Devil May Cry Wallpaper: if human can cry..

Capcom, Devil May Cry, Dante Wallpaper
Capcom Studio Devil May Cry Series,Game Dante Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So..whaddo we got here..!! anotha piece of me.. the devil.. which actually never cry..(liar!!)
'Coz he Looks cool ofcourse ..!! awright fellaz.. i'll take yer best shot .. i know theres lotz of
lack here..!!! pwease guide me 2 perfection! i alwayz askin' u 'bout criticz doesn't mean that i want it all the way..!! i askin' it 4 sake of us!?!?! (not really!!) well it's 4 my self ..but u don't wanna see my bad art piece anymore right?? so..the aid is ..criticz.. suggestionz 'n commentz also needed..nonetheless download it 1st so u can see the flawed or odd stuffz on it!! hav a great night..(in my world theres only night..!!)

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  1. FALH May 07, 2005

    well,nice lookin of Dante,cool bg,maybe Dante clothes are too dark or black but it's look nice with the bg,really nice bg of DMC,very like it
    thx for share


  2. Taurec May 07, 2005

    Woah .. this is great. love the objects in the distance and the sky completes it.
    scan could have been a bit sharper imho.

    Very good :)

  3. Crisis2040 May 07, 2005

    very nice and it looks really evil bowhahaha ... the background really go well with the way danta looks .. great work ryannzha

  4. Yllidan May 07, 2005

    Great!!!! very cool, it looks very cool that man looks too dangerous and that bacground is
    soo dark
    Good work with it :)

  5. KorganoS May 07, 2005

    Hmm.... at first look, it's really nice, but at closer look, I feel that the scan lacks details and tad blurry at some parts..
    for the background... it's nicely drawn, but erm... there's nothing really going on in there.... I hope you understand what I mean... it looks like he's just standing there,.. passively, and the background itself lacks 'action' to fill in the visual emptiness...
    why don't you add burning smokes to the buildings, ... also add some crows flying about,... or add some mysterious lights in the farness... etc. etc. - that would add to the 'interesting' points of the wall....
    atm, it looks fine, but at the same time its' just... look too empty to me ^_^'
    anyways... the concept is real neat.... there's nothing wrong with simplicity, of course, but a bit of 'action' into the wall wouldn't hurt :)

  6. Kiako May 07, 2005

    the wallpaper looks nice,
    but it would be beter if the guns the chara is holding would be sharper, actualy that goes for the whole scan. well the background then looks ok i gues except for that one leaf there in the air, i mean the smaller one that is more to the top.
    anyway i like your style

  7. tareren May 07, 2005

    wow, another grungy one from you ^^ cool scan you choose to use there, and the background is nice too :D u have put some cool mist and cloud as well :D erm, but I found the leaves dont really blend in the wall >.< but this is one good wall nonethless ^^ thanks for sharing

  8. lthnadml May 07, 2005

    Great cool wallpaper . . . awesome background . . . love it !

  9. Celessa Retired Moderator May 08, 2005

    For a wallpaper, this one seems to have a nice dark atmosphere to it, but somwhat seems to lack a lot of depth.

    It would have, in fact - been very nice if the scan could have been of higher quality, no doubt. But I suppose you can't do much figuring that most game characters don't have really good, clean images to boot then and there.

    Alright - for the background which I am mostly emphasizing on, there seems to be a little over-exaggeration on the way you brush dark lines from within those buildings. It may look catchy, but in some ways it doesn't seem to match up with the imagery over here, at times.

    As well, there seems to be a little edge mark on the right side of the wallpaper that does not seem to mesh together.

    The clouds, however - seems to mix in well. Only problem is, that it does not seem too incredibly realistic in my own point of view.

    Aside from all the negative aspects, you did bring the up theme that you wanted to show off well over on this wallpaper here - the darkened theme, of course. As well, I like the way how you kind of brought those mysterious effects all over some of the smaller ruins, but aside from that - this wallpaper is not really capable of giving me that "wow" feel of my own. It looks just like any other ordinary, semi-good wallpaper. I was really looking for creativity too, although you have placed incredible amount of work and effort into making these clouds of your own.

    Through and through, it's some nice work, but not that special in my opinion. Oh well - Good luck on your next project!

  10. Skillzpay May 08, 2005

    The others have mentioned some good ideas already, but I don't think they're all necessarily things that need to be fixed. The only thing that I'd throw in that hasn't been mentioned is the darkness that's creeping in from the bottom, the way it comes up is a bit odd but you hardly notice it.
    I in fact like the openness and dark simplicity to this, it really helps in creating that stale and death-like atmosphere. Great work ryannzha.

  11. Dragus May 08, 2005

    Great Wall it has a darkness feel to it and the objects in the background showing distance looks choice.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. calisqo May 09, 2005

    awesome bg.
    The color really complement the scan.
    I think both the bg and the scan works very well altogether.
    color really play a nice reference to the game atmospheric bg.

    Overall i'm likign the whole presentation.
    Nice work a high quality one as usual
    ps: the bg is awesome ^_^

  13. MuZ0NaZ May 09, 2005

    i agree with korg; imo a destroyed/smoking/etc city or some more buildings would be cool.

  14. Agiru May 17, 2005


  15. melman Mute Member May 20, 2005

    the best devil in demon history...........thats without a doubt, i..am puttin it on my desktop now

  16. tzeyin Jun 09, 2005

    aw dude i love dante!!! hes so hot!! -.-'' dont mind moi.. ... ... . . . blurry but i love it

  17. southedge Jun 11, 2005

    wwwwwooooooooowwwww......... this pic is great man !!! oo

    i ike it... !!! ^^

  18. benjaminchia Jul 05, 2005

    what can i say. this picture gives the feeling of a moody surrounding /
    dark theme. really good piece of work. the background merge very well
    with the character. really like the foggy effect.

    great piece of wallie! keep it up!

  19. Dogaiz Jul 05, 2005

    sooooo cool wallpaper ^_^ i really liked it..thnx for sharing it with us ^_^/

  20. Dogaiz Jul 05, 2005

    sooooo cool wallpaper ^_^ i really liked it..thnx for sharing it with us ^_^/

  21. alucard44 Jul 09, 2005

    nice job i really like the backround with dante

  22. alucard44 Jul 09, 2005

    nice job i really like the backround with dante

  23. ninjamike1234 Jul 26, 2005


  24. limaho Aug 07, 2005

    hmm very ccooolll great , amazing , I don't know how to describe it .. keep making wallpaper like this ^^

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