Shingetsutan Tsukihime Wallpaper: Tsukihime - Le Ciel Brule

TYPE-MOON, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Ciel (Shingetsutan Tsukihime) Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Shingetsutan Tsukihime Series,Visual Novel Ciel (Shingetsutan Tsukihime) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Here is my entry to Muz0naz's Shingetsutan Tsukihime Wallpaper Contest. And the second contest I've ever taken part in. I even watched the series until episode 7 and I'm gonna watch the rest next week. It's really a great show.

I haven't had any idea what kind of background I should do and was thinking for two weeks. Eventually I decided to make it look like a temple and my brother suggested to put some fire in the back which I liked quite much. Thanks to nat's great fire tutorial I was able to use the smudge tool for the fire, because I never thought of using it before. The curtain-idea is probably not new, but better ripping from myself then from others, eh? It was a pain to make the scan match with the background because of these black fat outlines. I hope it's okay now.

"Le Ciel Brule" (there's a '^' on the 'u' but I don't know if MT shows French language) means "The sky is on fire". If there's a grammar mistake, please tell me. Ciel is also the name of the character on this wallpaper.

Btw, I need to thank you again for all your nice comments on my DNAngel wallpaper, I'm always glad to read them. I'm happy about favorites as well. I was surprised that it turned out to be quite popular, even though it's a guy wallpaper.

Used some brushed from angryblue and the scan is from Muz0naz, obviously.
Come over to UCHIKI.de for more resolutions.
Bai, chibikko

[EDIT] To be very accurate, the translation of "le ciel brule" is "the sky burns", thanks again to kawai.
[EDIT 2-3] By the way, I uploaded the 3rd version of my Shingetsutan Tsukihime wallpaper. Go check it out and tell me if the scan quality is better now. I surely won't change the perspective because that's simply impossible to do. Then I could start a new wallpaper. Advice is good, and it helps me a lot. But saying 'this looks crappy' is not critique.

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  1. Aa-chan May 08, 2005

    Oooh, I love the scan and the background is nice. A good mix there with nice fire :) .

  2. Sandra May 08, 2005

    Wow i must said that i see a lot of bloody walls ! Mine , Katzbelger's , Samanosuke's and now yours ! Great job Chibi !

  3. Yina May 08, 2005

    another great work made by chibikko^^ The idea of the arena is great ^^ and the fire fits pretty well. even though you've used the the curtain for an older wallie, it looks great here.. ahh.. the atmosphere is great.. :nya: +fav ^^

  4. FALH May 08, 2005

    tres jolie wallpaper,ya un effet tres jolie sur l'ensemble du wall
    sinon graphiquement il est vraiment tres bien realiser

    vraiment rien a dire,+fav

  5. papyworld May 08, 2005

    I'm really impressed of what you did. the textures are really great *thumbs up* nice pillars andcurtains ; dark texture for the bg really rocks ^_^ the flames are also quite realistic. Especially the little flames coming closer. nice scenery too ^_^
    i just see again something ^_^' the blood standing between the two blades is for me wrong placed. I haven't the impression it's on the ground.
    But it's really a great wall and an awesome concept. It fits really well with the scan. ^_^ great job chibbi

  6. jasmine Retired Moderator May 08, 2005

    Oh Chibikko ^^
    i am trully amazed =) this turned out not only good but also it is a very original art. I especially like the way you made the character fit the whole backgound, it is done really well. Also the whole concept of the wall is very well thought :) starting from the idea of the temple on fire to the title which is a very smart play on words. Simply loveable ^^

  7. ShiNN May 08, 2005

    Heh, good job. I am planning to do something for that conest as well, and that scan was one of the few I considered, but I couldn't come up with a decent idea. You on the other hand found a good concept and applied it, so i give you tons of props for that lol. My only little complaint for this wallpaper is that Ciel's back looks too red lol, probably she's too saturated therefore the colour is that intense. Nonetheless, nice wallpaper. :)

  8. harakiri May 08, 2005

    I am always glad to see a new wallpaper of yours, chibikko. The idea with the marble hall is very original and it fits with the Ciel-scan. The fire also makes a great composition with the character. I really love this wallpaper...and the floor ^^

  9. Alex204 May 08, 2005

    WOW! That's rather special - definatly going on my desktop now! The effects and colours are really amazing! +fav!

  10. HCTerrorist May 08, 2005

    this wallie is pretty cool ... it looks dark and evil somehow ... me likes it :D

  11. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator May 08, 2005

    Hiya Chibikko, its been awhile, hasn't it? ^^

    First off this is more of a personal message, I apologise for not being able to keep up with your recent submissions, I'm hoping that I'll be getting more time soon so I can not only start on that, but return that gb reply I said I would (thats gotta be over 3 months old :_: I'm soooooooooooo sorry :_:) and since this is very recent, I figured I'd start catching up ^^.

