scan, I thought, "You know, I STILL haven't seen any Tsukihime wallpapers with Chaos as the main character... aside from my own old wallpaper, that is." Basically, a really fast extraction (off a white background, that was easy), some fun with Apophysis fractals, grunge brushes, dirt/dust brushes, and a stock photo of a cathedral. Not my typical style - dark and red, two things I usually am not good designing with. Oh well.
So... it's not exactly part of the bishounen invasion.... but at least it's not a girlywall!
"At my signal... Unleash Hell." -- Maximus, Gladiator
(God I love that movie. I just saw Kingdom of Heaven, and all it did was make me want to watch Gladiator again.)
Note: The font is "3 grammes 5"

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Browse Shingetsutan Tsukihime Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. zaira May 09, 2005

    wow!! awesome grungy look bg!! me like the bloody red color!! nice scan too! ireally do like the font you use!! btw good luck in contest!+fav! XD

  2. DMNY May 09, 2005

    love the background and the atmosphere you have conveyed here. Great! Thanks for sharing this with us Tama-Neko.

  3. kai81220 May 09, 2005

    i really like this wall. grunge work is very well done. scan matches great with the bg. good work tama ^^

  4. Angelette May 09, 2005

    not too fond of red, but the work looks amazing. As always, as always

  5. Aa-chan May 09, 2005

    Love the theme and the execution is excellent. Nice colours and character :) .

  6. crapmonster May 09, 2005

    wow i really like this one alot!! the fractal plus that texture makes for a great effect, and im loving how you did that text. overall, excellent wall here and definite fav!!

  7. azmeir May 09, 2005

    Kowaii... So scary... I love it! Great wallpaper.. Good luck in the contest. Thanks for sharing it..

  8. ded113 May 09, 2005

    Wow! This looks cool! the Catheral looks well blended in. The red looks scary to me I think. But this walls is worth faving. Best of luck in the contest!!

  9. PANDAgirl May 09, 2005

    Tamama!! I really like your color scheme in this wallie!! ^__^ I don't fav wallies that often (probably because I don't fav often O_o) but this'll be one that I will fav!! Maybe along with some other ones, if I feel like looking at them XD You can smack me if you want ^^; I do like it though!

  10. shirokaze May 09, 2005

    cool background and font.
    Chaos is a great character.

  11. UndyingShadow May 09, 2005

    woah this is a bad ass wall! I like the demonic effects you added, it really gives a lot more feeling to this scan. Great color too! good job!

  12. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 09, 2005

    Needs glowing red eyes on the monsters, though the darkness and light contrast and make the wall dynamic for some reason...the text rocks and love it! :)
    Great job as always Tama!

  13. shyxsakura Retired Moderator May 09, 2005



    mee didnt know yu had another wallie outt!! x3 one day ... saki will be the 1st commenter! xD oror .. >.> did that already happen ... xD

    one thing one thing ..

    the FONT roocckkkss!!



    the FONT rooocckkss~ x3

    i loooveee the texture of the walliiee ... and even though black and red ish overused now a days .. >.< your walliee makes it work .. xD
    love the bg and the brush work~


    the guy ish kinda hawt too .. xD

  14. ayaki May 09, 2005

    wa, sugoi!~
    loving the atmosphere...haha, yep hell is unleashing in this wall @_@ ahhh..!
    the red and the black blend with each other really well, and the red looks like blood flying around +_+...lol
    the cathedral background is an excellent choice ^^, i dunno..but after looking @ this wall...immediately reminds me of the movie "blade"...HAHA
    everything fits so nicely with the scan...oh, and loving the font also!~
    definitely a fav for me!~

  15. euna Retired Moderator May 12, 2005

    not a kino wall? O_O
    and grungey textures.. nuuuuu.. tama falls to the dark side~~ >________<
    j/k j/k anywayz... awesome wallie as usual tama-chan!
    it's too good... all those textures @___@
    and brilliant colour scheme.. i luv it! *fav as usual*

  16. Omicron-15 May 12, 2005

    cool texture overlays, the stock photo you used is also pretty cool. txt is pretty cool aswell. nice job it might win :)

  17. GhostLover Jun 10, 2005

    Thit's a nice wallpaper... it is dark... that's waht i will... very nice what you have made :D



  18. Fenriswulf May 27, 2007

    Got to admire the way you decorated the image with a unique background. Five stars for you.

    I also checked this guy's background out. I believe his full name is Nrvnqsr Chaos, 10th Ancestor of the Dead Apostles. A total of six hundred sixty six beasts reside within his body, composed of pure Chaos... hence his name.

  19. H0ll0wSmile Sep 09, 2009

    I like how you made it red and black. It's pretty cool.

  20. only00 Mute Member Jun 12, 2010

    it looks awsome i love the quality ^.^ red and black are a good combination keep up the good work +fav

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