    Well my gosh, first off I gotta say that Ciel was soooo cool in the series and I have to say that I've seen this scan in bg's before...though I'll be honest, this is by far the most fitting background I have ever seen that really suits her. Not only is it simply beautiful (I have to say that the temple idea was a great one ^^) I love the way it just overall looks cause it really does give off an authentic-type feel to it. Not only in the fact that the pillars look great, but the lighting from the fire onto them as well, not to metion the shadows, also the surface that Ciel is standing on. I personally found the curtain idea to be rather interesting myself. Just beautiful detail was paid to everything and its not a suprize, espically since its your work ^.~ (On a side note, I really loves the embers =3). The look of the fire is quite nicely done if I do say so myself and just the realism overall of the entire temple looks simply amazing and I gotta say, I love it.

    Of course as I mentioned before, I've seen this scan in a few different wallpapers, but I haven't seen it like this. The way the light from the fire glows off of her, just really looks like something else. Just love the way she looks, the expression on her face, I just really like this scan. Almost like peering into the inside of her soul. As I stated eariler, I think this scan fits perfectly with the bg.

    Well overall what can I say, I love this wallpaper. You've really done a fantastic job on this one Chibikko and I'll be rooting for you in MuZ's contest as well. Of course Tsukihime is one of my personal top five animes and I have to say after your last Tsukihime work, I'm glad to see another one from you :) Both are just simply outstanding and both have been on my desktop (this is now my current bg). This wallpaper is my favorite of the week, truly just a beautiful display of such emotional art perfectly captured. Oooh yes, I really like the name you gave it, 'The Sky is on Fire', so very fitting and possesses such beauty.

  12. Angelette May 09, 2005

    I'm going to be harsh >_>;; Just because its a great idea, but it needs some critiques, so don't hate me!

    1. Scan problems -- I can see pixelation around her next and face >_>;;
    2. Great 3D for columns and stairs, but there are points where it feels a bit 2-D for some reason.
    3. Same as the 2d-3d discrepancy... The fire is too flat compared to the architecture, and they're placed right next to each other >_<;;;

  13. kawai May 09, 2005

    Le ciel brule = the sky burns
    The sky is on fire = le ciel est en feu/ le ciel en feu

    seems similar but not exactly similar ^^
    but is a amazing walls :)

  14. Rella May 09, 2005

    Oh wow! That looks really nice, I just know you'll win the contest! Great work on Ciel and the background too.

  15. tian82 May 09, 2005

    Ah !!!! Nice picture and combination of the temple and the boy !! The colour is just nice and perject !! Good job and Good luck !!!

  16. chrno May 09, 2005

    wow, chibi
    it's great! I've never seen such a good idea....but I don't like the vorhang?Gardine? XD
    whatever, nevermind....It's great....and so bloody^^

  17. Raiyne May 09, 2005

    Beautiful scan of Ciel. I like the dark and firey background, it goes well with the character.
    Good job. :D

  18. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 09, 2005

    woah great atmosphere of the wall, the fire suits this kind of thing but theres one pproblem, the scan seems a bit to dark on the top of her head for some reason...though it almost looks like those hieroglyphics the egyptians use to make but the she needs some tunes ups here and ther but nontheless the whole wall speaks of more texture overlay!!!!
    ANyway great job as always Chibi-chan! XD

  19. Kyuzo1 May 09, 2005

    O_O. A new great wall from you^^ I really love it. The bg and especially the effects are amazing :) But i also love the chara... looks very cool.
    Great job. Thanks a lot for it!! :)

  20. ayanechan May 10, 2005

    anooooo!!!! the overall wallpaper looks lovely as usual *_* just that i think the scan needs a lotta work *_* it's very scanny like u.u

  21. Keishu May 10, 2005

    As always, the atmosphere is great *__*~ you know how to put a chara on scene... I loo~ve it ^__^! The chara fits really well to this bloody background ^__^~ (it has some "Diablo" feeling to me xD~ *luv luv*).
    The hall of the temple looks amazing with the bloodstain + texture on it. Whoah~ *hugs* n__n"~... I like those scenes with some bloody bg. And as in your Bleach wall, the curtains are great... how they're floating around, it's like some contrast to the dark feeling.
    But there is one thing I don't like that much (wow xD"): To me the chara would look a bit better without the texture on it (or was it from the scan o_o?). But this point doesn't bother much, because the wall is beautiful *__* horr~... I love you xD'..

  22. tareren May 10, 2005

    Waaaaaaaaaa.... chibikko, I love the bg ^^ I like it a lot :D and I think it suits the chara well :) good job on this one :D

  23. semanga May 12, 2005

    great bg work i love it
    and add to my fav XD
    keep it up sweety

  24. Kurosawa May 14, 2005

    wow,it's really nice concepts chibi ^_^
    heh,I like those pillars,looks real XD
    hmm,but seem the ciel back body too red X_x,but the other rest is good XP
    Good job chibikko XD

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